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Oil Free Bushings -Copper Alloy Straight, Standard, Standard oilless bronze bushings products are available in various sizes.

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ISO 9001 self-lubricating bearings bushings
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continuous-cast-alloys c86300graphite-thrust-washer
graphite plugged bushing
Copper Alloy Straight, Standard series.

Copper Alloy Straight, Standard- Oilless Bushing Suppliers.

We stand behind the quality of our oilless bronze bushings. Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the oilless bronze bushing part in the Oil Free Bushings – Copper Alloy Straight, Standard series.

  • Straight/sleeve
  • Flanged Type
  • Standard/Pilot/Center-Flanged Type
  • Housing Unit Type
  • Oil Free Bushings – Thrust Type
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Oilless Bronze Bushing

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Oil Free Bushings – Copper Alloy Straight, Standard

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Oilless Bushing

Oilless bush catalogue

We were devoted in research of self-lubricating oilless bronze bearings materials, product development and promotion of products for new application…

Oilless Bronze Bushing Design
Self-lubricating Bushes use high grade bronze alloys c86300, c93200, c95400 as their base material and have finely finished surface with holes in which a specially formulated solid lubricant is embedded. The lubricant cover up to 25-30% of the working surface. During operation the lubricant film is deposited automatically over the complete moving surface.

The specifications and dimensions of oilless bronze bushings parts may not be fully covered. For exact details, refer to oilless bronze bushings manufacturer catalogs .

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Because bearings usually receive a lot of resistance to friction that generates heat, lubricants such as oil or grease are used to prevent a seizure or abnormal wear that this frictional heat could otherwise cause. Lubrication-free bushings do not require lubricating oil because the bearing housing has a lubricating structure made possible by the lubricating oil in the bearing housing, or a built-in solid lubricant or the like.Because they do not need lubricating oil, non-lubricating bushings are often used in applications such as precision equipment that makes it difficult to fill lubricating oil and equipment with poor oil affinity. They also significantly reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for regular lubrication and ensuring long-term stable operation. Lubrication-free bushings come in a variety of shapes that can be used for a variety of applications as required. Examples include straight bushings, flanged bushings, flange bushings, and body bushings.

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