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Bearings are integral to the performance of your machine tools. Because these machines run at high rotating speeds and in extreme conditions, machine tool bearings must be rated for high temperature and RPM.

Application of self – lubricating bearings in machine tool industry

Lean, reliable and cost effective — 50% dead weight reduction, 80% assembly time reduction, 95% filling time reduction

Engineering plastic bearings free of maintenance and lubrication are used in the door adjusting mechanism of the machine tool.The CHWM® smart plastic application in the machine tool, can avoid part failure and unexpected shutdown

Machine tool bearing

Replace your bearings immediately

Engineering plastics instead of metals:

Compared to the linear ball guide can save 40% of the cost

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Machine tool bearing

Maintenance-free bearings for machine tool doors

Low driving force for rolling and sliding

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Machine tools bearing

Through sliding to achieve low noise operation

Self-lubricating linear plain bearings

Used in the door guide mechanism of machine tools

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Machine tools & automation | oilless bushing solutions

For every challenge in the machine tool bearing area, viiplus offers laboratory-tested solutions that increase your machinery’s reliability and reduce the amount of maintenance work.

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Innovative low-cost and long-lasting bearing solutions for the machine tools industry

Avoid machine failures
Automotive supplier relies on oilless bushing for their assembly lines in order to increase fail-safety and implement predictive maintenance.

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Machine tools bearing

Self-lubricating bearing

Tailored safety concept with appropriate bearing


Rely on our oilless bearing for the safety functions on your machine tool.

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Services to cover the entire oilless bearing lifecycle

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Viiplus employ technologies that are established and certified worldwide. To provide an automation solution for your machine tool bearing.