Self lubricating bearings for mine equipment:VIIPLUS company puts its products to work meeting the performance goals commonly shared by mine operators: maximize uptime, reduce maintenance and replacement costs as well as improve productivity.The VIIPLUS Company offers a wide range of sliding bearings to help meet these needs. Learn

Self lubricating bearings in forestry, mining or agriculture.

A coal mine machinery manufacturing company, its shearer and roadheader hinged parts of the original use of ordinary steel sleeve bushing, their own production, has been no big problem.However, as the users use the machine more and more, the reliability of the machine is also higher and higher.So the original wear-resistant steel cover can not meet its use requirements, often occur bite dead phenomenon, seriously affect the production and maintenance difficulties.The customer also tried many other bushing bearings products, such as deep groove ball bearings, all failed to achieve the desired effect.Later, according to the situation reported by the customer, our company fully considered the bad environment for the use of the equipment and the serious dust and water gas pollution, and specially designed and developed the high strength bronze bearings and plugged bronze graphite bushes oilless parts, which are suitable for the condition of serious impurity pollution.

Shearer and roadheader and other coal mining equipment, in its hinge parts, can choose the steel bushing products, suitable for working pressure, dust and impurities, refueling maintenance difficult occasions, the effect is excellent;In its walking part, choose high strength brass graphite bronze bushing, good performance.

Performing Under Extreme Pressures.

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Can be provided as form:

  • Straight bushings
  • Flange bushings
  • Thrust washer
  • Wear Plate
  • Non-standard products are also avalidable.