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As one of the china supplier and manufacturers of bronze oilless bearings, sliding bearings technology components & self-lubricating bearings, we can be found on almost every continent – with production facilities, sales offices, and technology centers –because our customers appreciate short decision-making channels, prompt deliveries, and local service. A complete portfolio of grinding, cutting, blending, finishing and polishing solutions for a wide array of markets and applications.


“maintenance fees are caused annually by excessive friction and wear due to inadequate lubrication!”

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Self-lubricating Bushings – Factory Direct Price

  • Custom Design Self-Lubricated Plain Bearings, Extensive Foundry & Engineering production experience:Choose from a variety of self-lubricating bronze bushing and polymer sleeve buses, washers, and oilless bearings as well as slide bearing strips and sheet …

Sleeve Bushing

Bushing manufacturer – Oilless Self-lubricating Tech

Self-lubricating bearing bushing products.

Customized Self-lubricated Bushing Solutions: Custom Bearings Made From Self-lubricating Materials: We are dedicated to meeting all your self-lubricating bushings needs. And can provide you with a complete product size & material documentation to ensure product safety and reliability. Bushings: Plain Bearings and Bushings for heavy duty applications. VIIPLUS design and exporter from an extensive range of materials using the latest materials and design technology. With the ability to do rapid manufacturing and delivery viiplus ensures critical heavy industry doesn’t suffer additional downtime caused by poor plain bearing design or quality.

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Metal polymer composite plain bearings bushing washer

Self-lubricating Bearing Supplier

Protecting Africa’s Most Threatened Species

Long-lasting, self-lubricating bronze bushing.Your trusted Bushing and Material company, Metals, Polymers & Composite Engineered Materials. Self Lubricating Bearings – Excel In Hi Temp Applications. Good price/performance ratio Lubrication and maintenance-free.

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Tribological Solutions for Self-Lubricating Bearings in China

We create Tribological Components  tailored to your needs.

PTFE Bearing Manufacturer, Bushing Supplier

Tribological Solutions for Self-Lubricating Bushes, Bearings are tribological components that carry a load while in contact with and moving relative to another part.

Heavy Duty Metal Bushings for Heavy Duty Industry. Avast inventory of bronze bushing and sleeve bearings giving customers a direct delivery service. Your Trusted Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing and Material Company. With standard oilless bearings materials and sleeve bearings available in metric and inches dimensions, the viiplus standard range is able to meet he most demanding of requirements. Standard dimensions from Ø 2 – 150 mm are available, sleeve bearing with flange, mm, Short delivery times even for special dimensions. Engineered Plain Bearings & Bushing Products!

Self-lubricating metallic polymer plain bearings – PTFE, have revolutionized the bearing industry. Bearings made from this material have the high load capacity and dimensional rigidity of lubricated metal bearings, combined with the high performance and cost effectiveness of self-lubricating bearings.

Steel Backed polymer bearing components keep machines running smoothly even in harsh environments.

Bearings turn the world, bearings are closely related to human beings, and in factories, bearings are a matter of production and life safety. PTFE bearings have a long service life, and we offer self-lubricating bearing products with strict quality and performance standards. Steel-backed rolled bushing bearings have low friction characteristics that reduce power loss and improve energy efficiency, while the wear-resistant bronze layer extends the life of the plain bearing. They can be used in a variety of extreme operating environments, operating in temperatures ranging from -200°C to +280°C and providing high performance in dusty environments. Due to their self-lubricating characteristics, the bearings require little maintenance.

Self-lubricating PTFE composite dry bearings are compact, lightweight, and thin-walled, saving space and weight, and because there are no moving parts or metal-to-metal contact, the bearings are quieter. In addition, assembly is quick and easy and does not require expensive mounting tools.

Bearing Design & Lubrication Bushes

Metal polymer bearings, as well as POM composite, and modified Teflon bushings, are widely available worldwide. Our self-lubricating bearings are exported worldwide, allowing us to respond quickly to customer needs in dozens of industry applications, ensuring the quality, performance, and reliability of our self-lubricating composite bushing bearings. PTFE composite bearings have been widely used in agriculture, automotive, aviation, hydraulics, household appliances, medical, packaging, marine, railroad equipment, and other fields covering all aspects of modern life!

We aim to provide our customers with the best service and sliding plain bearing bushing products. Our global supply chain provides professional service to customers in markets around the world.

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The best solutions come only when the problem is comprehensively understood. At viiplus we begin with a Plain bearing material selector, and provides downloadable CAD files with our free software. All plain, PRT, spherical and ball bearings can be found with extensive information, and CAD bushing drawings are easily generated. This broad analysis dives deep into the application objectives, physical factors, chemical exposure, manufacturing process, serviceability, operating maintenance, risk assessment, legal requirements, certification, competitive threats and budgetary targets. Browse our standard and most common metal bushing bearing materials, RoHS-compliant plain bearings composite bushings have offered a technical & economic advantage over all types of metal plain bearings.Plain bearings are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, chemical resistant, universally applicable and reduce costs by up to 40 percent. We had always been based on the advanced tech to provide a self-Lubricating bushing technique that satisfies the variety of custom bushing size requirements.

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metal polymer composite PTFE bearing
oilless graphite bearing

Reliable Self-Lubricated Bushings Supplier

Metal bushes bearings products.

VIIPLUS offers a fresh innovative approach to design by collaborating with global material technology in China. With extensive experience in engineered plain bushing components, we understand its the detail that makes the difference. Through our collaborative approach and global capabilities, we bring the best to manufacturers and engineering. Provide High-Quality Self-Lubricated Bushings Solutions For Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises Clients Without Middleman. Choose from a variety of composite bushings & sliding bearings, flange size, cylindrical bushes, thrust washers, and sliding plates as well as plain bearings strips. Better by Design, Fast Worldwide Delivery! We stand behind the quality of our Self-Lubricating Bushings. Explore all of our self-lubricating bushings types & more. Excellent Customer Service!

Composite Bearings are woven from Polyester cloth with embedded Moly and PTFE lubricants and high-performance resins. Suited for high load, slow speed applications, Composite is the desirable choice for designed for Marine, Hydro, and many Industrial applications. VIIPLUS Composites offer higher load capacity and better dimensional stability than many other non-metal bearing materials. When high strength, low friction, and wear are important, VIIPLUS is your perfect partner. We stand behind the quality of our Self-Lubricating Bushings. Explore all of our self-lubricating bushings types & more.

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plain bushes and metal/polymer composite plain bearings
Metal Polymer Composite Plain Bearings
wrapped bronze bushing cusn8
bronze graphite bearings

Factory Price, Self-lubricating bearings Supplier

Self-lubricating Bushes Supplier – All Models, All Types. Quality design and supply of Self-lubricating Bearing & Oilless Bushing materials, Need Assistance? Call Or Email Us Engineering Support Available, Extensive Inventory Of Sizes. Buy Direct and Save. Self-lubricating Bushes Bearings – Perfect for Dry Running Use!

Customized Self-lubricated Bush
Self lubricated Bearing Bushing Wear Plates

Custom Bushing Manufacturer

  • Self-Lubricating Bearings Tested Reliability
  • Always Self-Lubricating & Grease-Free
  • Savings Potential Up To 40%
  • Small minimum order cost or quantity
  • Always self-lubricating, Always long-lasting
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competitively priced vs DU bushing

Metal Bushing (Lubricated Metal) – perfect oil-less bearing

Self-Lubricating Bushing Chinese Wholesaler & Exporter: In order to serve more customers, We export self-lubricating bushing to UK, Germany, Poland, the USA, Canada, and other countries to respond to customers’ demand quickly. Import Self-lubricating Bushings from Reliable Supplier at Factory Price in China. Get Live Quotes Now! Quality Self Lubricating Bushing Supplier & Manufacture in China, Contact Now! Quality Assurance. Need A Self-Lubricating Bushing Material? 100% Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Products. Contact Us Today. We Strive to Offer Cost-saving, Stable Performance Bearings and Bushings…

Metal Bushings: The Self-Lubricating Bronze Effect

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Tribology Technology. Factory Direct. Wholesale Price! Check out our online bushings product catalog with metric size and imperial size with full specifications & CAD drawings available for download – all free of charge!

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Self-lubricating Bearing Solutions

Metallic Self-Lubricating Bushings

Custom Solutions

Metallic Self-Lubricating Bushings

Self-lubricating Bearings Price & Delivery time on request!

Bronze Alloy Selection: Metric & Inch Size Dry bush, self-lubricating: Looking for self-lubricating bushing dimensions? VIIPLUS.COM has been one of the China suppliers of maintenance-free self-lubricating bearing. The technologies developed by bushings focus on reducing or eliminating friction, wear, and lubrication. In addition, VIIPLUS.COM provides services and quality self-lubricating bearings to provide you with the best possible solutions for your needs at any time.


“maintenance fees are caused annually by excessive friction and wear due to inadequate lubrication!”

Extend Your Reach, For your engineered performance. Self Lubricated

Engineers Solutions That Drive Innovation, OEM, and producer of self-lubricating bearing, oilless bushes components and custom parts, focused on continuous innovations, processes, and solutions. Technical support / Custom-made Self-lubricating bushing. We are well-known for delivery, quality and expertise when it comes to tools: grade your current bearings and bushings by switching to self-lubricating bearings parts. By switching to sliding bearings, customers can increase their technology and reduce their costs by up to 90%.With a strong supply capacity in China, we are able to offer an extensive range of self-lubricating bushings products to every industry, which includes bronze bushing, self-lubricating bearings, plugged bronze graphite bushing, and more. Flanged dry bush: A Wide Range of Flange Self-lubricating Bushings From China.

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Our Self-lubricating bushings is quick, safe & market-focused.

Enquire Today! Extensive Test Data. Self-lubricating Bushings Material! Easy Installation. Long Wear Life. Leave your self-lubricating bronze bushings bearings goods and let VIIPLUS handle the rest. Metal Plain Bearings, Bronze Casting Production Process, Request a custom bronze bearing prototype! Get started with Us. Select the best Self-lubricating Bearing Types for your application by our sales easy selection guide. Driving the Future of Global Industry

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Materials: Wide range of Engineering Materials including Steel, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Biometal, and Composite Bushing. A wide range of grades and profiles are available for most materials including Bimetal Bearing. Get better self-lubricating bushings prices rates to reduce your costs. We have export experience in self-lubricating bronze bushings & bimetal bearings and making sure your bushings are safe, while you are saving money. Discovery of our plain bearings. Choose from our selection of self-lubricating bushings, including bimetal sleeve bearings, flanged steel-backed bushing, and more.

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dry bearing

VIIPLUS has been a top source for professional continuous and centrifugal cast bronze foundry. We manufacture and market a wide range of cast bronze bushings and high tensile brass bearings.We are committed to providing excellence in our plugged graphite bearings quality and integrity in our services. We provides professional CNC machining. We offer a full inventory of cast bronze bearings parts in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Machined Bronze Bushings & Oilless Bearings.

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The right self-lubricating material for your application!

Industry Solutions

To provide high-quality self-lubricating bushings and professional solutions for all industries, making it the most trusted corporation in the world. VIIPLUS offers over oilless bearings materials designed for wear resistance. Whether your application is exposed to high temperatures, chemicals, or water – viiplus has a solution. Providing Metric Imperial Bushes Plain Bearing solutions to manufacturers in a range of markets. Self-lubricating for maintenance free operation. The range includes Plain Bearings, Wrapped bronze bearings, Bronze Bushings or Bearings, Self Lubricated bearings and Hardened Steel Bushes to cover a wide range of applications.

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Tech up, Cost down!Competitive Self-lubricating Bushings Price.

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free

Long-lasting, Self-lubricating Bearing & Bushing. Request a Custom Self-Lubricating Bearing Prototype! Bushings, Thrust Washers & Strips: Metric Size & Imperial Size Self-lubricating Bushings –

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Self-lubricating bushing – Extreme Stable and Durable

Plain Bush Are An Alternative For Lubricated Bearings Tailored to Your Needs.

On Demand, Bushing Design

Upgrade your current bearings and bushings by switching to self-lubricating bearings parts. By switching to sliding bearings, customers can increase their technology and reduce their costs by up to 90%. With a strong supply capacity in China, we are able to offer an extensive range of self-lubricating bushings products to every industry, which includes bronze bushing, self-lubricating bearings, plugged bronze graphite bushing, and more.

Tech up, Cost down!

Self-lubricating Bushings – Perfect for High Temperature. A Wide Range of Self-lubricating Bushings From China. Self-Lubricating Bronze Graphite Bushings Designed for Any Type of Dry Running Environment!

Competitive Self-lubricating Bushings Price.

Choose from our selection of self-lubricating bushings, including oil-embedded sleeve bearings, dry-running sleeve bearings, and more.

Sliding material and bushing type selection guides for bushings, thrust washers and strips.

Standard Self-lubricated Bearing MaterialsMetal bronze & special alloys

Experience & Expertise in the Design of Oilless Bearing & Bushing

Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Supplier Grease Lubricated

Whether it’s high temperatures, sea-water, or food-handling, there is self-lubricate bearing material that has you covered. Learn more about bushing strip & materials. Be the professional in self-lubricating bushings bearings and mechanical power transmission bushings, continually improving performance, reliability and efficiency. Calculate service life and configure the best oilless bushing material and sliding bearing type according to your specific application and requirements. To learn more about our plain bushing materials and their properties, view our data sheet below. Metal-polymer plain bearing, For heavy duty and harsh environments. Unique chemical, erosion and wear resistance.

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Always self-lubricating & grease-free

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

VIIPLUS is a manufacturer of the bronze bushing and self-lubricating bearings parts according to customer’s drawing. Do you have a special application in which you use self-lubricating bronze bushing & plain bearings? For specification assistance our application engineers can guide the correct selection for the conditions. Take Your Business To The Next Level! Self-lubricating Bearing Solutions to solve your application needs, we are committed to providing quality slide bearings with respect to environmental needs.

PTFE composite bushings

Cost-effective, Slide bearing technology

Selecting Bearing Size

Reliable Self-Lubricating Bushings Supplier. Largest Inventory Of Bronze Bushings. Our Growing Portfolio Of Engineered Self-lubricated Bushing Bearings Is Designed To Meet Our Global Customers’ Evolving Needs. Safe & On-Time Delivery. Receive your final self-lubricating bearings product. Industry Leading: We offer the best delivery times for the self-lubricating bushings market.


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Markets: Keeping the World in Motion. Find out everything about custom self-lubricating bearing parts from

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Reduce costs with self-lubricating bearings, global technology china exporter and premier provider of customized, high-precision plain bushing bearing solutions for Medical, Oil& Gas, Agriculture, Industrial, and Mining.

Mining machinery bushing

Mining & Earth Moving

Applications without lubrication and for long service life. Engineered Products designs, inventories, and supplies high-precision certified aftermarket replacements for your parts.

North Sea oil rigs moored in Cromarty Firth, Scotland, at sunset.

Oil & Gas

Plain bushing bearing technology for: Lowest possible friction and wear values in continuous and intermittent operation.

A growing portfolio of engineered plain bush & self-lubricating bearings

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Online Solutions: Use Our Tribological Coatings Bearings Knowledge to Make the World’s Industries Work Better. The latest news, events, and press releases from VIIPLUS.COM. Explore all of the latest VIIPLUS news and innovative products and solutions now! Request more information and submit any questions or inquiries you have by contacting any of our VIIPLUS self-lubricating bearings experts. *Knowledge Centre: Self-lubricating Bearing Articles, case studies, videos, application, testimonials… everything you need to know about VIIPLUS & more.

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  • Bronze bushings – Discover our catalogues

High Performance Self-lubricating Bushes Technology

We offers a wide range of high performance bearing materials, services and solutions. Our bushings offer high performance, maintenance-free solution for many applications. Increased durability. Resistant to corrosion. Reduced costs. Customer Support! Receive your free quote!

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Stronger. By Self-lubricating Bushings Design. Together, We’ll Keep the World Moving.

Plain Bushing Quality Driven
Integrated Production

How VIIPLUS Leverages Quality to Advance Industry in the Modern Age.

Tribological Solutions
Tribological Coatings

Beyond bearings: advanced polymer coatings self-lubricating bushings for any application. Get in touch today!

Self-lubricating Bushes Solutions