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High quality Material CuSn8 & CuSn6.5

Monometallic Bearing Material CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs

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Bronze CuSn8 Sheets and strips for rolled bushings.

Our team is available every working day to help and advise you. CuSn8 Phosphor bronze Bushings, Diamond-shaped lubricant reservoirs!

CuSn8 bronze bearing is a solid solution strengthened copper alloy (bronze) with 8% tin bushing parts.

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Cylindrical bearings, Bronze Wrapped Bushing

Rolled bronze bearings with lubrication pockets or holes.

CuSn8 & CuSn6 Bronze Bushing Material.

Wrapped bronze plain bearings

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bronze bushing lubricating holesWrapped bronze plain bearings
bronze sleeve bushing
Precision Bushing-lubrication bushings!


We produce precision bushing & bearings in CuSn6 bronze equivalent CuSn8 bronze.

The company has automated assembly line production equipment and high-precision testing equipment

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The promise of bulk order wrapped bronze bearings high quality, meet your requirement.

Lubricated Bushing

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

CuSn8 Bronze Bearing, Bronze CuSn8

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The Self-lubricating bronze bushings Advantage

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Wrapped bushes with diamond grease pockets!

Metric Wrapped Bronze CuSn8 Bearings


Our bronze bushing bearing company: Metal Rolling Services, proposes to customize the size, and small quantities and bronze bushing, flange bushing by size.

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Split bronze bushings applications..

Semi-finished products overview

Bronze Rolled Bearing, Metric Wrapped Bronze Bearings Plain Bearing.

  • Rolled bronze bearings for extra heavy loads.

  • Rolled flange bearings for extra heavy loads.
  • Rolled bronze bearings for extra heavy loads.
  • Rolled flange bearings for extra heavy loads.

* Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive split bronze bushings industry in china.

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  • Sliding Bearings, Bronze sliding bearings, composite bushings and engineering plastics: CuSn8 Bronze Bearings

Our range of CuSn8 bronze bearings (rolled phosphor bronze alloy material) are extremely versatile and well suited for a wide range of applications. These bronze bearings have been developed to for slow speed, high load applications, especially suited for oscillating motion and are perfect for the construction, mining/quarrying, agriculture and automotive industries.

Select your bronze bearing below:

  • plain bearing with grease holes
  • flanged bearing with grease lubricating hole
  • plain bearing with lubrication holes

bronze wrapped bushes

We strive to offer the highest quality Slide Bearings at amazingly low prices

Wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Driving the future with tribological solutions- regardless of shape & material

High Efficiency Bearing Solution, to suit your specific business needs.

Special manufacturing, Split Bronze Bushings

We can offer BRONZE BEARING CuSn8 special sizes, shapes, forms or lengths upon request. Please contact us for a quotation or more information.

SLIDE BEARINGS: Bronze CuSn8 Special Metals Bearings & Bushing.

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Bronze Sliding Bearings- Cylindrical Bearing


Split bronze bushing.

Our standard material is CuSn8, alternatively we also can supply a CuSn6 bronze grade. The hardness of CuSn6 will slightly be lesser. We have a large selection of plain and flanged bearings for various applications. The bronze bushing bearing reliable suppliers available. With us you can order your bronze bushing products according to your own drawings and specifications or you can choose from our large and wide standard selection. In addition, our short lead times and good logistics makes us an efficient and reliable partner.


We machine Split Bronze Bushings with standard dimensions, flanged bushes, Special dimensions, and imperial sizes are available on request.


Bronze Bearings and Bronze Sleeve Bushings made of CuSn8


Material: CuSn8 with composition

  • Sn 8 %
  • P < 0.05 %
  • Cu Rest

Rolled Bronze Alloys –


Bronze Bushing & Flange Bearings Made Of CuSn8:

We Manufacture Bronze Finishes Parts

  • Bronze Bushings made of CuSn8 with Lubrication Indents
  • Bronze Bushings made of CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs
  • Bronze bushing type made to order from china:
  • cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, flange bearings customized bearing designs