solid bushing, bronze with lubricant plugs embedded VS composite bushings

What is the difference between solid mounted plain bearings and plastic plain bearings?

solid bushing, bronze with lubricant plugs embedded

solid bushing, bronze with lubricant plugs embedded runs in the early stage of bearing surface of the solid lubricant rub against each other to form transfer film and coated to eventually form solid lubrication film on the ring to achieve self lubrication effect, it direct contact between the partition of the artifacts which was very good protection of grinding extend the service life of the bushing bearing and workpiece, has a large bearing capacity, high dimensional accuracy.

The metal composite bearing is made of high-quality metal material with porous bronze powder in the middle. The surface is covered with wear resistant material mainly PTFE as the working surface of the bearing. The middle copper powder layer provides high heat conduction, so the heat generated by the bearing can be transferred quickly, and the dry friction working condition can be designed. Simplified design with superior wear resistance and very low friction coefficient.

Plastic bearing because of the use of modified self-lubricating plastic injection molding solid its whole is lubricating material, light weight, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance.