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CNC parts processing, and not what data can be fine processing, some data hardness is too large, beyond the hardness of the processing machine parts, may break the machine parts, so these data is not suitable for fine mechanical processing, unless it is made of special data parts, or laser cut.

For fine machining data are divided into two categories, metal data and non – metal data.

For metallic materials, the hardness is greatest for stainless steel, followed by cast iron, followed by copper, and finally aluminum.

And the processing of ceramic, plastic is attributed to the processing of nonmetallic data.

1, the first is the demand for the hardness of the data, for some occasions, the higher the hardness of the data is the better, just limited to the hardness of the processing machine, the processing of the data can not be too hard, if it is harder than the machine can not be processed.

2, secondly, the raw material is moderate, at least than the machine hardness is lower than a grade, at the same time to see the role of the processing equipment is to do what to use, reasonable selection of materials for the machine.

All in all, fine mechanical processing of raw materials or some requirements, and not what raw materials are suitable for processing, such as too soft or too hard data, the former is not necessary to process, and the latter is unable to process.

Therefore, before processing must pay attention to the density of raw materials, if the density is too large, is equal to the hardness is also very large, and the hardness if beyond the machine parts (lathe tool) hardness, is unable to process, will not only damage parts, will also form a risk, such as turning tool flying out of injury. So, in general, for the mechanical processing, the material to be less than the hardness of the machine tool, so that the ability to be processed.

Specification for CNC bushings & bronze bearing parts processing

The specification of the fine parts profession is very strict, the processing time has the knife, the knife and other different processes. Scale also is on the basis of product have different specific requirements, the machining accuracy requirements will also be different, the whole fine machining accuracy requirement is very high, how much time and accurate to 1 mm of micron is different, different scale if a product will become a waste, you need to rework to reach requirements, the process is very time-consuming and sometimes the chapter makes all the raw materials of scrap, form the capital to add, at the same time parts will surely cannot be used, so the precision parts processing is there are many requirements. What are the requirements for fine parts processing?

(1) general in order to guarantee the machining precision of parts, spare parts of coarse and fine processing of mechanical parts must be run separately, due to the rough machining parts and precision parts processing cutting, clamping force, calorific value, artifacts of cutting force is not the same, if rough machining and precision machining in succession, fine machining precision of the parts will be lost due to the different stress.

(2) rationality of equipment selection. The processing of rough parts of the processing accuracy is not high, only the main machining allowance cut, so the fine processing requirements in very high precision machine tool processing.

(3) in the fine parts processing process road, there is usually a heat treatment process. The organization of heat treatment process orientation is as follows: in order to improve the metal cutting processing function, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, etc., the general organization is carried out before the machining of mechanical parts.

(3) generally speaking, fine parts processing simply have heat treatment procedures, heat treatment procedures can improve the metal cutting processing function