What are the anti-aging performance of self-lubricating composite bearings?

  • the plastic bearing because of the use of high-performance engineering plastics as the base material through the material modification technology to implant anti-aging agent anti-uv agent, so that its comprehensive anti-aging performance is improved; Aging resistance of plastic bearing: indoor: 20-30 years; 15 to 25 years outdoors.
    Our self-lubricating bearing design anti-aging performance and long service life.

Self-lubricating composite bearings

Self Lubricating Composite Bearings With improved anti-corrosion properties, can be used in outdoor, water, Marine environment. Self-lubricating polymer-based composites are used in space and in aircraft mechanisms as materials for solid lubricated systems.


DU and DU-B take advantage of the outstanding dry bearing properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and combines them with strength, stability and good wear resistance, excellent heat conductivity and low thermal expansion.

DU consists of three bonded layers: a steel backing strip and a porous bronze matrix, impregnated and overlaid with the PTFE/ lead bearing material.

DU consists of three bonded layers: a steel backing strip and a porous bronze matrix, impregnated and overlaid with the PTFE/ lead bearing material.

Viiplus Composite Bearing Design & Benefits

Self lubricating composite Bearings made of ptfe/pom combined the high load capacity and dimensional rigidity of lubricated metallic bearings with the performance and economic benefits of self-lubrication.

The structure of the self lubricating composite bearings consists of a rigid steel or corrosion-resistant bronze backing (DU-B), which provides mechanical strength, while a porous sintered bronze interlayer impregnated with a homogeneous mixture of PTFE and lead provides low friction and high wear resistance.

The low friction of the DU bearings reduces power losses for improved energy efficiency, while the wear-resistant bronze layer provides extended service life. Being self-lubricating, the bearings require little to no maintenance. However they can also be used with lubricant to prevent potential shaft/bearing seizure under boundary conditions.

The compact, lightweight design and thin-wall construction of the DU bearings provide space and weight savings, and because there are no moving parts or metal-to-metal contact the bearings are quieter. In addition, assembly can be done quickly and easily without costly mounting tools.

Viiplus carries a full range of off-the-shelf components specifically engineered for manufacturing applications, and we also specialize in fast turnaround of custom replacement bearing solutions.

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DX Self  lubricating  composite bearings

The key to the superior performance capabilities of DX bearings is their unique construction incorporating a highly effective grease retention system.

The bearings exhibit extremely low friction during operation and are highly resistant to wear. By taking advantage of the low friction and longer service life provided by DX bearings, designers now have the
opportunity to improve the performance of their product while increasing its effective operating life. The designer can also be assured that frequency of maintenance is minimized due to the greatly extended
lubrication cycle of DX bearings.

DX is a steel-backed material from which bearings, thrust washers, and other shapes can be made. The DX material can be sized in place by boring, reaming, etc. This ability to resize the DX is of particular value in the control of initial starting clearance and the correction of misalignment. The wall thickness of DX bearings is held to close limits so that machining should be unnecessary for most applications. DX is recommended for conditions of intermittent operation or boundary lubrication, and for situations in which lubricant cannot be supplied continuously or repeatedly. The time during which a DX bearing will operate without further lubrication will depend on operating conditions. 

A unique, composite bearing material

DX is a composite strip material made up of three layers: steel, porous bronze, and acetal resin polymer:
1. Steel backing (Full depth not shown.) This steel backing is the key to the exceptional strength; thin,
compact design; excellent heat dissipation; and dimensional and structural rigidity of DX bearings. This rugged, steel backing also provides a good interference fit in metallic housings throughout the temperature range for the bearing.
2. Porous bronze innerstructure
This comprises a nominal 0.010 inch (0.25 mm) layer of carefully sized, bearing quality bronze powder sintered onto the steel backing. This porous bronze innerlayer is impregnated with the acetal resin and is securely sintered to the steel. The bronze also serves as an effective heat conductive path which minimizes undue temperature rise at the bearing surface and provides dimensional stability.

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