Self-lubricating bearings for automotive industry applications

Economical and efficient automotive bearings

viiplus plain bearing bushings improves the performance of your applications by being lighter, quieter, more resistant to wear and corrosion.We supply you standard sizes from stock and provide personalized customized solutions.

Automotive bearings & onboard components: cost-effective & maintenance-free

Running the Automotive bearings, viiplus has invested substantially into the research of material properties, high-speed rotational and linear movements as well as environmental influences.  As a result of these long-term studies, viiplus automotive bearings offer an  higher service life.

car seat bearing

Low noise, easy to adjust seat system

Automotive bearings can withstand high static loads up to 120 MPa without any problems.To compensate for tolerances, automotive bearings are dried at high temperatures after electrophoretic coating.

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the car door bearing

Automobile bearings prevent corrosion of multi-joint hinges

Automotive bearings are used in places such as doors and multi-joint hinges because they are non-corrosive, compensating tolerances, suitable for electrophoretic coating, and can operate silently.

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car pedal bearing

No vibration and noise pedal

Radial and axial preloading of automobile bearings can avoid vibration and noise.They compensate for tolerances, are insensitive to edge loads, and have a high static load capacity.

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Automobile chassis bearing

High load chassis applications

Spherical shells, rolling bearings and sliding bearings in chassis applications are often replaced by automobile bearings.Its advantages are good damping performance, anti – alternating bending load and wear.

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Automobile brake bearing

Stable under extreme vibration

Automobile bearings can withstand media, pressure and wear, so they can also be used in brake clamp bearings.Their value for money is unbeatable.

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Car reflectors bearing

Low static friction, simple adjustment can be realized

Metal bearings and simple plastics are replaced by thrust washers.They have low static friction, can operate silently, and can be made into special shapes.

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Wear resistance under high load

In the belt extender, the bearing is subjected to high frequency oscillatory motion.For wear-resistant automotive bearing materials, this does not constitute a problem.They perform their mission reliably and are shock-absorbing.

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Automobile engine

Heat and a lot of back and forth movement

Automotive bearings operate reliably in up to 10 million round trips and ambient temperatures up to 200°C.Because of their resistance to media, they can be used in engine nacelles, such as throttles.

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Automobile gearbox

Strong noise-reducing bearings in the gearbox

Automobile bearings are resistant to transmission oil, reduce noise and inhibit the corrosion of joint.Therefore, they are suitable for gear connections and shift forks.

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convertible bearing

Sliding bearings are used for adjustable canopy systems

A number of sub connections in the multi – joint hinge are fitted with self – lubricating bearings.

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Door hinge bearing

Automobile bearings are used for door hinges

High static load

Not affected by dirt

Corrosion resistant

The error in the

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Automotive steering bearing

Automobile bearings are used in a variety of vehicle steering systems

Steering column: low friction;High hardness;Compensation tolerance (towing pipe)
Steering shaft: high impact load;Wear resistance;Not affected by dirt
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Advantages for the automotive industry:

  • corrosion resistant (aqueous & acidic)
  • dirt resistant
  • performs well under high temperatures and static loads
  • customized solutions possible
  • low moisture absorption
  • vibration damping
  • low wear rate
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High performance bearing for use in the automotive industry

Good wear, low friction performance


Ideal for lubricated applications


Low Friction & High Wear Resistance


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