Why choose bronze thrust bearing?

Bronze thrust bearing support the axial load on the shaft in order to protect the more valuable bottom parts. They are designed to prevent movement along the axis of the shaft. bronze thrust bearing can be grooved to provide additional lubrication distribution. For high heat applications, these grooves can be filled with graphite to provide self-lubricating properties for the gasket….

bronze thrust bearing

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Casting Bronze Thrust Washer With Solid Lubricant ?

Copper with graphite, graphite plugged bronze bearings, oilless washer, bronze with graphite!

Bronze Thrust Bearing Structures

  • ① Solid lubricant bronze parts
  • ② Solid lubricant plug
  • ③ Bronze backing

8.0 g/cm3


>210 HB

Tensile strength

>750 N/mm2

Yeild strength

>450 N/mm2



Coefficient of linear expansion


Operating temperature


Max. Dynamic Load


Max. Speed


0.4 m/s


1.0 m/s

Max. PV limit


1.5 N/mm2.m/s


3.25 N/mm2.m/s



0.12~0.16 μ


0.03~0.08 μ


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bushing application
bushing application
bronze thrust bearing
Oilless washer, bronze with graphite

Application of bronze thrust bearing

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Bronze thrust bearing design

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bronze thrust bearing

Bronze Thrust Bearing & Metric & Inch Size Washer

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How Bronze Thrust Bearing Works ?

With bronze thrust bearing , the lubrication is effected by the sliding material itself, The solid lubricant is released from the friction material by micro-movement. This gives the sliding partners smooth surfaces with a firmly adhesive solid lubricant film, the solid lubricant film remains within the contact area even under heavy loads.

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bronze thrust bearing
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