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Shop Function Slide plate – Slide Plates at, We offer FREE CAD download, short lead times, and competitive pricing. Quote and order online today! Slide Plates (Plastic Mold Components) for industrial applications. We offer free CAD downloads, short lead times, Small MOQ, and competitive price…

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Low Friction Slide Bronze Wear Plates. Provides long-lasting wear surface – Low coefficient of friction – No pre-drilled holes equals mounting pattern flexibility. View Complete Details.

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Wear Plates – Mold and Die Products. Wear Strips, BronzeWear Plates, and Graphite Wear Parts Supplier. Bronze-plated wear plates, oil-free slide plate,s and gibs are made from a bronze alloy.

Oilless Wear Plate

NAAMS (metric) wear plates are used extensively in automotive metal stamping dies. Die components oilless bronze wear plate

Self-lubricating copper plate

Oil-free slide plate supplier

Our team is ready to manufacturing your guide to oil-free slide plates.

Oil-free slide plates, Bronze Wear Plates , Self Lubricating – Special Brass Alloy

Oil-Free Slide Plates products, Guide to oil-free slide plates. VIIPLUS oil-free slide plate components are produced by embedding a special solid lubricant at appropriate locations. Oil Free Slide Plate for universal use in many dry application such as die/mold, machinery, automation, construction, automobile.

Our Standard Components for Plastic Moulds. Oil-Free Slide Plates.

  • Flat Guide Bars

  • Oilless Plates

  • Wear Plate

  • Bronze Wear Plate

  • C93700 SAE64 Bronze Bearing

  • Cast Bronze Bearings

  • Bronze bearing bush with oil groove

  • Bronze bearing supplier

  • phosphor bronze bushes

  • Oil Free Bushing – Metallic, Flanged Bushing

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Shop oil-free slide plate for all your oil-free bearing needs. We offer free CAD download, short lead times, and competitive pricing, …Contact Our Experts! Reduced Your Costs. Oil-free Slide Plates, Find Complete Details about Oil-free Slide Plates, Oil-free Mold Wear Plate/(2/4 Bolt Hole Type) Copper Alloy/self-lubricating Wear …

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Shop China for all your Oil-Free Slide Plates and Oil-free Slide Plates needs. We offers free CAD download, short lead times, competitive pricing, …Oil-free components are produced by embedding a special solid lubricant at appropriate locations. Our focus: provide a strong partnership with different industry. Customers benefit from the fact that we offer the right product range and can advise them on standards and industry standards. Changes in design, materials and requirements have been with us for many years and we are constantly evolving. We operate customer in US,Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, INDIA and UK…

oil-free slide wear plate
JSL SOL26 32 502962.70 FIBRO Self-lubricating plate Wet-resistant guide plate graphite copper plate slider customized

Standard shaped plates

Price and delivery time on request

Our wear plates come in a broad range of standard inch and metric sizes and are available in steel or aluminum bronze, either with or without self-lubricate. International company and supplier in the production and exporter of all kind of oil-free slide components for dies. The product range covers items for special machining, factory automation, mold die, and press die. International company and leader in the production and distribution of all kind of components for dies. The product range covers items for special machining, factory automation, mold die, and press die.

Bronze Wear Plates – Mold and Die Products

Technical Support- Oil Free Copper Alloy, Bronze Wear Plate, Graphite Plate!

Custom Size Options, machining bronze bushings, and a supplier of solid bronze oilless bushes and plates delivered on time and on budget.

Oil-free Plate Alloy International Code
Chinese Code
International counterparts Applications
ISO 1338
CuZn25AI6FeMn3 CuZn25AI6FeMn3 H5102
High-load, low speed, general use
CuZn25AI6FeMn3 CuZn25AI6FeMn3 H3102
Super high load, low-speed, high
CuAI10Fe3 CuAI10Fe3 H5114
Medium load, medium-speed,
general use
CuSn5Pb5Zn5 QSn5-5-5 H5111
Medium load, medium-speed
Fe250 ASTM
low-load, low-speed

Oil-Free Slide Plate Solid Lubricant

Solid Lubricant Features Typical application
SSL1(PTFE etc + Add) Excellent resistance against chemical attacks
and low friction. Temp limit 400℃
Suite for general machines and under
SL2(PTFE etc + Add2) Lowest in friction and the good of water
lubrication, Temp. limit 300℃
The ship, hydraulic turbine, gas turbine, etc.

Shop oil-free slide plate for all your industry needs. Bronze Wear Strips – Bronze-Plated – Plain – Inch (Metric Size).

Wear plate supplier
Can I use two bronze wear plates in a mold and have the two plates rub against each other?
It is not recommended to do so (let the two plates rub against each other). The material to rub against the bronze wear plate should be different and harder than the bronze wear plate. It is recommended that the material intended to rub against the copper plated wear plate should have a difference of at least 6-8 HRc hardness points (higher) compared to the surface hardness of the copper plated wear plate itself.

It is recommended that bronze wear plates be greased or lubricated to reduce wear.

Provide your specific slider part number and drill holes in the self-lubricating oil slide plate. Location of graphite inserts for design parts
Please contact our engineering firm for design.

Is there an upper-temperature limit for bronze wear plates, wear strips, and guide plate?
Bronze wear plates, slide plate, bronze strips, and guide rails can operate at temperatures up to 450°F

Materials for bronze wear plates
Bronze wear plates, rails, and slide plates are made of a bronze alloy. We recommend using any good grade of light machine oil suitable for application in a mechanical manner to extend the life of the wear surface.

Bronze wear plates and rails are friction resistant and maintenance free
Self-lubricating wear plates are made of manganese bronze, or aluminum bronze alloy, with oil-impregnated graphite plugs.

Wear-resistant plates and self-lubricating sliders
Self-lubricating bronze wear plates are made of aluminum bronze alloy and have oil-impregnated graphite plugs.

Oil-Free Bearing Parts

Our main products are plain bearings, self-lubricating bearings, solid inlaid lubricating bearings, self-lubricating plates, self-lubricating gaskets, copper bushings, copper bushings, copper pipes, copper turbines, copper castings, copper-bearing bushes, copper blanks, and Fancy copper such as phosphor bronze (QSn10-1, QSn6.5-0.1), brass (H62, H65, H68, H70, H85, H90), tin bronze (QSn6-6-6, QSn5-5-5 CuSn10Pb1, CuSn8, CuSn4, CuSn12), aluminum bronze (C60600, C64200, C60800, C61300, C61400, C61900, C62300, C62400, C63000, C63020, C63200, C65100, CuAL10Fe3, CuAL9Fe4Ni4, CuAL9Mn02, CuAL9Fe4Ni4, CuAL9Mn0, CuAL9Ni3Fe2, CuAL9Mn0, CuAL9, etc.). The large single piece can reach 3.0 tons, and the small one can reach 50 grams. At the same time, according to different customer requirements, we can produce various bronze and brass shaft sleeves, plates, and rods according to DIN, BS, EN (DIN/EN), SS, BS, UNS, SAE, and China GB standards. All products are made of electrolytic copper and produced by centrifugal casting, continuous casting, and extrusion. The main supporting industries of various products include automobiles, motorcycles, various hydraulic machinery, metallurgical machinery, forging machinery, oil field machinery, construction machinery, Mining machinery, power facilities, etc. Adequate reserves of engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers, meticulous quality awareness, effective management foundation, sophisticated production equipment, and the honest business philosophy of “be good first, then do business” and strong financial strength constitute the company’s broad development space . The company adheres to quality, focuses on customers, meets customer needs in an all-around way, and provides each of our customers with excellent products and excellent services. We will develop and produce various components based on the current production of high-quality bearings to meet the various needs of new and old customers

Bronze wear plate

Oil-free Slide Parts Main Base Alloy

& Chemical Compositions
High Brass
Special Brass
Tin Bronze
aluminum bronze
Tin bronze
Cast Iron HT250
Cu% 65 65 85 80 88
Sn% 5 12
Pb% 5
Zn% 25 25 5
Ni% 5
Al% 6 6 10
Fe% 5
Mn% 4 4
g/cm 3
8.0 8.0 8.8 8.3 8.8 7.3
Hardness >210 >180 >70 >150 >80 >160
Tensile Strength >750 >550 >200 >500 >360 >250
Elongation >12 >12 15 >10 >8
Coefficient of
linear expansion
1.9·10 -5 /℃ 1.9·10 -5 /℃ 1.8·10 -5 /℃ 1.6·10 -5 /℃ 1.8·10 -5 /℃ 1.0·10 -5 /℃
Limit Temp. 300~400 300~400 400 400 400 400
Max. Load N/mm 2 100 80 60 50 70 10
Max. Speed m/min 15 15 10 20 10 15
Max. PV N/mm2·m/min 200 200 200 200 200 40
400N/mm2 <0.01 <0.01 <0.05 <0.04 <0.05 <0.015

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Slide Plates – Discover the Sliding Bearing Types

Providing Products And Services For All Your Engineering And Construction Needs. PTFE, Bronze, and Graphite Slide Plates For Various Applications! Oil Free Slide Plate for universal use in many dry applications such as die/mold, machinery, automation, construction, and automobile.


“We received the best bronze wear plate services we could hope for!”

Technical support / Custom-made plate

Oil Free Slide Plate – Bronze Embedded Graphite Plate

Oil-free slide plates excelled in manufacturing durable, bearings for products around the globe. Oil-free components are produced by embedding a special solid lubricant at appropriate locations.Bronze alloy is a special alloy with even distribution of solid lubricants and lubrication grease filled in pores. The metal base material supports the load while the embedded solid lubricant provides lubrication, resulting in superior oil-free durability even under harsh conditions.

graphite slide plate

Simple, fast, cost-effective oil-free plate

Copper alloy+Special solid lubricant

Many Years Of Experience For Oil-Free Slide Plates, experience manufacturing oil-free bushing, wear plate, and die & mold parts, we are now able to offer a full range of press die components graphite plate. We care about your time.

Our product range covers almost everything you need for a slide plate. From die & mold plate, various shape & size plates, material guidance, guide bushing, and flange bushing – all from the hand of a strong partner!

Large variety of oil-free slide plate

Range of Solid Bronze Oil-free Graphite Plate

Besides the big variety of standard wear plates, we offer custom-made bronze plates. We are producing these slide plate products out of steel or with our special brass, bronze with solid lubrication. We are continuously expanding our oil-free slide plate range based on customer demands.

  • Special Brass bronze wear plate

  • Lubricant: Graphite slide plate

  • Self-lubricating oil-free slide plate

c86300 bronze plate
Oil-free Slide Plates – Copper Alloy

We manufacturing oil-free slide plate tailored to your needs.

Maintenance-Free & Oil-Free Slide Plate Materials, Press Die Components

Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Bushing. Contact Us Today. Long-term Wear Resistance. Extreme Stable & Durable. Purchase or for Quote, Wear Strips – Bronze-Plated – Plain – Inch & metric Size Oil-free Slide Plate!

High-strength Brass Alloy Solid Lubricant Embedded

Oil-free Self-lubricating Plate, Slide Components, Oilless Wear Plate Thickness, Wear-resistant in dusty and dirty environments, Special Solid Lubricant Embedded are mainly used in mold & die, Press Die Components. The specifications and dimensions of some parts may not be fully covered. For exact details, refer to manufacturer catalogs. Get wholesale bronze wear plate to help you make durable and corrosion-resistant products.

Bronze Copper Alloy Wear Plate, Tested reliability.

Official Site – Oil-free slide plate – Always Self-lubricating. We develop and offer oil-free slide plate components and standardized machine parts. Small minimum order cost or quantity. Discuss your project with a bearings expert.

Graphite solid lubricant ensures a longer life.

Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications Where Grease, Oil & Plastics Fail. Self-lubricating Bronze Wear Plate Savings potential up to 40%. Bronze-Graphite Insert Plate & Slide Parts- Discover the Plain Bearings Range

Columns Slide Plate and guide bushings for dies and molds.

Exporters of mold components & slide plate in China

  • A wide range of standard columns and guide bushings for dies and molds. Bushings for guide pillars. Sliding and centering slides in various shapes, including rectangular and cylindrical.

    • Drill guide bushings.
    • Cylindrical bushings.
    • Also includes die sliders and wear plate guide dies.
  • Fast response to customer requirements. Customized solutions. Flexible production, from single pieces to long series. Logistical efficiency to meet customer requirements.

  • Production: Own production of a large number of parts with full traceability guarantee. Timely supply of ejectors, punches, bushings, die graphite brass bushings, flange bushings, slide plates, etc. for dies, combined with our efficient logistics, enable customers to receive customized products quickly and according to location.

Produce special oil-free slide parts
  • SFP copper self-lubricating plate

    Flat Guide Bars

    Cast Bronze Bushings & Wear Plate with Solid Lubricant Inserts, with graphite inserts for temperatures above 250°C

  • graphite embedded plate

    Oilless Plates

    Cast Bronze Bushings & Wear Plate with Solid Lubricant Inserts, \with graphite inserts for temperatures above 250°C

  • Wear Plate

    Washer, self-lubricating, Lubricant: Graphite, Base Material: Special Brass

  • graphite plugged bushing

    guide plate bronze graphite

  • graphite plugged bushing

    Bronze Graphite Thrust Washer

Self lubricated Bearing Bushing Wear Plates
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Configure and order mechanical components online: without drawing, short delivery times, and small order quantities. Flange bushing, guide bush & thrust washer, wear strip & oil-free plate and more.

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Offers a wide range of metal slide plate bearings ideal for all applications: Discover our self-lubricating bearing plate catalogs. Precision Machined Metal. Made to order from china, Self Lubricating Wear Plates. We’re here to help!

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Self-lubricating wear plates are manufactured from bronze material with oil-impregnated graphite plugs. Individual configuration for Very high-quality oil-free slide plate and bushing bearing. oil-free bearing parts production facilities, high-quality materials, and extensive knowledge of all aspects of our business. This means we only manufacture components of high quality & performance. Slide plate products, special discounts, and groundbreaking technologies available from viiplus?