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Designed to be self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and maintenance-free, buy oilless bushes flange type bearings directly from china today! Bush Straight type, Flanged Size, Slide Plate, Thrust Bush, Thin type,!


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Oilless Metal Sliding Materials|Standard Components for Sliding Material, Oilless Bushes Products

Maintenance-free flanged oilless bush, thin-walled, bronze with solid lubricant Highly wear and dirt-resistant, insertable at high temperature.  Excellent Customer Service Full Documentation Support

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graphite thrust washer
Oilless Bushings Design

Self-Lubricating oil-less type Bushings

Check out our inventory. Stock oilless bushes parts price and delivery on request. Stock Orders Ship Today! Order Online Today. Oilless Bushes Types: Cast Bronze Standards, Wrapped Bushes Bronze Standards, Steel Backed PTFE Lined bushes, Standard Metric Split Bushings, Oil-less Type Bushing, Rolled Bushings, Manganese Bronze Bearings

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High Quality Oilless Bushings Bearings for customers’s needs.

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Oilless Bushes Design, (Graphite Embedded / Self Lubricating) 

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With a strong ability in China, we are able to offer an extensive range  oilless bushes products to every industry, which include plugged graphite bronze bearing, solid bronze bearing, wrapped bushes, PTFE dry bushing, pom sleeve bushing and flange bearings.

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viiplus.com is a trusted oilless bushes supplier in the global industry. Our oilless bearings products include the NAAMS standard of and custom press die components.

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Oil-Free Universal Guide Bushings – Straight or Flanged Size Volume Discount is available

You were looking for oilless bush, Manganese bronze bushing with graphite plugs & Oil-Free Washers?
Hydraulic Cylinder Guide Bushing Arm Bushing 

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Pin Bushing
 Boom Bushing

  • Linkage Bushing
 Reducer Low Friction Parts

 Undercarriage Roller Bushing
  • Pin & Shaft Pump & Motor
  • Cast Bronze Parts

Get China Supplier Dealing in bronze bushings and self-lubricanted Oilless Bush!


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