Disassembly of Bushing

  • Bearings in use for a period of time, daily maintenance and damage replacement, often need to remove the bushings bearing.Do you still use hammer to remove sleeve bearings?Do you have a number of disassembly tools at hand, but still cannot effectively remove the bushing bearing?Today we are going to learn how technical experts remove sleeve bearings.

Oilless plain bearings, self-lubricated

Safety protection: when bushing bearings are in daily maintenance and damaged replacement, if the disassembly method is improper, it is highly likely to lead to sleeve bearing breakage and metal splashing. In order to ensure safety, it is recommended to carry out safety protection. Determine the disassembly method and corresponding tool.

The main method of disassembling bearings:

1.Tap on a method

The bushing bearing is removed by the impact energy produced by the hammer striking the shaft. This method is more direct, and the fitter hand hammer, punch and pad are usually used.The punch is made of steel. The top of the punch is shaped into a ball. The end of contact with the component is usually soft metal to protect the surface of the component from damage.Sliding bearing in the hole seat belongs to interference fit, take out from the hole commonly percussion method.

Bearing removal

2.Drawing method

For high accuracy requirements, do not allow knocking sleeve bearing parts, usually use this method to pull the bearing out.Special pullers are usually used.As shown in the figure below:

Drawing method

3.Hot tear open method

Using the property of material expansion and contraction, the sleeve bearing is heated to expand and be dismantled.Common tools are heating rings and adjustable induction heaters.Heating rings are usually made of alloy with insulated handles and are often used in small bearings of the same size.If bearings of different sizes are often removed, an adjustable induction heater can be used, which can quickly heat the bearing without keeping the shaft hot.

Hot tear open method

Correct disassembly of sleeve bearings can effectively and reasonably ensure the service life and precision of bushing bearings, so that the host machine can achieve its best operation effect, and then reduce user expenses and costs.

Note in the disassembly process:

Please check whether there are cracks, fractures, wear or deformation and other forms of failure before disassembly, so as to adopt the correct disassembly method.

When using percussion or drawing tools, ensure that the bushing bearing and related parts remain stable, to avoid uneven force.

When using the heat removal method, ensure that the temperature does not exceed 120℃;After heating, do not touch the heated sleeve bearing with bare hands. Remove the bushing bearing with heat insulation device.

Disassembly of Bushing

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