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Viiplus plastic plain bearings have offered a technical and economic advantage over all types of metal plain bearings. Viiplus bearings are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, chemical resistant, universally applicable and reduce costs by up to 40 percent. They can withstand extreme temperatures and are suitable for special machine construction, underwater applications, and the food and tobacco industries. Viiplus bearings are available in a wide range of standard catalog options, and customization is possible from quantities of one.

By switching to Viiplus bearings, customers can increase their technology and reduce their costs by up to 90%.  In addtion to these benefits, Viiplus products offer  online service-life calculators and tools for nearly all product lines, and tested reliability.

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ISO 9001 self-lubricating bearings bushings
linear bearing bushing

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linear bearing bushing

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linear bearing bushing

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linear bearing bushing
  • Plain bearing within mountable housing unit
  • Always self-lubricating & grease free
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Can handle medium to high loads
linear bearing bushing
  • Facilitates linear motion between moving parts
  • Better wear rates with thinner walls
  • Always self-lubricating & grease-free
  • Resistant to dirt & dust
  • Keeps rotating components in place
  • Always self-lubricating & grease-free
  • Resistant to dirt & dust
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure with support for perpendicular shafts
  • Always self-lubricating & grease-free
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Can handle medium to high loads
  • Designed for fitting shafts through sheet metal.
  • Bearings have flanges located on both ends.
  • The bearings are secured in the sheet metal plate on both sides after fitting
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • More wear-resistant than PTFE-strips
  • Higher load capacity
  • We will manufacture custom plastic bearings for small and large batch orders at a low cost
  • Our experts can help you choose the best high-performance plastic material to meet your requirements and the most efficient manufacturing method.
  • Powders and filaments proven to last up to 50 times longer than standard 3D-printing materials
  • Simple, fast, cost-effective in as little as 24 hrs
  • Configurators for creating CAD data and service life calculator for testing gears and plain bearings
  • Wear rates comparable to injection-molded parts

Linear bearings provide low stick slip for precise positioning and ease of moving the load.

Plastic linear bearing is a kind of linear motion system produced at low cost, which is used in conjunction with infinite travel and cylindrical shaft.Widely used in precision machine tools, textile machinery, food packaging machinery, printing machinery and other industrial machinery sliding parts.

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The car industry

Find here online material and types details of  linear bearing bushing.


The fitness industry

Backed by our in-depth understanding of linear bearing bushing, we can also provide solutions to the growing requirements for material properties and miniaturization.


Packaging industry

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Linear  bushing guarantee predictable service life

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High-performance plastics for a wide range of applications

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plain bearings & plastic bushings

The Feature Of linear bearing bushing

linear bearing bushing material is a thermal molded plastic, utilizing crystalline engineered plastic as base material with proper intensifier and lubricant. The rigidity and high temperature capability are greatly improved through the use of intensifier, at the same time, the coefficient of thermal expansion, molding shrinkage rate and deformation decreases. Consequently, the size stability is improved, and EPB series material range is enlarged and keeps the intrinsic anti-wear capability and reduced drag.

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• Weight – All linear bearing bushing are plastics and offer a considerable weight reduction vs. sealed cartridge bearings .

• Vibration dampening – The polymers in linear bearing bushing can absorb vibrations and help shock loads, increasing comfort as well as reducing fatigue and wear of other biking materials.

• Low and consistent coefficient of friction – The coefficient of friction over time will remain the same without the use of lubrication. linear bearing bushing work well with external grease and oils, however they do not require any external lubricants to maintain a consistent and low coefficient of friction. Sealed cartridge bearings often require lubrication over time in order to maintain the same coefficient of friction.

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Plastic bushings are a maintenance free, long life alternative to traditional metal bushings.

Typical Applications

  • Office Machinery
  • Electronic Products
  • Textile Machinery
  • Fitness Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Automotive Industry

International Standards Are Available

Customized According To Customer Specifications And Requirements

Available In Inch Size And Metric Sizes

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