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Development prospect of PEEK plastic bearing

Development prospect of PEEK plastic bearing Peek Material Have good self-lubrication Although the domestic demand for engineering plastic products is increasing in recent years, it has not reached the level of use in western countries. PEEK plastic bearing is a kind of bearing that can replace stainless steel bearing. Because

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Dusty, plain bearing must be replaced frequently?

Do bearings need to be replaced frequently because of sand and dusty? Plain Bushing Bearing Life Anti-dirt dust Plain Bushing have been tested in the VIIPLUS in-house laboratory and not only have an extremely low coefficient of friction, but their service life is increased by 50 times -- which means that

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How to build a new energy vehicle? Start with a plain bearing

How to build a new energy vehicle? Start with a plain bearing! It is not easy to do a good job in a new energy vehicle. All parts of new energy vehicles need to be re-designed according to the needs. New energy vehicles replace the traditional internal combustion engine

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New energy vehicle compressor bushing solution

New energy vehicle compressor bushing solution New energy vehicle compressor bushing The combination of new energy vehicle scroll compressor and drive motor will bring a series of failure risks.At this point, we must ensure that the speed is stable and the temperature is rising at the same time,

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What is composite bearing?

What is composite bearing? Composite dry sliding bushing is a dry sliding (journal) bearing configuration for bearing radial loads, requiring very little radial space.This type of bushing allows for reciprocating or rotating motion.Suitable for applications where maintenance free is required or where insufficient lubricants may be present. View Bushing

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Material handling bearings

Bearing Solutions for the Material Handling Industry VIIPLUS excels at engineering innovative solutions for material handling applications. Our team of experienced engineers is able to develop customized parts that will better serve your equipment application. All of our components and assemblies are manufactured in-house, giving us the ability to

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Selection Of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Support Bushes Material

Selection Of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Support Material Hydraulic cylinders are main executive parts of construction machinery, and many actions are  done by the cylinder. The supporting bushing material has a great influence on the quality of the cylinder, and the non-metallic materials commonly used as the supporting bushing are

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Application Of Bimetallic Bearing In Engine

Application Of Bimetallic Bearing In Engine Bimetallic bearing is a kind of oil-free bearings, the product is a high-quality low-carbon steel back for the matrix, the surface sintered lead-tin brinze alloy, after several high-temperature sintering and compact rolling from copper, steel bimetallicmade of rolling, suitable for medium and high impact load

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