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  • POM Steel Bronze Bushing  Suitable for dry running, low coefficient of friction, lower wear, good sliding characteristics.

    Composite bearing Sales & Engineering: Keeping Industry in Motion.

    Composite Cylindrical bushes

    Metric Composite Plain bearing sliding material, POM

    Structure And Composition

    • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material
    • Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter + POM with Lubrication Indents
  • self-lubricating bearing bimetal bearings split type

    We supply a wide range of Clinch lock of bimetal bushesBushingsThrust Washers, and Bimetallic Strips.

    Bimetal bushing steel backed, with bronze alloy CuPb10Sn10,CuPb3Zn6Sn6,CuPb7Sn7Zn3
    Bimetallic bearing is one of the bearing lubrication system, the product is high quality low carbon steel back as substrate, the bronze alloy on the surface, through several high temperature sintering and density and rolled copper and steel bimetallic strip coiling, suitable for medium and high impact load under bush and thrust washer and so on many kinds of USES.
  • metal steel bronze bushing sleeve manufacturer bimetal bearings bushings
    Bronze/Steel Bushing Sizing :(Leaded) (Non-Leaded)
    Metallic Bushing Series
    Designed to handle high torque loads. Lubrication maintenance is required. Cylindrical, flanged and thrust bushings forms are available.
    Bimetal Bushing Manufactuer,VIIPLUS.COM is the professional manufacture and sale of oilless lubncation bearings.The company to rely on technological progress, the use of advanced process, introduced advanced equlpment; committed to the purpose of lubncation bearings is oilless and the development of new materials developed different areas.

    Bimteal Bearing Bushings material,The right material for your application.

    The performance of plain bearings depends largely on the materials used and the load generated.In contrast to rolling bearings, there is no rolling motion, but sliding motion.Thus, the task of the sliding bearing material is to produce as little friction as possible in relation to the sliding partner, to absorb impact, to be insensitive to dirt, not to wear, and to be as cheap as possible.

    Unfortunately, no single material can meet all the requirements.Therefore, designers must choose materials suitable for their respective applications.We offer a wide selection of different materials and plain bearings that can be made from.We are happy to help you make the right choice.

  • self-lubricating bearing bimetal groove bushing

    We supply a wide range of Engine BearingsBushingsThrust WashersAlloy Powder and Bimetallic Strips.

    Bimetal bushing based on high quality low-carbon steel, with tin-lead-bronze alloy CuPb10Sn10 (Cu 10-10), CuSn6Zn6Pb3 (Cu663), CuSn4Pb24, CuPb24Sn,AlSn20Cu, CuPb30.sintered on its surface, alloy surface can be rolled to diamond or global oil hole for filling special solid lubricant or storage of grease,effectively reduce wear and tear.
  • sleeve bushings bimetal-bushing-bearings

    Bimetal Bearing - Factory Direct & Fast Shipping, These high-performance bimetal bushings bearing materials solve a host of problems that plague sliding parts.

    Bimetal Bearing Bushing -steel-backed bronze alloy composite bearings with high-quality low carbon steel as substrate, the surface of the sinter with low friction properties of copper alloy (CuPb10Sn10 CuPb6Sn6Zn3 CuPb24Sn4, CuPb30, AlSn20Cu, CuSn8Ni) as a wear-resisting layer of bearing, can need according to the operating conditions of copper alloy surface processing of various types of the oil tank, oil hole, hole, etc., in order to suit to cannot continue to go hard or go occasion. The material can get good bonding strength and best bearing capacity through secondary sintering and secondary extrusion.
  • self-lubricating bearing BIMETAL BEARINGS
    Bimetal Bushing - Connecting Rod Bushing,Engine Bearings, Wholesale Supplier Online

    We supply a wide range of Clinch lock of bimetal bushesBushingsThrust Washers, and Bimetallic Strips.

    Bimetallic bearings, bimetal bushing steel-backed, with bronze alloy CuPb10Sn10, CuPb3Zn6Sn6, CuPb7Sn7Zn3, CuPb24Sn4,CuPb30

    Bimetallic bearing | VIIPLUS

    Viiplus Bimetal Bearings  is one of chinese  leading manufacturers of Engine Bearings, Bushings, Thrust Washers, Alloy Powder and Bimetallic Strips.
  • dry sliding bearings bushes bimetal bearings manufacturer

    We supply a wide range of bimetal bushesBushingsThrust Washers, and Bimetallic Strips. Metal and Bimetal Bearings

    Visit us for standard, metric, or custom bimetal bearings solutions! We also specialize in metal steel-backed bushings. Huge Selection Of Bimetal Bearings| Buy Online At VIPLUS High-Quality bushings, Top Brand, We All Have The sliding bearing You Want. Inquire Now! Bimetal bushings are available as a standard range of cylindrical wrapped bushes and thrust washers in metric sizes. Bimetal bushings can be ordered as metric and inch bushes, strip, and special forms.
    Bimetal bushing steel-backed, with bronze alloy CuPb10Sn10, CuPb3Zn6Sn6, CuPb7Sn7Zn3
  • sleeve bushings flange bimetal bearings
    BiMetal plain cylindrical bushings Diameter Range : 15 to 130 mm Shop Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings, Bushing Material:Bimetallic Bearing Bush at viiplus.com offers FREE CAD download, short lead times and competitive pricing. Quote and order online today!
  • Boccole  for grease or oil lubricated applications
    Standard parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer; plain sliding layer available by request
    Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds
    Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements
    Wide range of parts available from stock
  • wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

    • Split Type
    • DIN 1494 / ISO 3547 Standard
    • Special metric size and imperial dimensions are available on request
    • Phosphor bronze bushings CuSn8
    • China factory directly prices
    • diamond-shaped lubrication pockets or a hole pattern
  • plugged graphite bushings FLANGE BUSH

    Solid Mosaic bearing series is the general basic products, regardless of high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, oil lubrication, no oil lubrication or water lubrication, can adapt.The matrix of the product is high strength brass, than the general copper set hardness increased by one time, wear resistance increased by more than one time.

    Widely used in: light industry machinery, heavy industry machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, transport machinery, such as: continuous casting machine, rolling mill, injection molding machine, paper machine, mold guide column, ships, machine tools and so on.

  • Guide Blocks and Keeper Blocks size bronze wear plate
    Included in our full line offering are both inch and metric size die components that are designed to numerous die standards including ISO, NAAMS, JIS and many large automotive and appliance manufacturers’ standards. The complete product offering includes:
    • Standard and self-lubricating wear product including wear plate, wear strips, gibs, keeper plates and guide blocks
    • Guide posts & bushings
    • ISO and JIS Die springs
    All guide and keeper blocks are bronze with self-lubricating graphite plugs. metric (NAAMS) and inch size for guide and keeper block items are available. Custom Size lengths are available in metric and inch sizes up to 12 inches or 300 mm.Keeper blocks help keep the load aligned for a smooth running die operation.


    May work without any oil for long period Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear and low friction Suitable for reciprocating, oscillation or intermittent motion where oil film is hard to be formed Good chemical resistant and anti-corrosion characteristics Can be use in wide range of temp

    Solid Lubricants

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