A rich resource for self-lubricating bearings performance and reliability.Plain bearing from the manufacturing process to delivery in short time.You know that self-lubricating bearings simple design split bushing can reduce installation times, but just how quickly can aparts from stock to fully installed?

Port machinery graphite bronze bearings

Stacker-reclaimer Oilless Bushing Bearings Parts

Material piling and taking machine sleeve bearings.The rotation and support parts of various stowing and reclaimer choose high strength graphite bronze bushing compared with the original aluminum bronze bearing and tin bronze bushing products have higher bearing capacity, and have superior self-lubricating performance, can work for a long time without maintenance, superior performance, life greatly extended.

Bridge Crane Plugged Graphite Bronze Bushings

The bridge crane of the port machinery and other equipment use aluminum bronze graphite bronze bushings in the connection of the cable and other rotating parts. The aluminum bronze bronze bushings has good corrosion resistance and superior self-lubricating property of graphite, which is very suitable for the salt gas environment of the sea.

Grab Bucket Sleeve Bushing

A certain environmental protection enterprise, the production workshop of the goods grab machinery, grab items have serious pollution, impurities, sewage and so on, and serious acid pollution.Original use ordinary wear-resisting steel cover, the effect is general, sometimes can send out unusual sound, the product rusts badly, also tried aluminum-bronze cover and high strength bronze bushing later, all cannot satisfy use requirement, wear quickly.After communication and discussion with the technical department for many times, and on-site inspection to the user, the two sides finally jointly choose to develop a special wear-resistant mesh steel cover product, and then carry out a special anti-corrosion treatment, so that the mesh steel cover has excellent lubrication performance, good anti-foreign body invasion and anti-corrosion performance, the trial results are very good.Now we are promoting the use of new wear-resistant mesh steel cover on other products of our customers and exporting to our German parent company.

The oil cylinder and other connecting parts of the hydraulic grab can choose the high-strength bronze bushing and the reticulated steel bushing according to the use, the bronze bushing sleeve has high strength and self-lubricating performance, and the reticulated steel sleeve has excellent anti-corrosion and pollution performance, the self-lubricating bronze bushing products can meet the requirements of various working environments of the hydraulic grab, excellent performance.

Logistics and transportation equipment application

Traditional bearing noise, short maintenance cycle and service life, high maintenance cost factors limit the normal operating time of equipment, especially transport equipment, field equipment, etc. VIIPLUS self-lubricating bearing can not only solve these problems, but also improve the comfort of equipment operation.For example, no lubricating oil or one-time coating can solve the process maintenance and high shutdown costs, while avoiding environmental pollution.

  • Axial
  • Brake System
  • Port Machinery
  • Forklifts

Reduce Downtime And Improve Equipment Performance

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