self lubricating bearings material is designed specifically for demanding outdoor and solar energy ,wind energy applications, and is durable enough to with stand up to harsh weather conditions. It also exhibits excellent strength, thermal conductivity and moisture absorption.


VIIPLUS works with builders, owners and operators to unlock thinking and develop new technologies. Together, we strive to meet the world’s growing energy needs and address the long-term reliability and economic viability of our natural resources.

Performing Under Extreme Pressure

Custom-engineered VIIPLUS self-lubricating bronze bearings bushings,thrust washer drive drills of deep-sea oil rigs further than ever in the quest for increasingly remote deposits beneath the world’s oceans.

Wind Energy Replacement Bushing Parts

Expertise in the Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing,Means Reliability in the Field.Support, or

Repair Bushings Parts and Equipment. Wind energy is now even more attainable thanks to advancements in

technology that are moving the industry forward.

The Power Behind the Power:Self-lubrication and maintenance-free features: weather resistance, high load.


Featured Products and Services

Outdoor, high altitude, underwater and other occasions that oil can not or difficult to oil the performance of its superior characteristics;

Long-term exposure to the outdoors and timely maintenance, the use of general rolling bearings is limited, and self-lubricating bearings can just give play to its strengths to solve the problem.

Can be provided as form:

  • Straight bushings
  • Flange bushings
  • Thrust washer
  • stip
  • Non-standard products are also avalidable.

Provides many solutions for renewable energy applications, such as the hydroelectric industry.We also provide bearing solutions for other energy applications, such as wind, solar, oil and gas.Even in wet, dirty and sea water, bearings can provide reliable corrosion resistance, wear resistance and service life.

Superior reliability under extreme conditions

We provide high quality, proven performance bearings for a wide range of applications, including:

  1. hydraulic turbine: servo motor, operating ring sliding segment, connecting rod system, side door (guide vane)
  2. pelton turbine: syringe and guide
  3. gate: sliding section of entrance gate and roller, flood overflow gate
  4. auxiliary equipment: fish-protecting screen and garbage collector
  5. valve: ball valve and butterfly valve