Quality Custom Bronze Bushings and Oilless Bearings Stock | VIIPLUS Manufacturing,Fitness machinery

Self-Lubricating Bearings for Recreational Equipement Ideal for recreational equipment, sleeve bushes split maintenance free ; self-lubricating bearings offer exceptional performance in outdoor, wet, dirty environments. Learn more:made to order from viiplus.com

Fitness equipment and all kinds of amusement equipment, the use of a wide variety of sliding bearings, according to the situation can choose graphite copper sleeve, composite bushing, oil bearing, bimetal bearing and other products, a variety of types of non-oil bearing can hide the machine’s various needs.

VIIPLUS plain bearings are durable, environmentally friendly, oil-free and capable of withstanding high loads, speeds and temperatures.All kinds of self-lubricating plain bearings can also provide excellent performance in the humid, dirty environment, making it an ideal choice for a variety of entertainment equipment applications.From a wide range of bike and mountain bike suspensions to fishing gear and recreational water sports tools, VIIPLUS has the expertise and knowledge to provide the ideal bearing solution for every customer.


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