Bronze Bushing Material

Bronze Bushing Material

Our standard bronze bushings & flange bushing material is CuSn8, alternatively we also can supply a CuSn6 bronze grade. The hardness of CuSn6 will slightly be lesser.

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Wrapped bushing, Bronze CuSn8, DIN 1494 / ISO 3547, Low-maintenance

Economic solution for bronze bearing application due to a thin wall thickness bearings material.

Our standard material is CuSn8, alternatively we also can supply a CuSn6 bronze grade. The hardness of CuSn6 will slightly be lesser.

High load capability and good stability with low abrasion. Suitable for rough working conditions, good corrosion resistance.

Bronze material, using a special formula of high density copper alloy strip as the substrate, the surface can be rolled according to user requirements diamond or self-lubricating oil holes, oil groove.

It has the advantages of high density, large bearing capacity, good wear resistance and long service life.

Bronze Bushing Materials have been widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, automotive tractor chassis, machine tool industry and mining machinery, can also be made into bearing bush, flanged bushing, thrust gasket and ball bowl and other forms.

Material: CuSn8p or CuSn6

Hardness: HB90 ~ 120

Applicable temperature range: -80℃~200℃

Maximum bearing pressure: 75N/mm2

Maximum sliding speed: 2.5m/s

Material information and standard dimensions on the data sheet

Bronze Bushing CuSn8 material

090 bronze bushing material Cu% Sn% P% Pb% Zn%
rest 7~9 0.2~0.4 / /


  • Support materialCuSn8P (DIN 17662)
  • alternative CuSn6P available


  • Bronze rolled bearings with diamond or spherical oil holes
  • Easy to assemble and lubricate, easy to maintain
  • High load, high thermal conductivity
  • Good fatigue strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Oil groove or oil hole can be designed as required
  • Can supply straight sleeve, flanging, gasket and other styles
  • Standard or non-standard bearings can be supplied on request
  • DIN 1494 / ISO3547

Bushing Design

  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Flanged bearings
  • Thrust washers
  • Plates
  • Drawing details



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