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Engineered Plain Bushing Solutions for Healthcare & Medical Applications

Product, Self-lubricating Sleeve Bearings Design and Manufacturing Solutions for Healthcare & Medical Devices. Medical device bushings design starts with an idea of how treatment for patients could be improved. We partner with customers every step of the way to realize those ideas.

Manufacturing Solutions for Healthcare & Medical Bushings
Engineered Solutions for Healthcare & Medical Applications

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Meeting the unique challenges of the Healthcare & Medical industry


Oilless Bearings Giving Applications Longer Lasting, Low Friction Performance.

VIIPLUS Healthcare & Medical develops, manufactures, and supplies innovative engineered sliding bearings bushing solutions for demanding medical, biotech, and pharmaceutical applications in the composite bushing, 3 layer bushing, and other thin wall bearing bushing.

Explore key applications in our Healthcare & Medical film: Face Mask Machine Bearings & Bushing

– Bronze Graphite Bearings Latest Price, Mask Machine Parts & Accessories.

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flange graphite bronze bushingflange graphite bronze bushing
flange graphite bronze bushing
Bushing Design, Lubrication & Friction

Making ideas a reality

This solid bronze graphite bearings bushing is mainly used for the manufacture of disposable masks equipment can greatly reduce labor costs, and effectively reduce downtime in the production process to replacement bearings standards, which is the ideal self-lubricating bearings equipment for mask making. The bushing is made of high-quality lubricating material, the product is durable

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Oilless Bush Bearing, An industry standard throughout the world.

A Total Friction Management Approach.

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

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Tribology Bearings & Bushings

Medical Machine Bushing Manufacturer – Mask machine bearings price.

China medical machine production bushings, Factory delivery. Equipment machine bushings, Reliable sliding bushings manufacturer. Get a quote now. Stable self-lubricating bearings design. Customized Self-lubricating bearings Solution.

  • General engineering bearing bushings

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  • Small minimum order quantity

Oilless Bearings Benefits:


  1. Do not require external lubrication, reducing contamination.
  2. Used as a rod guide, mainly in reciprocating applications
  3. Low friction
  4. No stick-slip

* An industry standard throughout the world.

Typical Healthcare & Medical Applications:

Typical Healthcare & Medical Applications:


Bushings are generally used in low speed, high side-load cylinder applications due to their low friction capabilities. Typical applications are hospital beds, patient lifts and prosthetic joints.

Sliding Bearings Solution:


  • Custom plain bearing design – two completely non-metallic bearing elements mounted in flanged housing

Sliding bearings are used in a variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology devices and equipment, generally in rotating applications. Cost savings,


Save your purchasing bushing budget for your industry.

viiplus.com offers a full sliding bushing & plain bearings portfolio and supports it with industry-leading technical support, allowing customers to help maximize the performance of their equipment.


Fast delivery, Bronze Bearing is for high speed, stable operation, and good for the machine. Fast delivery, Stable, easy for payment, easy for operation, efficient, and less labor. Professional Tech Team. Money Saving.

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Browse our metal bushing bearing solutions for the Healthcare & Medical Industry.

Medical Bearing for Rotating Applications

sliding bearing bushing

A wide type of Medical Bearing  to meet your needs.

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  • Cylindrical bushes

  • Flanged bushes

  • Thrust washers

  • Flanged washers

  • Sliding plates

For durable, long life and low friction operation

Materials Sliding Bushing Specific to Healthcare & Medical

The Bushings are typically made of PTFE-based steel-backed bushing, composite material pom, or high sliding layer including PTFE fabric bushing.

About Bushings

Bushings are used in a variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology devices and equipment, generally in reciprocating cylinder applications. Bushings can be designed and used as sleeve bushings, flange bushings, or as a thrust washer. The function of the bushing is to allow the rod to move freely with low friction while metal backed with a high load. They have a higher load capacity than a plastic bushing bearing but do not require any external lubrication, keeping contamination to a minimum.

Finished Medical Bushing

“Production & assembly of medical devices bushings to meet customer requirements.”

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Bushings & Bearings to meet your Healthcare & Medical needs

Full range of sleeve bearing metal bushings products for the most demanding applications.

Unique sliding bearing for rotating applications

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