Viiplus solutions for the vending machine technology

Ready to install, quiet and compact components 
Silent operation and smooth gliding
Long Service life
Compact products for the smallest installation spaces

Self-lubricating; low noise, fail-safe and long-lasting

The vending machine technology is establishing itself day by day in many different industries. Users benefit from the convenience of having their desired product delivered quickly and at the same time need little space for storage. In addition to industrial use in e.g. pick & place systems or tool handling, more vending machines are used directly in salesrooms and in this way new standards are being set for speed and smooth running. All movements have one thing in common. Fully automated systems start and run in the background – quickly, quietly and fail-safe. Specifically for this purpose, viiplus offers a large modular kit of self-lubricating and maintenance-free product solutions. Self-lubricating, low noise drive modules for positioning, fail-safe energy chains and cables, maintenance-free plain bearings, efficient high helix threads, lightweight linear guides even for the smallest of spaces.

Whether they are individual components or systems such as harnessed energy chains with cables and connectors or ready-to-install linear axes with a motor, Viiplus plain bearing provide the following benefits:

  • Self-lubricating
  • Silent operation and smooth gliding
  • Resistance to dirt
  • Long service life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Compact products for the smallest installation spaces
  • åHigh media resistance
  • Ready-to-install harnessed system solutions
  • Low-cost automation solutions
  • A wide array of variants and material types
  • Delivery from stock at quantities as low as 1 item in as little as 24 h
Reliable solutions for vending machine technology

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