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Find the plain bearing you need in our wide range of self-lubricating bearings. Need help to choose the right bearing for your application? Contact Our Experts! Reduced Your Costs.

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Metal-Polymer Bearings – Discover the Composite Bushing Range

As one of the china supplier and manufacturers of bronze oilless bearings, sliding bearings technology components & self-lubricating bearings, we can be found on almost every continent – with production facilities, sales offices, and technology centers –because our customers appreciate short decision-making channels, prompt deliveries, and local service. A complete portfolio of grinding, cutting, blending, finishing and polishing solutions for a wide array of markets and applications.


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Switch from Bearings – Composites Bushing

Composite bearings are self-lubricating, which means you never need grease. Extend the life of your equipment by switching to composite bearings and bushings. Prices Now, On-Demand Metal Lubricated Bushing, Get An Instant Quote. Get instant pricing / order onlinePricing in seconds, parts in days.

Extend the life of your equipment and cut bearing and bushing maintenance time and costs. Metal polymer bushing are self-lubricating & need no grease.

competitively priced vs DU bushing
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Metal-Polymer Anti-Friction Plain Bearings

Our PTFE-Based Metal-Polymer Materials offer Exceptionally Low Friction. High Temperature Bearings Made With PTFE-Based Metal-Polymer Materials. flanged metal bushings for low friction, high wear and noiseless operation. Discover our range. We offer high-quality plain bushings for a variety of applications.

Specialists For Manufacturing & Machining Of All Types.

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Can handle medium to high loads

Metal Bearings – Thin Wall Metal Bushings

Self-Lubricating Engineered Steel Backed POM bushing, excelled in manufacturing durable, bearings for products around the globe.

Engineered composite Bearings. self-lubricating composite dry bearing solutions for your applications. We offer high-quality steel backed 3 layers bearings for numerous applications. Discover our range now. Metal polymer bushings offer high performance, maintenance-free solution for many applications. Contact us – Get in touch with our experts


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Bushing Design For Everyone

Polymer Bushings, Resize Designs, Priority Support. Plain metal polymer bearings are an alternative for lubricated plain and roller bearings. Dry bearings for continuous dry-running operation. Find Sleeve Bearings for your Application. Request a Quote for the Right Part.

Lubricant Bushing, Sleeve Bushing – Unique, split gap type with PTFE, specialty solutions. Designed to handle high torque loads. Lubrication maintenance is required. Cylindrical, flanged and thrust bushings forms are available. Choose from our selection of self-lubricating bushings, bronze bearing and steel backed bushing, these bearings reduce wear and machinery noise.

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Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings / Bushings

Metal Bushings: The Self-Lubricating Effect Flange Bushing

Metal/polymer composite plain bearings are bearings for very small radial or axial design envelopes. Our metal-backed, PTFE-based (polytetrafluoroethylene) polymer bushing materials have a common structure, consisting of a steel backing bonded to a porous bronze layer with PTFE, tin plating or copper plating.

Metal-Polymer Anti-Friction Plain Bearings Free Catalog Available, Online Bushing Type Option Available.

  • Bearing Bushings – PTFE-lined metal bearings

  • Good performance in dry conditions.

  • Get access to bearing CAD drawings

Thrust Washers – Multi-Layer

Metal Bearings – Thin Wall Metal Bushings

Bushings, thrust washers and strips, Has a Thin wall and is compact. Supports a thrust load. Volume Discount is available Available in METRIC Size. Rapid Design.

Quality, Well-made washer and Bushings. Long-term Wear Resistance. Get A Quote Today. High Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. Extreme Stable & Durable.

Thrust Washers – Multi-Layer

Material: PTFE Compo

Bushings, thrust washers and strips, Has a Thin wall and is compact. Supports a thrust load. Volume Discount is available Available in METRIC Size. Rapid Design.

Marginally lubricated washer for grease or oil lubricated applications; Standard parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer.

Composite Bushings – Maintenance-Free Operation & Self-lubricating Bearings Materials

High Performance Composite Bearings & Bushing are Available. Shop Now for the Best Value. Manufacturer of Ultra and High Performance Components. Problem Solved. Applications without lubrication and for long service-life. Extreme environmental conditions. Lowest possible friction and wear values in continuous and intermittent operation.

Self-lubricating, long-lasting bearings

Oilless bushing – Oilless Self-lubricating Tech, Wear-resistant in dusty and dirty environments, plain bearings are mainly used in agricultural machinery, conveying installations and construction machinery.

Tested reliability.

Official Site – Oilless Bearing – Always Self-lubricating. Small minimum order cost or quantity. Discuss your project with a bearings expert.

100% self-lubricating and maintenance-free

Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Bushing. Contact Us Today. Long-term Wear Resistance. Extreme Stable & Durable.

Savings potential up to 40%

Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications Where Grease, Oil & Plastics Fail. Savings potential up to 40%. Self Lubricating Bushing – Discover the Plain Bearings Range

Improve technology without lubrication

Cost savings due to simpler bearings or by avoiding other bearing components. reduced procurement costs for your bearings.Choose from our selection of dry-running flanged sleeve bearings, dry-running sleeve bearings, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

Reduce costs with metal-polymer bushing

“More than 50% of machine failures are caused by either too much or not enough lubricatio!”

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Metal Bushing (Lubricated Metal)

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Low-Friction Bushings Withstand Medium Loads, Shocks And Corrosive Environments! Worldwide For Excellent Frictional And Anti-Seizure Properties. Low Maintenance. Abrasive Wear Resistance. Finish Polymer Bushings . Corrosion Resistance.

  • Bearing Bronze Bushing – Precision Machined Metal

  • offers a wide range of metal polymer bearings with PTFE ideal for all applications: – Discover our catalogues

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Lubricated – Metal Bushings & Bearings

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    We offers a wide range of high performance bearing materials, services and solutions. Our bushings offer high performance, maintenance-free solution for many applications. Increased durability. Resistant to corrosion. Reduced costs. Customer Support。

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