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Today to learn how viiplus can provide you with customized self-lubricating bearings and services to meet your construction, mining and heavy equipment bushing and bearing needs.

Bushing selection – Lubrication & Friction By viiplus.com, The mining & metallurgy, Offer Bushings Match Customers’ Application.

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Mining & Metallurgy Bushing

High-performance self-lubricating bushing and bearings are trusted by construction & mining companies to perform in the most rugged, demanding environments.

Wrapped BronzeBushings and Cast Bronze Bearings made from viiplus’s high strength, and lightweight.

CuSn8 or CuSn6 bronze material for wrapped bronze bushing and C86300, C93200, C95400 soild bronze bearing with lubricating or groove design, has been proven to outperform other materials, even under the harshest of conditions. Construction and mining customers rely on viiplus to meet their mining, construction, and manufacturing equipment needs.

Solve a recurring problem with steel sleeve bushings on continuous mining
machines, Mining Machinery company switched the bushing material to
viiplus Performance CuSn8 or CuSn6.5 wrapped bronze bearings.Since then, there
have been no bearing failures, premature wear of
their Mining Machinery Equipment.


We have been in the dry bushings materials business for many years.

Viiplus’s wide range of high-performance alloys have helped manufacturers and owner/operators increase their productivity and reduce downtime in the following markets:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Mining equipment

Viiplus are ideal for use in surface and underground mining, construction and heavy manufacturing equipment due to their unique combination of properties including:

  • High strength  
  • Low friction
  • Excellent machinability
  • Corrosion, wear, erosion, and galling resistance

Bimetallic bushings, bushings, and thrust gaskets are made of high-quality low carbon steel and sintered bronze powder on the surface. They are suitable for rotating and swinging motion under high load and low speed. With the characteristics of low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, long service life and good anti-bite performance, copper alloy layer can be processed according to the requirements of various types of oil holes and grooves. Products are widely used in mining machinery, steel rolling machinery and so on.

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Do you have a special application in which you use self-lubricating bushings plain bearings?

sliding bearing bushings

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Wrapped bronze flanged bearingssleeve Bushings sliding bearings
flange graphite bronze bushing

Made With Self-lubricating Bearings

Our advanced sliding bearings materials meet your application, enabling technologies to provide a safer, more sustainable future. Although you don’t usually see our metal bushing products, they can be found in the things you use every day.

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A Total Friction Management Approach.

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sleeve bushings sliding bearings

Proven solutions for profitable outcomes

Operators who are aware of the high cost of underground maintenance in terms of both the maintenance procedures and the downtime. However,
underground mining is an environment where regular maintenance is
difficult and, therefore, not always carried out at the appropriate intervals.

High-Performance Self-lubricating bronze bushing, a spinodal alloy of copper, al, and tin, offered sold bronze a material that has
the strength of steel and the low friction and lubricity associated with self-lubricating bronze bushings.

  • General engineering bearing bushings

  • Fast Delivery

  • Maintenance-free self-lubricating bearings

  • Small minimum order quantity

Dry Bearing Technology Focused

Our sales, engineers, and service are continually pushing the boundaries to enable what’s next.
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* An industry standard throughout the world.

Solid bronze bushings

Solutions that Fuel Imagination, Performance & Profitability

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Mining Machinery – Sleeve Bushing


sliding bearing bushing

Enhancing dry bearings technologies in a wide range of markets.

VIIPLUS technical experts are continually exploring new ways of advancing sliding bearing technology to meet our customer’s challenges.

  • Cylindrical bushes

  • Flanged bushes

  • Thrust washers

  • Flanged washers

  • Sliding plates

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