Plain bearing solution for film and camera equipment

Lubrication-free for successful filming

Whether for “do-it-yourself” applications or professional camera rigs – the versatile drylin linear guide system offers extensive freedom when it comes to their design. Specifically in the construction of camera carriages, also referred to as sliders or dollies, technicians, product designers or DIY enthusiasts can make their wishes come true and combine individual components. The total absence of lubrication and the very low noise level due to the use of tribo-optimised polymers and aluminium are only two of many arguments that speak in favour of VIIPLUS. In addition, energy chains and chainflex cables ensure increased dependability even where high speeds and tight bend radii are involved.

Why are drylin linear guides ideal for film and camera technology?

● Wear-resistant, smooth movement

● Simple installation

● Free of lubrication and maintenance

● Dry operation, resistance to dirt

● Simple and fast assembly

● The friction level can be adjusted by rotating the installation function

● Suitable for the narrowest installation space

● Because there is no linear ball or roller, so silent

● The use of hard aluminum profiles, so no deflection

Large format camera

Large format camera

The camera adopts linear sliding bearings, and because its parts are free of lubrication, it can run accurately and smoothly.

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Plain bearing Is at the heart of a camera mount 

The camera mount has the features we expect to see in a robust stepper mount, such as infinite spinning, time delay, and an Xbox controller interface. Inside the base is the plain bearing, and that wide base won’t be tipping over anytime soon.

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Morbi lobortis netus ac eget at montes.

Get ready, shoot — lubrication-free plain bearing help make a successful movie

Tech up, Cost down: find out for yourself how this actually works for applications in which film and camera equipment are used. Simply order our free sample  for linear technology now.

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Important information about our products and services

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