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Bimetal Thrust Plate

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Bimetal Thrust Plate


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Bimetal Thrust Plate’s Characteristic

The thrust plates are designed with special aluminum materials,and own good antifriction,wear resistance and yield strength.
Improved mechanical & volumetric efficiency
Good antifriction and wear resistance
Light and space saving designs
Extended service life
Reduce noise and shock
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Gear pump parts

Bimetal Thrust Plates Improved efficiency, make gear pumps more power, longer life.
Gear Pumps play a significant role in the production process and are indispensable for smooth operations. Therefore, buying a suitable high-efficiency pump bearing requires a thorough understanding as well, so that one can buy the bimetal thrust plates best suited to their needs.


Gear Pump Parts -Bimetal Thrust Plate | Save resources & reduce costs

Our experience in the Gear pump bearing industry makes us experts at knowing what a high quality means!


Bimetal Thrust Bearings are used in Hydraulic gear pump, vane pump, piston pump, especially for low noise gear pump, hydraulic steering pump and motor, ect.


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Bimetal Thrust Plate Characteristic

Bimetal Bushing: JF800 | | JF – 800 GGB – SZ | JHS | GT | JHJ | FZF06 | TMDB | BM
Bimetallic bearing is one of the bearing lubrication systems,

the product is high-quality low carbon steel back as substrate, the bronze alloy on the surface,

through several high-temperature sintering and density and rolled copper and steel bimetallic strip coiling,

suitable for medium and high impact load under bush and thrust washer and so on many kinds of USES.

High-quality rolling carbon steel or low alloy steel, and sintered copper alloy layer, with excellent mechanical property, wear, and antifriction resistance.


Gear pumps and motors.

Mechanical Property

Code Shear Strength


Max. Linear Speed




CuPb10Sn10 ≥150 12 60-90 Surface coating
CuPb7Sn7Zn3 ≥150 10 60-90 Surface coating
Code Tensile Strength




SAE1010 ≥365 90-130 Carbon steel
Q235B 370-500 90-130  Carbon steel
Q345B 490-675 110-170 Low alloy steel

Bimetallic composite bearing Description:

JF bimetallic composite bearing with high-quality low carbon steel as the matrix, surface sintered copper alloy with low friction characteristics (CuB10Sn10, CuB6Sn6Zn3, CuB24Sn4, CuB30, AlSn20Cu, CuSn8Ni) as the bearing wear-resisting layer, copper alloy surface can be processed according to the use of conditions of various types of oil grooves, oil holes, oil holes, etc. After several times of high temperature sintering and tight rolling, the copper and steel bimetallic strip is rolled into bushings, thrust washers and other applications which are suitable for medium speed and high impact load. Selection of the standard

Product advantage
Because the matrix is stable for low carbon steel material, the processing accuracy of the outer diameter of the sleeve is guaranteed, and there is no need for screw fixation after the product is loaded into the seat hole, and the interference fit can prevent the outer circle phenomenon. The change of the chemical composition of the inner surface alloy layer can meet the requirements of different load pressure, different operating temperature and different sliding speed. The oil grooves and oil holes with different structures designed in the production of the friction surface can meet the requirements of different refueling methods and prevent the phenomenon of shaft bite.
The product application
The product has the advantages of good wear resistance. Especially suitable for medium speed medium load and low speed high load and other occasions. Through special technological means, various oil grooves, oil holes and oil holes can be processed on the friction surface, so as to adapt to the use of different lubrication conditions. The products have been widely used in automobile engine, chassis, motorcycle clutch, gear pump wipe plate and lifting equipment and other fields.

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