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Ball Cage – Ball Bearing Cage Latest Price, Manufacturers, Brass ball cage with steel balls in helical formation.

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Brass Ball Cage

Standard Metric Steel Ball Cage Bearings

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  • Type: Cage Bearing
  • Material: Metal, Brass
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Ball Bearing Components, Retainers, & Cages

ball bearing cageBall cages are manufactured from a heat treated aluminum alloy or bronze alloy which provides tough, wear resistant qualities. 

Ball bearings are vacuum degassed, high quality fatigue resistant steel and inspected to ensure roundness, smoothness and dimensional consistency. The ball bearings are arranged spirally in the cage to minimize tracking or slotting and to ensure uniform wear. The ball cage is mounted to the drilled and tapped guide pillar by a special washer assembly that allows the ball cage to rotate freely around the pillar without preload.
We offer a complete line of ball bearing assemblies, retainers and cages for the metal stamping industry. These are fully interchangeable with products available in today’s metalworking industry. All ball retainers are made of heat-treated aluminum or brass, combining durability and strength to provide optimum service life in high or low speed stamping. Quality is ensured by constant verification of dimensions throughout the manufacturing process using modern instrumentation.

  • Tool & Die Makers
  • Metal Stamping
  • Production Equipment
  • Automation
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Equipment
  • Electronic Parts & Connectors
  • Can Manufacturing Industry >
  • Metal Washers & Shims
  • Automotive Industry
  • Stamping Die Manufacturers

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This is copper or aluminum or plastic-based material, on which the rollers are arranged orderly in certain angles and intervals. Moreover, the retaining technique is improved that dropping of the rollers can be thoroughly prevented The friction is low abode a move freely both in axial directions, and the bearings in high precision. This is a young generation of the roller. bring which can roll in high speed, and is used in rolling frane of cold impact molds, high precision machine tools, and their accessories.

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  • Metal Bronze, copper or aluminum or plastic based material
Max load capacity30N/mm2
Shrink fit0.01mm~0.02mm
Max line speed(Grease Lubrication)6m/s
Friction coef0.01-0.08
Tolerance for ball dia.<0.002mm

Product Description
Ball Cage:

Some die sets are provided with ball cages instead of guide bushes. Guide pillars are pressed into the bottom plate. They are assembled into linear ball cages which in turn are guided in hardened sleeves resting in the top plate. Ball cage die sets are used where a high rate of production is required and accurate alignment is necessary.

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Ball Bearing Guide/Ball Slider Compact TypeBall Cage Bearing Guide/Ball Slider Compact Type

Unit: mm
Ball Cage Bearing TypeDHdEnMnBALLStL
Note: Product specifications are not within the sample range, can be customized according to customer drawings requirements
Ball Cage Bearing

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Brass Ball Cage Bearing

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Ball Cage Bushings. Ball Bearing Guide/Ball Slider Compact Type

Bearing size & Lubrication

  • lubricant and supply method
  • shaft and housing fits
  • bearing clearance class
  • cage material and guidance
  • dimensional stability
  • precision requirements
  • bearing sealing
  • mounting method and maintenance

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Sleeve Bushing & Flange Size

Choose from our selection of bronze bushings, self-lubricating bearings, composite sleeve bushings, oil free slide plates and dry sliding bearings, more. In stock and ready to ship.

Metric bushings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bushing designs.

Sleeve Bushing Bearing forms available in standard dimensions:

  • Cylindrical bushes

  • Flanged bushes

  • Thrust washers

  • Flanged washers

  • Sliding plates

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  • FZH (copper base), FZL (aluminum base) and FZP (resin base) steel balls are kept solid, with copper alloy, duralumina alloy and POM resin as substrates respectively, and the holes with orderly arrangement, appropriate size and special shape are processed on the outer circular surface of them, and the rolling bearing balls are inserted into the holes.

  • The latest groove circumFERential ball locking technology is adopted to effectively solve the problem that the traditional ball locking and indentation ball locking can not completely prevent the steel ball falling off. The hole bottom is machined with a 90° stop so that the steel ball can rotate freely in the hole without falling off.

    Due to the diameter of the ball more than keep the ring wall thickness, so when use remain higher than that of steel ball ring, cylindrical surface, direct contact with the match of the hole and shaft, the substrate (circle) floating in the middle, and match the difference between the hole and shaft radius less than the diameter of steel ball, steel ball and fits for interference fits, with high precision, flexible shaft and hole relative motion. It is the replacement product of the maintenance circle.

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