Oil Free Bushings

Shop the Oil-less free bearings & bushing Official Website. Browse the bushing types, explore the flange size and straight bushing discover our online self-lubricating bearings and material.

We offer a range of self-lubricating oilless bush with standard dimensions, very suitable for low quantity needs.

Oilless Bush, Oilless Bush Suppliers, and Manufacturers From China.

The China Supplier of Precision Mold & Die Components · We make componentry used in complex tools and special machines.

Oilless Bushes #500SP Bushing (SPB) Purchase Today!

Our viiplus range of oilless bearings is the perfect solution for projects where lubrication cannot easily be provided or where conventional lubricants may carbonize.

Typical applications include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Kilns
  • Dryers
  • Injection molding machines
  • Dust collectors
  • Louvers
  • Hot conveyors

Bronze Oilless Bushings – Factory Direct & Fast Shipping –

Specification/Dimensions, Get Your Parts No#


Oilless Bush by viiplus.com- Select, configure, order. Viiplus delivers punctually and offers china factory oilless bushings prices. Flange Bushing products are available.

Oil-Free Bushing – Metal, Straight and Shouldered

The professional manufacture & sale of oilless lubrication oil-free bearings.

Rich experience High-quality factory self-lubricating sleeve bearings products.Oilless Bearing Manufacturer Price. Professional Service. Short And Reliable Delivery, Safety Quality Assurance.
We offer oil-free bearings FREE CAD download, short lead times, and competitive pricing.
Oil-Free Bushing Overview Plain Bearings & Thrust Washers Supplier
1. Low maintenance frequency.
2, can withstand heavy loads more than rolling bearings.
3, in “high temperature”, “low temperature” harsh temperature conditions can also be used.
4. Compared with the rolling bearing, the bushing thickness is thin and saves space.
5, can be used for linear motion and rotary motion.
6, the structure is simple, compact, convenient design, so in the machine tool, textile machinery, light industry machinery, printing machinery, mechanical and electrical integration assembly in a large number of applications. Inventory models can be delivered on the same day at the earliest.
Oil-Free Bushing Features
1. high-temperature resistance.
2. Excellent chemical resistance.
3. Strong impact resistance.
4. It is most suitable for heavy load and low-speed operation. Can reciprocating movement, frequent start and stop, and other parts difficult to form oil film to play a good wear resistance.
5, with thin wall type.

Bushes,Bronze Bushes,Graphite Bronze Bushes

Our range of products includes graphite bronze bushes,graphite bushings impregnated.

Aluminum Bronze Bushing,Manganese Bronze Bushing, Tin Bronze Bushing – Oilless Bushing Material of Choice.

Oilless Bush, Graphite Filled Bronze Bush – Graphite Impregnated Bronze.

VIIPLUS supply oilless bush used in die sets, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and heavy equipment of all types.

Oilless bush is made of solid bronze and can be ordered either with or without self-lubricating graphite. They are available in a broad range of inch and metric sizes, including all NAAMS bushing sizes.

And, if a standard bushing won’t suffice, we can economically make custom bushings in just about any size.

  1. Shoulder Oilless Bush
  2. Straight Oilless Bush
  3. Flanged Oilless Bush
  4. Metric Custom Oilless Bush

Oil-free bushing precision shaft bearings

Bronze bearings with embedded solid lubricant. Can be used without oil. Can be used at high temperatures.

Oilless Bush, #500SP Bronze Bushing (SPB) from VIIPLUS China, offers free CAD downloads, prompt lead times, competitive pricing, and no minimum order quantity.
Special high strength brass inlaid special solid lubricant graphite,The maximum temperature for the use of special solid lubricants is below 250℃
Oilless Bush& Graphite Material, Factory Price, Contact Us! View Products. View Oilless Bushing Catalog!
Oilless wear plate guide bushing self-lubricating bearings graphite

Graphite Bronze Bushes

Oil-Free Bushing with Housing – Brass Alloy, FlangedOil Free Bushing with Housing – Brass Alloy, Flanged (China) of Sliding bearing, Check out the variety of configurable, Oil-Free Bushing with Housing – Brass Alloy Material

#500SP Oilless Bush (SPB) & Flange Bushing (SPF)

Product Specifications
Support material CuZn25Al5 Other commonly used bronze alloys CuAl10Ni, CuSn12Pb, CuSn7ZnPb
Sliding layer Solid lubricant surface: app. 25-30%
Housing Ø H7 Shaft tolerance f7 or h6
Bushing inner-Ø after mounting Pls consult our sales engineers, standard delivered tolerance: r6 or E7
The shaft hardness should be at least 70-100HB harder than the bronze alloy.
The surface roughness ≤ Ra 0.8
It fulfills the highest operational demands and is suitable for shock loads. Depending on the alloy, it is corrosion-resistant and also highly wear-resistant with a long life span.

Oilless Bush Features

●Self-lubricating bearings that can be used oil-free.
●Demonstrate high performance at high load/low-speed motion.

Oilless Bush Specification

●Working Temperature Range: -40 to 300°C

Oilless Bush Materials

●High-Strength Brass Casting Bearings (solid lubricant embedded)

Oilless Bush  Basic Information

Type Straight Type Metal Type High tensile brass based Operating Environment Standard / Heat Resistant / Foreign object Resistance
Maximum Allowable PV Value Range(N/mm2•m/s) 1.1~2.0 Maximum Allowable PV Value(N/mm2•m/s) 1.65 Maximum Allowable Surface Pressure P(N/mm2) 29
Maximum Allowable Velocity V(m/s) 0.5 Length Type single Fitting axis e7
Housing Fitting H7 Lubrication Non-Lubricated

Bronze, Plugged Graphite Oilless Bush and Self Lubricating

graphite plugged bronze

Oilless Bush Design

  • Cylindrical bearings
  • Flanged bearings #500SP Flange Bushing (SPF)
  • Thrust washers
  • Plates
  • Drawing details

Oilless Bush Specification/Dimensions

Inner Dia. d(Ø)
Outer Dia. D(Ø)
Flange Outside Diameter(mm)
type: solid lubricants bushings
CAD, The specifications and dimensions of some parts may not be fully covered. For exact details, refer to manufacturer catalogs.
Bronze Bushings – Thrust Type Flange Integrated Oil Free Bushings Inquiry Now

Application of  Oilless Bush in excavators

The excavator is divided into the vehicle part, the disembarkation part, and the working device part. The disembarkation part is mainly the walking mechanism, and the disembarkation part is mainly the control. The working device, as the name implies, is the part used to work. The excavator is the big arm, the small arm, the shovel bucket, and some of them have earth loosening apparatus. The most important is the hydraulic system, the main pump, the main cutting, the pilot system, and so on. Self-lubricating bearings are mainly used in chassis moving mechanisms, body parts, hydraulic components, and other components.

The structural members of the excavator working device and the oil red are connected by a pin shaft at each joint hinge point and supporting seat. During the work, they bear a large load and wear between each moving part. Meanwhile, during the work, the bearing capacity of the excavator working device is characterized by high load and low speed.

In addition, when the excavator excavates and moves the earth, the working device, under the action of each oil cylinder, has frequent rotation and high frequency of repeated action, that is, the relative movement of the grinding parts is frequent, in order to ensure that each part rotates flexibly and works reliably when working, so it is suitable to use solid self-lubricating bearing on the working device of the excavator.

In excavator with self-lubricating bearing (graphite and copper set Oilless Bush) of substrate material choice, according to the main failure form of bearing, and combining the characteristics of the engineering machinery use conditions changing, considering factors such as material strength, corrosion resistance, and adaptability, choose the solid self-lubricating bearing substrate material is brass, high carrying capacity of a higher force its allowable static bearing capacity is 250 n/mmi, allowable bearing capacity for low quick l00N/mm ‘, and good abrasion resistance.

The application of self-lubricating bearing (graphite copper sleeve Oilless Bush) in excavator effectively simplifies the mechanical design, and its simple structure, good technology, reduce the maintenance cost of the machine, reliable quality plate, help to improve the working reliability of the whole machine. At the same time, the solid self-lubricating bearing has superior performance in use and strong product competitiveness, so it will be more fully applied in the use of construction machinery in the future.

Viiplus is a professional graphite copper sleeve, self-lubricating oilless bush manufacturer, the company produces self-lubricating bearings, oil-free bushings, copper busbar copper, graphite, is widely used in the automobile industry, construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, wind power, high-speed train, plastic machinery, automatic production line, plastic packaging machinery and so on need to drive to refuel or difficult to form the part of the oil film, if you have any needs, can feel free to contact us.

There are a number of situations where selflubricating and pre-lubricated bearings of some kind should be considered by a designer.

Oil Free Bushings


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