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VIIPLUS has a long history in the field of bearing remanufacturing. Its factories are engaged in the repair of large bearings and the technical transformation of bearing related products. So far, its performance covers metallurgy, paper making, mining and other industries, and it has accumulated rich experience in bearing repair, with strong technical force, perfect technical standards and testing means.

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Remanufacturing is regarded as one of the core strategies to achieve circular economy.

VIIPLUS,  Your reliable choice

1. Standardized processes

The ViiPlus repair service follows a standardized process to ensure that acceptance criteria are met in high quality

2. Professionalism

VIIPLUS’s professional technology and knowledge help you solve all the problems of bearings in a shorter time and at a lower cost

3. Comprehensive service scope

VIIPLUS’s diversified repair services can repair products of different brands and types

4. Customization, upgrading and transformation

Viiplus’s customized upgrade service also provides the ability to add sensors to bearings, integrate lubrication and sealing solutions, and perform specification modifications to significantly improve their performance.

5. Advanced equipment

The professional and custom equipment of the VIIPLUS Repair Center greatly increases the flexibility and reliability of the service, thus providing you with solutions more efficiently.

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Why remanufacture

1. Reduce your purchase costs

Compared with ordering new bearings, the cost of remanufacturing bearings can be saved by 50-80%

2. Reduce time costs

Remanufacturing bearings can shorten the ordering cycle by 25% compared to ordering new bearings

3. The single service life of the bearing is almost the same

Remanufactured bearing life can reach 87-99% of the new bearing

4. The total life cycle of remanufacturing is extended

Bearing remanufacturing can extend the total service life of bearings by 100-200%

5. Reduce energy consumption

Compared with making new bearings, remanufacturing can reduce energy consumption by 80%

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VIIPLUS is a practitioner of circular economy