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Download Our Polymer Coating, Bushing, Bearing Catalogue.Special Bushing Bearings you are looking for? Our complete bearing catalogue is available in metric standard size so you can find the bushing bearing you need. Search our bearing size for the bearing sizes you are looking for, or check out our bushing designs, bushing bearing parts and export bushing bearing services. We maintain a wide selection of standard bearings and custom bearings to fit all of your bearings application needs.

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Our Qualified Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing

Certification: ISO 9001 and bronze bushing material test report

Quality: SART YOUR PROJECT With an Plain Bearings Application Engineer

Follow DIN 1494/ISO 3547 Wrapped composite sliding bearing standard and experienced quality control teams.

Capacity for developing new self-lubricating bearings products.

Download Our Metric Size Bush Bearing Catalogue

Providing Custom Solutions, Catalog Available,Besides Our Online Metric Bushing Bearings Catalog, Other Inch Size Bush Bearings Catalogs Are Also Available.VIIPLUS wide choice of product materials includes metal-polymer bushing, plugged graphite bronze parts, bronze bushing, bimetal bearings, bushing and thrust washer & wear plates as well as.

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