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Thin-walled powder metallurgical bimetallic bushing bearing material stainless steel, carbon steel or bronze with bronze + based backing): + solid graphite lubricant!, Different metallic backings are available: carbon steel or bronze, Lead-free alloys are available! Bimetal Bearing type made-to-order: Cylindrical bushes and sliding plates, with non-standard dimensions, RoHS customized bearing designs, flange bimetal bushing, standard SY bimetal bushing, customized bimetal bearing designs!

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Bimetal bushing – Long-term Wear Resistance

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Quality, Well-made Bearings and Bushings. View Our Bimetal Bushing. Get A Quote Today. Bimetal Plain Bearings to Standard SAE 792, High Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Products. Contact Us Today. Oilless Self-lubricating. 100% Quality Guaranteed.

Metal & Bimetal Bushing

Metal & Bimetal – Bronze Bearings – Steel Bushings

Bimetal bearings bushing for heavy loads and shock loading conditions. Bimetal bearing with steel backing and bronze overlay. Easy to install. Contact us. Metal and bimetal bearing solutions for lubricated applications. Many sizes and forms. Bi-metal sliding bushings. The best solution for every application thanks to a wide range of variants ·


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Always self-lubricating & grease-free

Bimetal-bearing is a bimetal bushings, wrapped of steel backed with a layer of bronze.

  • High-Performance Bimetal Bushing Bearings Designed in Collaboration with Customers.

  • Bimetallic bearings with steel backing are ideal for applications with high loads & rough operating conditions. Wear resistance.

  • Bimetal Plain Bearings to Standard SAE 792. Furthermore, some sizes also have an external re-lubrication hole.

  • Find Bimetal Bushing Bearings for your Application. Request a Quote for the Right Part.

Jf-720 bimetal bushing
Jf-700 bimetal bushing

Cost-effective Bimetallic Bushing

Metal-Polymer Anti-Friction Plain Bearings

Bimetal bearings bushings are composed of two metal strips, in two different materials; the first is normally in steel, the second is normally constituted by an alloy containing copper, which when coupled with the steel strip acts as an internal covering. Steel shell backed with a lead bronze lining bearing material for oil lubricated applications; High load capacity and good fatigue properties.

The bimetal bushing is backed with high-quality low carbon steel with tin-lead-bronze alloy(CuSn10Pb10) sintered on its surface.

Flange Bushing

Switch from Steel Bushings – Bimetal

Discover our range of metal, bi-metal, steel & sintered bronze bearings & bushings for lubricated conditions: friction-welded bimetal bearing, Alloy material: CuSn10Pb10, Low-carbon steel back – sintered alloy.

As a manufacturer, we produce flange bimetal dimensions. Short Periods Of Delivery. Cost-Effective Prices. Small Minimum Quantities. Bimetal and metal flange bearings offer excellent corrosion resistance in industrial outdoor applications and in water, marine, and offshore environments.

Jf-800f flanged bimetal bushing
Jf-800 bimetal bushing

Simple, fast, cost-effective bimetal bushes

Steel Bushing (Lubricated Metal)

Bimetal bearings are self-lubricating, High load capacity, which means you have low maintenance. Extend the life of your equipment by switching to bimetal bearings and bushings.

Quality, Well-made Bimetal Bearings, and Bushings. View Our Products. Get A Quote Today. Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Products. Contact Us Today.

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Online Bimetal Bushing Design Made Easy

We will manufacture bimetal bushing bearings for small and large batch orders at a low cost. We will manufacture metal bushing bearings for small and large batch orders at a low cost. Delivery Capability Available, Online Bimetal Bushing Parts Catalog Available.

  • Professional Bimetal Bearings Manufacturer

  • A bimetal bearing is one of the oil-free lubricating bearings.

  • The product is based on a high-quality low-carbon steel backing
jf20 bushings

Alloy material: AISn20Cu

Steel back– AlSn20Cu

We will manufacture high-tin aluminum bearing for small and large batch orders at a low cost. A new product to replace the babbitt metal. Application: 1.Bushings of medium and small power internal combustion engines, Train engines & Air compressors

  • Medium fatigue strength and load-bearing capacity

  • AlSn20Cu Bushing Good corrosion resistance

  • High-tin aluminum bearing Good sliding performance

Monometallic and bimetallic bearings, Lubrication Design, Split Gap Design

Metal and Bimetal – Bimetal Bearing Solutions for Lubricated Applications, We’re here to help

We offer a broad range of sizes, forms, and materials in monometallic and bimetallic bearings.

Our broad range of Metal and Bimetal bushings improve reliability and durability while lowering operating costs for the demanding specifications of working within severe working conditions with minimal or no maintenance. Offering excellent corrosion resistance in industrial outdoor applications and in water, marine, and offshore environments, the bimetal bearings can be made in many sizes and forms, including thin-walled, flanged, cylindrical, thrust washer, and more. Our experts are ready to help you find the right bimetal-bearing bushing material for your specific application.

Bimetal bearing with steel backing and bronze overlay. Bimetal bearing is suitable for high specific loads with oscillating motion and low frequency. Bimetal bearing Applicable in rough operation conditions.

High load capacity, excellent resistance to fatigue strength at higher temperatures

Bimetal Lubrication Design

Lubrication Design

Bimetal bush Split Gap Design

bimetal bush Split Gap Design

Self-lubricating, Bimetallic Bushing Bearing Material Characteristics, long-lasting

Bi-metal Steel backed leaded bronze lining bushing material suitable for oil lubricated applications. This material has a high load capacity.

Standard size bearings are lubricated with indentations on the running surface. For standard bearings, the steel backing is usually bronze-plated to improve corrosion resistance.

The lead bronze layer makes it possible to use relatively long lubrication intervals for these bearings.

Bimetallic bearings can be manufactured with a thicker lead bronze layer for applications where the bearing must be machined after installation.

The material of the lead bronze layer can be determined according to the specific needs of the application in question. Bimetal Bearing with Steel Backing and Leaded Bronze Overlay

DataPart NoJF series MaterialBimetal bushingBimetal bushingBimetal bushing

JF 20 high-tin aluminum bearing

Bimetal Bushing
Bimetal Bearing StructureSteel+CuPb10Sn10Steel+CuPb24Sn4Steel+CuPb10Steel+AISn20CuSteel+CuSn8N
Corresponding CodeSAE-792(SAE797).
Clevite F100.GGB-
SY.Daido L10.
Federal-Mogul HF
Glyco 66.
Daido L23. Glyco
Federal-Mogul TR-
Glyco 74.
Max Load Capacity P150/mm 2130/mm 2120/mm 2100/mm 2140/mm 2
Grease Lubrication
Max Speed2.5m/s2.5m/s
Maximum PVValue2.8N/mm2. m/s2.8N/mm2. m/s2.5N/mm2. m/s
Coefficient of friction0.05~0.150.06~0.16
Max Speed10m/s10m/s15m/s25m/s
Maximum PVValue10N/mm2. m/s10N/mm2. m/s8N/mm2. m/s6N/mm2. m/s
Coefficient of friction0.05~0.120.05~0.150.06~0.170.06~0.17
Max Working
Grease Lubrication150°C150°C170°C150°C
Alloy Hardness60~100HB45~70HB30~45HB30~40HB70~120HB

Bimetal Bearing Lubrication DesignAn oil Hole is necessary to design if the bimetal has lubricated sufficiently; the following oil hole design is recommended, which is also suitable for bimetal bearings series without special requirements.

Bushing O.D. (D)Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22Φ14>D≤22
Oil Hole Diameter (mm)34567

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Bimetal bushing – Long-term Wear Resistance