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With the rapid development of market economy and the rise of food and beverage processing industry and consumption upgrading, all kinds of drinks have become an indispensable part of People’s Daily life. And the replacement speed is very fast, which brings the corresponding filling and packaging demand is also increasing, at the same time, the internal quality, external packaging requirements are also getting higher and higher, which brings new challenges and opportunities to the related food machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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Plain Bushings Application in a Filling Machine – Metal Bushing, Continuous Innovation, Filling Machines Bushing

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In recent years, the safety and health of processed food are facing more and more severe tests. The VIIPLUS company know that today’s filling machinery and equipment must meet the needs of fast movement and strong medium in the filling process, and at the same time, achieve accurate adjustment of size and specifications. As the main parts of food filling machinery, the rational use of bearings has become a strong support for efficient and safe production. The VIIPLUS company can provide services from material selection, design and development, testing and verification to assembly and use, providing personalized and customized self-lubrication technology solutions for food filling machinery, helping food filling machinery to play a higher production performance.

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Special solution enhances service life in beverage filling

Viiplus offers a comprehensive solution. Filling machines bushing application in the beverage filling machine bottle clamping mechanism can ensure that each clamping mechanism 100% flexible clamping and release bottles, water resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, in order to ensure long-term wear resistance at the same time can resist repeated scouring hydrogen peroxide disinfectant.

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The role of  filling machines bushing can not be ignored, the development of filling technology to promote production, enrich the market has provided a strong support. In the production process of liquid products such as dairy products and beverages, filling machines bushing can not only realize automatic and standardized production, greatly improve the efficiency of product filling, help enterprises save labor costs, but also can effectively avoid the manual operation of the packaging process may produce cross pollution, further ensure product safety.

Due to the high requirements of filling machinery for speed and precision, its lubrication and bearing are faced with great challenges under high load operating pressure. Therefore, as an important part of food machinery, bearings need to have the characteristics of wear resistance, long life and other characteristics, and can resist the cleaning solution for a long time. The Viiplus Company developed and produced high-performance engineering plastic self-lubricating bearings with self-lubricating, maintenance-free, lightweight, low cost, long life, environmental protection and other characteristics, can help filling machinery to improve operation energy efficiency, reduce user maintenance costs, to ensure safe and reliable production process.

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Features of Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

They have conveyor systems with variable speeds to give more flexibility to the packager.
Automatic liquid packaging systems can package liquids in all viscosity levels and even the ones that contain food products.
They are integrated with PLC control systems which allow packagers to configure the machine based on their container type and their desired volume per container.
You can add more filling heads to these machines to increase your filling line’s production rate.

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