High Quality steel backed bronze bushing or metal self-lubricating bronze bushings to extend bearing life by up to 80%. Following successful markets, this solution has been adopted widely by many industries, leading to a vastly improved self-lubricating bearing life and a large reduction in downtime. Plain bushes can contribute to enhanced bushing sleeve life and improve reliability of the parts.

High temperature rated grease is standard for extended plain bearing life. Plain Bearing life can be extended by self-lubricating material.

How long is the service life of plain bearings?

The reasonableness of the processing sliding bearings technology, advanced, stability will also affect plain bearing life. Lubrication has a great influence on bearing life. Cleanliness of Bearing Life expectancy and the impact of vibration and noise are very great.

Because the service life of any bearing is affected by the actual working conditions, such as the working load, speed, temperature and comprehensive environmental factors; Therefore, it is impossible for any bearing manufacturer to calculate the accurate service life before the actual use verification, and it can only estimate the service life of the bearing under similar cases based on the existing use cases.

Six factors related to bearing life:

(1) P [N/mm2] Load

The larger the load, the shorter the service life of the bearing; The greater the load fluctuation, the greater the impact on the bearing life, the shorter the bearing life; In no case shall the maximum load exceed the theoretical maximum allowable load. The load is equal to the actual working load divided by the projected area of the bearing, and the formula is P=F/(D*B).

(2) velocity V [m/s] and PV value

The working life of the bearing depends on the size of the PV value, that is, the product of the actual load P [N/mm2] and the sliding speed V [m/s], the smaller the PV value, the longer the bearing life.

(3) temperature T [oC]

The life of the bearing also depends on the temperature when the bearing is used. Therefore, the heat dissipation characteristics of the relevant parts should be considered as much as possible in the design and selection.

(4) surface roughness of grinding parts

The roughness of the contact surface of the parts to be ground against the bearing shall be between Ra0.2~Ra0.8. No sharp medium shall damage the working surface of the bearing in the process of assembling and using the bearing.

(5) for the surface material of the grinding parts, the surface roughness of the grinding parts is a factor affecting the service life of the axle sleeve. Generally, a certain surface is required to be ≤0.4 m ka.