Create a superior experience for Buy bushings online from China。Extensive experience in their engineering department allows viiplus® to work closely with end-users and OEMs in order to offer the best oilless bearing bushings parts.

Plain bearing is widely used in chassis system, body system and hydraulic system of engineering machinery and construction machinery.bimetal bushings flange bearing friction welding shaft sleeve is used for supporting wheel, supporting sprocket and guiding wheel.Bimetal and PTFE Self-lubricating bushings series bushing are used in the boom, connecting rod, supporting leg and other parts of the pump truck.oilless bronze bearings series solid insert lubrication series bushing is used in moving arm, bucket rod, amplitude modulation mechanism, oil cylinder and other parts.

In recent years, the operational requirements of equipment have increased the requirements for sliding bearing performance. Our lead-free bearing materials offer enhanced performance to meet the most demanding performance requirements and are superior to ball bearings (space and weight limited, high load and oscillating motion can cause injury).

Bearings have many advantages and create superior driving performance:

  1. Long service life, reliable and smooth operation
  2. High wear resistance
  3. Self lubrication
  4. Low friction coefficient, low loose torque, no stick-slip
  5. Compatible with many standard oils and lubricants
  6. High precision and dimensional stability