GCr15 Steel Bushings

Steel Bushing is based on GCr15, and the bearing surface processing of various types of oil groove, and then through the tempering treatment, improve the bearing surface hardness and wear resistance, such products are widely used in engineering machinery and other industries.

Solid Lubricants Features Graphite+add Good wear performance and chemical stability,
temperature limit 400℃,Suit for general machines and under atmosphere


GCr15 Steel Groove Bushings advantages

PRECISION PARTS:Hardened Steel Bearings

a GCr15 based bearing parts. The sliding surface can be applied with crossed, circular or elliptical lubricating grooves. In order to improve tribological behavior the material is heat treated (quenched and tempered). Products of steel graphite lubricate bearings series are mainly applied in construction machinery.
Products are widely used in high load, intermittent or swing motion, such as the production line, stamping die, continuous casting machinery.It has lower production costs than the bronze plugged graphite bushing

GB1776-87 GCr15
 ISO1338 B1
 DIN 100Cr6
 ASTM/UNS 52100