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Our growing portfolio of engineered Maintenance-free plain bearing and bushing products is designed to meet our global customers’ evolving needs.

  1. PTFE composite – straight bushings
  2. Metric size d 3 – 200 mm
  3. PTFE composite – flanged bushings
  4. Metric size ID 6 – 35 mm
  5. Sliding material,
  6. d D B PTFE + MoS2
  7. PTFE composite – thrust washers
  8. d 10 – 52 mm

Rolling and plain bearings, accessories.

  • Plain bearing bush, maintenance-free, with steel backing
  • Bushes, maintenance-free, with steel backing, inch sizes
  • plain bearing bushing, maintenance-free, with bronze backing
self lubricating bushings

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Self-lubricating composite bushing for longer life

Metal-Polymer Bearings – PTFE / POM Bushings

We offers a wide range of metal polymer bushing bearings with PTFE or POM ideal for your applications.


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Low Cost Plain Bearing FAQ – Questions and Answers

Metal-Polymer Self-Lubricating Bearing Material

High Wear Resistance with Low Friction

  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material

    Steel back + Porous Bronze Sinter + POM (modified), From indents in the overlay which act as reservoirs for grease)

  • Metal-Polymer Bushing, High Wear Resistance with Low Friction

  • The Pom-Based Bearings Lead Free Bushing And Get The Immediate Price Calculation To Select The Suitable Material And Procedure. Worldwide Delivery.

Cost-effective, Slide bearing technology

Metal-Polymer Self-Lubricating Bearings

Consisting of a steel backed or bronze backed for high mechanical strength and a sintered bronze layer, Metal-Polymer bushing are impregnated with an anti-friction overlay enriched with PTFE or high performing POM combined with fillers to obtain an optimal running surface.

Offering superior anti-friction and wear-resistant properties, Metal-Polymer bushings can operate dry or with external lubrication—delivering superior performance through its unique composite structure.

  • Cylindrical Bushes
  • Flanged Bushing
  • Thrust Washers for heavy axial loads
  • Sliding Plates
  • According to Final Shape
Ptfe BushingPtfe Bushing
thrust washer bearing ptfe steel backed
PTFE Bushing Bearing selection

PTFE-Based Bearings Flanged Plain Bearing Bush, Maintenance-Free.

These PTFE plain bearing materials enable ultra-low coefficients of friction for spherical plain bearings and rod ends as well as bushes, flange bushes, washers & strips.

Top Quality

High Quality Split plain bearing bush for customers’s needs.

Large bearing

Lifetime lubrication, freedom from maintenance

Discover Our Metal-Polymer Products

Metal-Polymer Self-Lubricating Bushing’s Benefits

Metal Polymer Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes, thrust washers, sliding plates, half-bearings, special shapes obtained by stamping, customized bushing designs

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Extended service life

  • Increased Wear Resistance, From high wear-resistance bronze layer

  • Compact, thin-wall bushing construction, Light weight Design, Reduced Cost

  • Reduced/Zero Maintenance, Lubricated operation, From self-lubricating bearings that can operate dry without grease.

  • Suitable for Continuous Sliding, Rotating and Oscillating Movement

Stronger. By Design.

Strength, composite bushing knowledge, perseverance, and skills honed over a century of hard work.Plain Composite Bearing Bush, Free CAD models … PTFE lubrication layer, Cylindrical plain bearing bush, cylindrical plain bushes, maintenance-free, to DIN ISO 4379!

Maintenance-free Composite Bearings: Please select characteristics in order to access specific plain bearing bush. You can restrict the results list by selecting or deselecting characteristics. Other PTFE composite –straight bushings & flanged bushings dimensions available on request.

sleeve bushings sliding bearings

Composite Bushings & Bearings

  • Supplies plain bushes and metal/polymer composite plain bearings for diverse requirements.

  • Fast Delivery for Bushings, thrust washers and strips.

  • Reliable & Safe PTFE Composite Bushing Supplier.

  • Engineering Composite Bearing, Small minimum order quantity.

Inspired by Engineering & Systems Thinking.

We offer a portfolio of quality bushings designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of industrial equipment and machinery that keep the industry in motion.

Explore our composite bushings.

*Our growing line of engineered composite bearings and power transmission sleeve bushing is designed to meet our customers’ evolving needs everywhere we do business.

PTFE Oilless Bushings
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Global Initiative: Single-Use Plastics Reduction

“From products to processes, reducing the environmental footprint of its own operations and those of its customers throughout the composite bushing supply chain.”

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Low Cost, Custom Parts

Plain bearing metallic polymer buhsing selector

  • Reduce weight: PTFE-lined bushings weigh more than bearings. When using a heavier bushing, no matter what material it is comprised of, more energy is required for the bushing to operate. This can be troublesome, especially in automotive, aerospace, recreational vehicle, and bicycle applications.

  • Replacement bearings parts, PTFE-lined bushing parts in batch sizes

  • Metal polymer composite bushing ideal for demanding applications with medium to high loads, average surface speeds, and moderate temperatures. It is available as a sleeve bushing, flange bushing or thrust washer.

Cost-effective, high-performance metallic PTFE bushings

PTFE-lined, metal-backed bushings

PTFE Metallic bushings are now designed to handle high speeds, loads, temperatures, caustic chemicals and a wide array of other application factors. A PTFE-lined bushing is comprised of a metal shell and a thin polymer coating (PTFE) applied to the inside. PTFE-lined bushings with stainless steel backed bushings, which offer more design flexibility. No corrosion or chemical resistance。 PTFE lined bushing of metal housing stainless steel backed in the presence of water or corrosive chemicals in applications. Corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and operating in these types of environments unaffected. This bushing was also specially designed so that its wear resistance actually increases when exposed to high temperatures. In contrast, PTFE bushings are lightweight than normal ball bearings.



ISO 3547/DIN 1494 Steel-bronze-PTFE composite

Wrapped sliding bearing, wrapped bushing



1. PTFE/Polymer fibres mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm. Lead-free bearing layer provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surfaces of the bearing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film.
2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm, provides max. thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface, also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE mixture.
3. Steel backing, provides high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation.
4. Copper/Tin plating thickness 0.002mm, provides good corrosion resistance.


Composite Bushing

Steel/POM sliding layer, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Eco-friendly, lead-free, RoHS-compliant


Material structure

1. Modified polyoxymethylene POM has good wear resistance, and the bearing surface has regularly arranged oil storage pits with a helical angle;

2. The copper powder layer has a good bearing capacity and wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity can transfer the heat generated during the operation of the bearing in time. And the composite material can penetrate into the pores of the copper powder ball to improve the bonding strength;

3. Low carbon steel, providing bearing capacity and heat transfer.

Application Features

1. Suitable for long-term use under boundary lubrication, initial grease lubrication is recommended;

2. The oil storage pocket on the bearing surface can ensure the best grease distribution, and the process of oiling can greatly improve the service life of the product;

3. With excellent bearing capacity, low friction factor, and good wear resistance, it is suitable for rotary motion and rocking motion under heavy load and low speed.

Typical application

It can meet the use of medium and high load, impact, dust resistance and other working conditions. Such as axles, brakes, suspension systems of trucks or commercial vehicles, as well as general industrial sliding bearings such as agricultural machinery, forest machinery, logistics equipment, etc., can replace general copper sleeves, steel sleeves, etc.



We Manufacture Composite Bushing

Bushing Finder. Part Finder. Bushing Form:Cylindrical Bushes, Flange Bushing, Thrust Washers, Sliding Plates, Flange Washer, Select Type: Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings,Solid Bronze, Bimetal Bushing, Solid Bushing Bronze With Lubricant Plugs Embedded, Composite Bushing, Wrapped Bushing Bronze CuSn8, Lubrication Depots, Search By Bushing Size. Select Size. Metric Or Imperial Size, Inner Diameter, Length. Bushing Material. Please Select Flange Outer Diameter,Flange Thickness.

We strive to offer the highest quality

Straight & Flange Bushing at Amazingly Prices

Wrapped dry sliding bearings size can be manufacture from an ID (Inner Diameter) of 3mm to 400mm, The thicknesses for the metal polymer composite bushing material (0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 mm). Special dimensions are available on request.


Sliding Bearings Material in a great variety of designs are produced from steel backed bearing or bronze backed bearing, PTFE layer, POM layer, composite material, Plain Bearing Strips in cutting, stamping and shaping processes. Standard designs for plain bearings are Cylindrical bushes, Collar bushes, Thrust washers, Strips.


Composite bushing for truck cranes, agriculture machines, hydraulic cylinders, pumps & medial devices, construction machinery.

We machine Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing to Exacting Standards.Design Excellence: Choose from our selection of metric split plain bearings bushings, including high-load dry-running sleeve bearings, bushings, and more.Get in touch with our bushing expert and find information about our bushing products, services, technical data and much more. Technical support / Custom-made dry bush, self-lubricating:We offer a growing portfolio of the engineered composite bushing and power transmission sleeve bearings and services to keep industries moving efficiently and reliably. Please make your plain bearing bush selection. In stock and ready to ship.
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