EPB4 engineering plastic bearings used in pharmaceutical machinery bottle washing machine

EPB4 self-lubricating material is modified by using high molecular weight polymer as the base material, which determines that this material has exceptional corrosion resistance, even at temperatures up to 200℃ is very good corrosion resistance;

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EPB4 engineering plastic bearing has excellent corrosion resistance

Application of  EPB4 engineering plastic bearing

EPB4 engineering plastic bearing is widely used in pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machinery and so on because of its excellent comprehensive performance.The superior wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good dimensional stability of this bearing are favored by a large number of designers;

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Characteristics of EPB4 engineering plastic bearings

EPB4 engineering plastic bearing has high wear resistance;EPB4 engineering plastic bearing self-lubricating material adopts high strength polymer as the matrix material. In order to further improve its comprehensive strength and wear resistance performance, CSB company adopts polymer modification technology to implant reinforced fiber and special wear resistance agent into the matrix material.CSB Special Underwater Wear Resistant Group ensures excellent self-lubricating performance even in contact with water or completely immersed in solution.Thus, the wear of the bearing is reduced to the minimum, and the accuracy of the bearing in the process of use is guaranteed.

EPB4 engineering plastic bearings have very low water absorption;EPB4 engineering plastic bearing self-lubricating material is made of polymer with very low water absorption. Its hygroscopic property at RH50/23℃ is only 0.04%, which is equivalent to the moisture content of general engineering plastics after circulating drying in a drying oven at 100℃ for 12 hours.This ensures that even if the EPB4 material is completely immersed in the solution for a long time, it will not cause the bearing size change or even lead to the bearing sticking phenomenon because of water absorption.

EPB4 engineering plastic bearing has excellent bearing capacity;It can withstand the load of 90MPa at the temperature of 23℃, and the deformation of the bearing is only 2.3% under this limit load, which ensures that the bearing can be used normally under high load.EPB4 engineering plastic bearings can carry loads of more than 20MPa even at a temperature of 200℃, which is difficult for general engineering plastic bearings to achieve performance;

EPB4 engineering plastic bearings are not sensitive to the material requirements of the matching shaft, but cold-rolled steel and carbon steel are more suitable for rotating motion, and stainless steel performs particularly well in swinging motion.Chrome plated hard shaft can also be considered when the load is lower than 5MPa;When the above axis material is used, the friction coefficient of EPB4 material is only 0.07 ~ 0.20, and when the solution medium is lubricated, the friction coefficient can be below 0.12.This ensures that EPB4 engineering plastic bearings have excellent self-lubricating performance;

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