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Self-lubricating bearings series are made of high-performance metal and are therefore not only lubrication-free, but also extremely light and maintenance-friendly. Various designs are already available in metric size and inches size, but we also produce individual special parts for you.Self-lubricating bearings are suitable for all moving applications – from automotive mass production and special mechanical engineering, from underwater applications to the food or tobacco industry, for resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals and for simple sheet-metal bushings. In various lengths and sizes are available. I would be happy to answer your questions personally. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, high quality brass bushing products and on-time delivery.


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Quality manufactures bridge bushing, bridge bearings, self-lubricating bearing, sliding bearing, sliding plate, guide rail components and strips, lubricated components for the highway industry. Our capabilities include manufacturing components for the non-highway industry as well, custom-made to our clients’ exact specifications. We pride ourselves on supplying brass bushing and self-lubricating bearing products made from steel and bronze manufactured in China.

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Self Lubricating Bearings – Self Lubricating Brass Bearing & Bushing.

Self-Lubrication Options for Bronze Bearings, Metallic Self-Lubricating Bushings
Rg7 Bronze Bushing Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications Where Grease, Oil & Plastics Fail. Run dry & keeps running.
Reduced costs & downtime. Non-galling. Increased reliability. Self Lubricating Brass Bearing Catalogs and Self Lubricant Graphite Brass Linear Motion Bearing Available Fill out our form to get more info.
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The use of polymers and other solid lubricants reduces sticky friction and wear between sliding metal surfaces. The graphite insert in self-lubricating brass bearings separates its sliding layer from the mating surfaces. Separation from mating surfaces. The bearings are designed to maintain a solid

lubricating film, even when they are not moving. This ensures low friction and wear, even under high static loads. By providing a continuous solid lubricant

solid lubricant, the bearing provides stable friction and wear performance over its lifetime.

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The difference between brass, tin bronze purple copper

Pure copper is a rose-red metal, the surface is purple after the formation of copper oxide film, so industrial pure copper is often called purple copper or electrolytic copper. Density of 8-9g/cm3, melting point 1083 ° C. Pure copper conductivity is very good, a large number of wires, cables, brushes, etc.; good thermal conductivity, often used to manufacture magnetic instruments, instruments that must be anti-magnetic interference, such as compasses, aviation instruments, etc.; plasticity is very good, easy to hot pressing and cold pressure processing, can be made into tubes, bars, wires, strips, strips, plates, foils and other copper.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The simplest brass is copper – zinc binary alloy, called simple brass or ordinary brass tube. Different mechanical properties of brass can be obtained by changing the zinc content of brass. The higher the zinc content in brass, the higher its strength and slightly lower its plasticity. The zinc content of brass used in industry does not exceed 45%, and a higher zinc content will produce brittleness and deteriorate the performance of the alloy.

Tin bronze is one of the earliest alloys used in history, originally referred to as copper-tin alloy, because the color is greenish gray, so called bronze. Tin bronze has high mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, friction reduction and good casting properties; low sensitivity to superheat and gas, good welding properties, non-ferromagnetic, and small shrinkage coefficient. Tin bronze has higher corrosion resistance than brass in the atmosphere, seawater, freshwater and steam.

Sleeve Bearing

Also known as a brass bearing, brass bushing are used for movement between two parts whose purpose is to limit friction and any potential vibration. An important feature is that they can withstand high temperatures & self-lubricating.

Flange Bearing

The purpose of flanged brass bushings is to allow rotation within a contained area. One is bolted inside a housing unit while the other is not attached. They are best used for lighter-duty jobs.

Thrust Washer

Thrust washer are also called thrust washers and they are for rotation needs. They rotate along moving parts.

Introduction to the knowledge of various copper alloys


Brass is a copper alloy of copper and zinc, named because of its yellow color. Brass has good mechanical properties and wear resistance, and can be used to make precision instruments, parts of ships, shells for guns, etc. Brass sound good, so gongs, cymbals, bells, horns and other musical instruments are made of brass.

Nautical brass

It is an alloy of copper, zinc, and tin, and is resistant to seawater erosion, so it can be used to make parts for ships and balancers.


The alloy of copper and tin is called bronze, so named because of its green color. Bronze generally has good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, castability and excellent mechanical properties. It is used in the manufacture of precision bearings, high-pressure bearings, mechanical parts on ships that resist corrosion by seawater, and various plates, tubes, and bars. Bronze also has a perverse characteristic – “heat shrinkage and cold expansion”, which is used to cast statues and expand after cooling, which can make the brow clearer.

Phosphor Bronze

An alloy of copper with tin and phosphorus. It is hard and can be used to make springs.

White copper

White copper is an alloy of copper and nickel, its color is the same as silver, silver shining, not easy to rust. Commonly used in the manufacture of electrical appliances, instruments and decorative items.

The natural characteristics of copper alloy

Copper metal, element symbol Cu, atomic weight 63.54, specific gravity 8.92, melting point 1083oC. Pure copper is light rose or light red, the appearance of copper oxide film, the appearance of purple copper. Copper has many valuable physical and chemical properties, such as its high thermal and electrical conductivity, chemical stability, high tensile strength, easy to fuse, with corrosion resistance, plasticity, ductility. Pure copper can be drawn into very fine copper wire and made into very thin copper foil. It can be alloyed with zinc, tin, lead, manganese, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, iron and other metals.

The development of copper alloy exercise technology has gone through a long process, but so far the exercise of copper is still dominated by fire exercise, H65 brass wire|H62 brass capillary|H59 brass row|QSn6.5-0.1 tin bronze bar|imported tin bronze tube|tin bronze plate whose output accounts for about 85% of total international copper production. 1) fire exercise is generally the first few percent of copper or a few thousandths of the original ore, through the The copper concentrate is raised to 20-30% in a closed blast furnace, reflection furnace, electric furnace or flash furnace for matte smelting, the output of molten matte (ice copper) is then sent to the converter for blowing into crude copper, and then in another reflection furnace through oxidation refining and dehybridization, or cast into anode plates for electrolysis to obtain electrolytic copper with a grade of up to 99.9%. The process is simple, adaptable, copper recovery rate of up to 95%, H59 brass row price quotes, but because the sulfur in the ore in the matte making and blowing two stages as sulfur dioxide exhaust gas, not easy to recover, easy to cause pollution.

In recent years, such as silver method, Noranda method and other molten pool smelting, as well as Japan’s Mitsubishi method, fire method exercise gradually to continuous, automated. 2) modern wet exercise with sulfation roasting – leaching – electrowinning, leaching – extraction – electrowinning, bacterial leaching and other methods The method is suitable for low-grade complex ore, oxidized copper ore, copper-containing waste ore heap leaching, tank leaching selected or in situ leaching.

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The company always carries out the new standard of design and quality. The professional, scientific production technology and rich product design of our staff ensure the high quality of our products and zero complaints from our customers. We will always develop and maintain our customers with honest attitude, excellent products and considerate service.

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Low Cost Plain Bearing FAQ – Questions and Answers

Copper sleeve material is as follows:

The Brass Bushing Material

  • Bushing Material Graphite Impregnated Brass – Plain & Self lubricated Bushing.

    ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 High strength aluminum brass, the highest strength among special brass. With high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, moderate plasticity and good corrosion resistance. Thus used in casting heavy machinery for high load wear weight

  • ZCuPb10Sn10: Good lubrication, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for bimetal casting material. Bearing for vehicle, bimetal bearing for internal combustion engine with peak load up to 100 Mpa, piston pin sleeve, friction plate, etc.

  • ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3, ZCuSn5Zn5Pb5, can be used to make work under medium load and rotating speed of liner wearing parts, gear, worm gear, etc.

Self lubricated Bearing Bushing Wear Plates

Cost-effective, Slide bearing technology

Custom Brass Bushing

Production process: sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting. Large brass bushing product 2000kg/piece, small brass bushes product 0.1kg/piece can provide finished semi-finished products. Oil groove copper bushing is a kind of copper bearing lubricated by oil groove gushing. The product has the function of traditional tin bronze bearing, because of the use of high force brass (ZCuZn25Al6), its HB hardness is doubled, so in low speed occasions, the life of the product can be twice longer than the general bronze sleeve, and its bearing pressure is large, can adapt to the use of heavy duty occasions. The product is made of electrolytic copper as raw material with a variety of trace metal elements, sintered at high temperature and processed by air pressure centrifugal casting.

Low Cost Plain Bearing FAQ – Questions and Answers


Self-lubricating Brass Bushing Material

  • Manual lubrication not required, Maintenance free, Applications where it is difficult to add oil / grease lubricants. Heavy loads and low speed

  • For operating temperatures ≤ 180°C, consider using white PTFE plugs; for operating temperatures > 180°C, consider using black graphite plugs.

  • Black graphite-based plugs. The maximum working temperature depends on the characteristics of the bronze alloy.

  • If your application temperature exceeds the limits of the standard alloy for self-lubricating brass bearings, please contact our application engineering.

SPBL copper self lubricating bushing in water

manufacturer of bronze and self lubricating brass bushing

Solid Lubricants Brass Bushing

Corrosion resistance depends primarily on the lubricant, the bearing and the material of the mating surface. Graphite-based plugs should not be used in areas where electrolytic corrosion is likely to occur, such as high humidity environments or equipment submerged in water equipment. In such cases, PTFE-based plugs are recommended.


Brass Bushing Manufacturer, Solid Lubricants

Self-Lubrication Options for Bronze Bearings

We can manufacture self-lubricating brass bushing of metric or inches size according to your needs. Our engineers are here to help you! Self-lubricating brass bushings can be used in all kinds of applications, including ATMs, electric motors, water pumps, and more. The brass bushing is self-lubricating bearings for middle loads composed of cast bronze bases and embedded solid lubricant.

Special PTFE or graphite-based solid lubricants for self-lubricating brass bearings have been extensively tested under laboratory conditions and proven in many successful applications. Extensive tests have been carried out under laboratory conditions and proven in many successful applications.

Solid lubrication plugs are manufactured by a proprietary process that provides high density and lubricity.
embedded in the bronze bearing. The distribution of these graphites in the bearing is critical to its performance. By design, these graphites overlap in the sliding direction and they ensure optimal lubricant transfer to the mating surfaces. In addition
Even if the bearing is in high humidity or immersed in water, there is no electrolytic or chemical reaction with the support or mating material. In high humidity or immersed in water.

Simply measure your bearing then choose sizes in Imperial or Metric and the finder will select the bearing you are looking for.

A brass bushing also called bronze bushing is made of brass.

Copper sleeve, divided into many kinds, including machine copper roller, copper bearing, etc. Oil lubricated bearings are used in all kinds of large and heavy machinery and are important components of machinery.

Copper bushing, also known as copper bushing, is divided into many kinds, including machine copper roller, copper bearing, etc. Used in all kinds of light industry, large, heavy machinery, machinery is an important component. The product has the function of traditional tin bronze bearing, with electrolytic copper as raw material with a variety of trace metal elements, through high temperature sintering, through air pressure centrifugal casting processing. High hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to bite phenomenon, good casting performance and cutting performance, good corrosion resistance in air and fresh water. In the absence of lubricant and water lubricant conditions, good sliding and self-lubricating performance, easy cutting, poor casting performance, good corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid. General purpose structural parts, simple appearance castings used in ships and instruments, such as sleeves, bushings, bearing bushes, sliders, etc. The brass bushing protects the body from damage that may be caused by impact loads or other forces that are transferred through the shaft.


We can customize the bronze graphite bushing. We can also create bearings based entirely on your specifications.

Graphite Copper Bushing & Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes

The vital self-lubrication, high bearing capacity, and resistance against temperature are the qualities of graphite copper bushing. These bushings are replacing the traditional copper bearings due to high load carrying capacity at low prices.

Solid Bronze Graphite Bushing

Solid bronze graphite bushing application, manufacturing plant and machinery repair parts

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We accept orders for different types of brass bushing made from custom materials or custom sizes with a minimum quantity required.

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Election of quality brass bushing

Brass Bushing Application

Products are widely used in textile machinery, injection machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry and other fields. The company can choose according to the customer China, Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries of a variety of brands made of copper sleeve, gasket, skateboard, half tile and other products. According to customer requirements in its internal and external wall processing of various oil groove and oil hole, can also map processing. With our in-house engineering, we are able to fabricate to your specific needs. Email us to check availability.

Reliable Bronze Bushings Manufacturer
bridge bearing

Cost-effective, Slide bearing technology

Bridge Sliding Bearing

Our team of in-house technicians and project management ensure that your manufacturing is done to your exact specifications. viiplus has an on-site manufacturing plant staffed with highly skilled and experienced welders and machinists. We are your single source for steel bridge bushings bearings, slide bearing, wear plate components and highway self-lubricating bearing products. We guarantee fast production, on-time delivery, and outstanding customer service. We has the ability to fabricate a variety of bridge bushing and components.

If you are looking for standard bushing or custom plain bearing for a specific material or size, we are capable of meeting your needs.


Solid Lubricant Brass Bushing

Bronze Corrosion Resistance, Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings

Self Lubricating Bearings – Self Lubricating Bronze Bushing.

Bronze is the collective name of all copper alloys except brass and white copper, generally named according to the first main additive element, such as tin bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon bronze, manganese bronze, etc. Compared with brass, bronze has higher strength and corrosion resistance, and in some environments, bronze has worse corrosion resistance than white copper. As corrosion-resistant structural materials, the more practical ones are tin bronze, aluminum bronze and silicon bronze. The corrosion resistance characteristics of each of these three alloys are described below.

1, Tin bronze

There are three kinds of tin bronze commonly used, with tin content of 5%, 8% and 10% respectively, and their corrosion resistance improves with the increase of tin content. Its mechanical properties, wear resistance and castability are better than pure copper, and the corrosion resistance is also higher than copper.

Tin bronze has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, the tin bronze surface in the atmosphere to form a dense layer of tin dioxide film, with the increase in tin content, the denser and thicker the tin dioxide film, the better the corrosion resistance. cu-8Sn alloy in the atmosphere corrosion rate of only 0.00015 ~ 0.002mm / year, in fresh water and seawater is also very resistant to corrosion (<0.05mm / year).

It also has good corrosion resistance in dilute non-oxidizing acids as well as salt solutions; however, in nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and ammonia solutions, it is as corrosion resistant as pure copper.

Bronze with a high tin content (8% to 10%) has a high resistance to impact corrosion. Tin bronze is neither prone to stress corrosion rupture nor to decarburization corrosion.

Because tin bronze wear resistance is very good, it is mainly used in the manufacture of pumps, valves, gears, bearings, plugs and other parts that require resistance to wear and corrosion.

2, aluminum bronze

Aluminum content is usually 9% to 10%, and sometimes add Fe, Mn, Ni and other elements. Its casting performance is not as good as tin bronze, but the strength and corrosion resistance are higher than tin bronze.

The high corrosion resistance of aluminum bronze is mainly due to the formation of a dense, firmly adhered copper and aluminum mixed oxide protective film on the surface of the alloy, which has the ability to self-heal after suffering damage. If there are defects such as oxide inclusions on the surface of the alloy, the integrity of the film is damaged and localized corrosion will occur. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of aluminum bronze is related to the manufacturing process.

The corrosion resistance of aluminum bronze is influenced by the composition and organization of the alloy. The corrosion resistance of single-phase a-alloys increases with increasing aluminum content and is best when binary aluminum bronze contains 8-9% aluminum. a+B complex-phase alloys have a higher corrosion rate than single-phase alloys. Co-precipitation composition (11.9 % aluminum) of Cu-Al alloy, its martensite organization than pearlite organization more resistant to seawater corrosion, because the slow cooling due to high aluminum and precipitation of Y2 phase (anode), resulting in a tendency to dealuminum corrosion. When the aluminum content is greater than 11.5%, the tendency of dealumination of Cu-Al alloy increases.

Aluminum bronze is stable in both fresh water and sea water, and is even corrosion resistant in mineral water. It is very stable in high-temperature vapor above 300°C. The mixture of steam and air has no effect on the corrosion of aluminum bronze.

In acidic media, aluminum bronze has high corrosion resistance. It is very resistant to corrosion in sulfuric acid, even at high concentrations (about 75%) and higher temperatures; it also has high corrosion resistance in dilute hydrochloric acid, but is unstable at higher concentrations (20%) or higher temperatures; it is not resistant to corrosion in nitric acid; but is resistant to corrosion in dilute solutions of phosphoric acid, acetic acid, citric acid and other organic acids.

In alkali solutions, because alkali can dissolve the protective film, thus causing serious corrosion of aluminum bronze, aluminum bronze with high aluminum content has a tendency to stress corrosion, mainly due to aluminum bias at grain boundaries, thus causing selective oxidation along the grain boundaries and promoting the destruction of the oxide film under stress. The addition of 0.35% or less of Sn or low-temperature annealing can effectively prevent the tendency to corrosion.

3. Silicon bronze

Commonly used silicon bronze has low silicon (1% ~ 2%) and high silicon (2.5% ~ 3%) two types. The former has similar mechanical properties to 70Cu-30Zn brass and is very easy to cold work deformation, while the corrosion resistance is similar to pure copper; the latter has high strength and better corrosion resistance than pure copper, high silicon bronze often contains 1% Mn silicon bronze’s greatest advantage is that it has good casting and welding properties, and is often used to manufacture tanks and other chemical instruments that work under pressure. Silicon bronze does not spark on impact, so it is particularly suitable for places where there is a risk of explosion.

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