A clean room compatible plain bearing bushing solution for medical equipment

Plain bearing bushing for medical technology

  • What to Expect
  • Understand the purpose and function of a lubricant
  • Identify the classes of lubricants
  • Understand what viscosity is and appreciate its importance
  • Differentiate between lubrication regimes, and understand their effects

Lube free, dust-free room compatible, medium resistant, corrosion free, low noise – these are important standards for components of medical equipment.Viiplus provides bearings and tow chains with these characteristics.X-ray robots, laboratory equipment, patient chairs, beds and artificial limbs all use non-lubricated bearings.Maintenance-free towchains are used to protect and guide cables in equipment such as operating room equipment, rehabilitation systems and imaging diagnostic equipment.

An overview of the benefits you receive:

● No lubrication, quiet

● Lean assembly, easy installation

● Compatible with dust-free room ● Guaranteed fail-proof cable

● Integrated intelligence (intelligent plastic)

● Strong and flexible

● Low-cost automation and robotics

● High safety and reliability in a small installation space

medical furniture bearing

Medical furniture

Frame regulating mechanism, electric and hydraulic actuators for regulating functions.

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Dental chair bearing

Dental equipment

Dental X-ray systems, storage surfaces and device holders, and movement of therapeutic devices.

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Surgical equipment

Surgical equipment

Lights, removable device holder, comfortable seat system and mobile/fixed eye test device.

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The wheelchair

The wheelchair

Scissor mechanism with adjustable pallet or chassis assembly.

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Operating table

The operating room

Operating table, light fixture, plug-in device and monitor stand.

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The prosthetic bearing

Artificial limbs and orthoses

Prosthetic hands, joints and arms.

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Operating Room Bearing Equipment & Solutions

Our offering, ranging from surgical equipment such as surgical tables, Operating Room (OR) lighting, and surgical booms to Operating Room technology and management solutions, give you the freedom to focus on what you do best – care for patients.


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Surgical Bearing Equipment

we know that the Operating Room is a fast, demanding environment where every second counts. Our plain bushing bearing– from operating tables to OR storage cabinets – provides clinical teams with the reliable, versatile, and future-ready operating equipment .


Plain Bearing Bushing

Versatile, easy-to-use

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Provide complete flexibility and versatility

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With superior construction and customizable design

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