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Huge Bronze Wear Plate Selection

Low-speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.

Wear Plates & Graphite Plugs

Self-lubricating wear plates are made from an aluminum-bronze alloy and have oil-impregnated graphite plugs.

Mold and Die Products

Graphite Plugged Bushings / Bearings, Graphite plugs provide self-lubrication. Graphite has some unusual properties that make it an excellent lubricant.

Self-lubricating Slide Bearing for Longer Life



The self-lubricating nature of plain bearings also contributed to this early growth, eliminating the need for bearing maintenance, which is a very desirable feature in applications where the bearings have been located in hard-to-reach or inaccessible locations. At present, self-lubricating bearings can be found in bridges, marine equipment, hydroelectric installations, power plants, buildings, transport vehicles, heavy industrial equipment, the machinery of processing plants, and so on. self-lubricating bearings are ideal for a wide variety of applications and especially suited for heavy-duty applications such as the trunnion bearings found in hydropower plant gates. From that point forward, the self-lubricated bearing was also found in many areas where there was a need to support heavy and medium loads at low to medium speeds.


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Bushing Material Graphite Impregnated Brass Plate

Graphite Bushings & Bearings – Slide Plate & Guide Bars.

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  • Offering Superior Performance In Hundreds Of Applications Replacing Bearings. Slide Plate & Flat Guide Bars is Suited for Submerged and High Temperature Applications. Reduced costs & downtime. Increased productivity. Services: Custom Design, Engineering Support.

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Graphite Plugged Bushings / Bearings –
  • SFP copper self-lubricating plate

    Flat Guide Bars

    Cast Bronze Bushings & Wear Plate with Solid Lubricant Inserts, with graphite inserts for temperatures above 250°C

  • graphite embedded plate

    Oilless Plates

    Cast Bronze Bushings & Wear Plate with Solid Lubricant Inserts, \with graphite inserts for temperatures above 250°C

  • Wear Plate

    Washer, self-lubricating, Lubricant: Graphite, Base Material: Special Brass

  • graphite plugged bushing

    guide plate bronze graphite

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Lubricating slide bearings feature:

An excellent alternative to bearing plate, graphite-filled bronze plate and guide bars provides dry lubrication in high temperatures. Bearing Bronze The Self-lubricating Bearings Product Line: sliding bearings are available in the following configurations:

  • Cost down, life up with self-lubricating . One-piece bushings

  • Predictable self-lubricating bearing split bushings

  • High-performance Flanged bushings

  • Thrust washer Improve technology … Reduce costs

  • Slide Plate or Strips Small minimum order quantities

  • Online Solutions Special shapes

The sleeve bushing is essentially a sleeve bearing used in a wide variety of applications. machines sliding bearing bushing and heavy applications. Depending on the size and application, a variety of lubrication standards are available to accommodate all types of and rotary motion. In situations where a very heavy load is encountered, a part bushings with lubricating recesses that extend partially through the wall are recommended.

bushings with flanges. The collar bushing can be lubricated for applications where end-thrust must be

accommodated, or provided without lubrication to function as a washer or holding flange. The flange thickness is normally the same thickness as the wall thickness of the metal bushing bearing but

can be supplied in a different thickness if desired. It is usually more economical to utilize integral flanges on the bushing itself as opposed to purchasing separate washers.

Lubricated slide plate specifically designed for applications where

motion will take place only on the longitudinal axis. lubricating graphite pattern bronze plate!

A split bushing made of steel-backed or bronze backed, self-lubricating metallic bushes!

Thrust washers are used to accommodate rotational end thrust, serve as a washer, or substitute for a flange on the end of a sleeve bearing. Washers may be lubricated on one or both sides. Thrust bearings washers are used where motion takes place radially across the axis of the washer. All washers usually require the same dimensions as bearing walls. Consult the wall thickness chart for correct washer thickness using washer outside diameter as the controlling parameter.

Lubricating bearings are produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some typical examples are: bush bearing or washers, split bushings or washers, half bushings, spherically lubricated surfaces, wear plate and slide plate, self-lubricating bronze bearings and many more. Surfaces of specially designed bearings can be lubricated to meet application requirements. Lubricated surfaces can also be supplied to manage rotating, oscillating, sliding and eccentric forms of movement.

Flat Guide Bars, Plug Graphite

Find Self Lubricating Wear Plates related suppliers, manufacturers, … Function & Thickness: Abrasion / Sliding Wear; Industry & Application. Material: Bronze Graphite. Use: Flat holed guide bar with standard size bronze with graphite lubricant. Bronze with solid lubricant Flat guide, Bronze with solid lubricant Flat guide bar/oil free graphite bronze guide slide plate.

Benefits of self lubricating bronze slide plate with graphite. Metric size and inch sizes including wear plates, oilless bearings bushing.


Maintenance-free slide for welding/screw-in, High carrying capacity and carrying capacity, available in round or square versions.

bronze wear plate self-lubricating guide bars is a high-performance solid lubricating product inlaid with graphite solid lubricant on the base of high-strength brass. In the process of use, it can form an excellent lubricating condition in which oil and powder coexist on the working surface, thereby improving the stability of the operation of the components, increasing the service life of the components, and reducing the maintenance cost.

Copper-based self-lubricating sliding plate Copper-based graphite sliding plate Oil-free lubrication plate Copper alloy sliding plate with high force brass (ZCuZn25Al6) as the substrate, through the substrate inlaid with solid lubricants (graphite or molybdenum disulfide) as a lubrication medium to replace the traditional tin bronze, can not easy to oil, long-term oil shortage or oil-free environment use. We can also process oil grooves and positioning holes according to customers’ actual needs.

Sliding guides for automobile molds – guide sleeves and sliders. Heavy-duty, low-speed self-lubricating, such as dam work, solitary door hinge bearings, accident door bearings, turbine bearings, etc. Used in high-temperature occasions, such as steel mills, metallurgical equipment, rolling mills, conveyor rollers, high temperature blast furnaces, bearings for drying furnaces. Bearings for automobile and locomotive industry, stamping dies for cover parts, assembly lines, conveyor belts, etc. Other industrial bearings, construction machinery, injection molding machines, various high-precision molds, etc. Chemical machinery, food machinery, paper making machinery, textile printing, and dyeing machinery, and other occasions requiring corrosion resistance and water infiltration. Substitute for traditional copper sleeves and sliders, without oil and lubrication.

  • Sliding faces ground. See more. Product Description.
  • Guide elements, Oilless guide elements, Flat guide bars Price & delivery time on request.
  • Flat guide bar, Bronze with solid lubricant. Base Material: Special Brass, Oil Free Plates, Guide Rails

  • Flat plates, self lubricating bronze plate.

Oilless Plates, Angled guide gib, Bronze with solid lubricant

Bronze Plate Features
There are no need for oil supply devices, oil injection holes, and oil tank processing, which reduces operating costs, shortens design time and does not require waste oil recycling, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

  • High strength brass + graphite

We produce a Thrust washer, Bronze with solid lubricant, Sliding pad, Sliding pad, small dimension, Bronze with solid lubricant, and cylindrical bushes in a range of types and materials from graphite bushes. It can also create any customized form or size to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

We offer a selection of bronze wear plates for your oilless bearings needs. Variety of plate size, and custom plate available.

T-Guide bar, Bronze with solid lubricant

Supply self-lubricating copper sliders, self-lubricating sliders, mold wear blocks, bronze plus graphite, solid friction, non-lubricating, dripping lubrication, processing JSP copper-based self-lubricating sliders, self-lubricating guide plates, oil-free sliders, non-standard sizes can be customized

Prismatic guide, Bronze with solid lubricant

This series of products are based on high-strength brass, tin bronze, steel-copper bimetal, cast iron or bearing steel, and the surface is inlaid with solid lubricants mainly composed of graphite or PTFE and molybdenum disulfide according to a certain angle and density. Precision machined. This series of products has high mechanical strength and hardness, and is suitable for heavy load and low speed occasions.

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Flat Guide Bars Bronze with Non-Liquid Lubricant.

Oilless Lubricating – Oilless guide elements, Bearing dimensions.

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Self-lubricating guide slide plate components are initially more expensive than conventional components; however, they possess the advantage of having long life time lubrication! It can replace rolling bearings and copper alloy bearings in high-pressure, high-temperature, and high-accuracy applications. Structure: High strength casting bronze embedded with solid lubricants.Features: Cost-effective; Adaptable; Wear-resistant; Obvious advantages when used under high-load and oil-free conditions; Solve special needs in environments that generally cannot be met by copper bushings. Cost-Effective & Grease-Free Bearings Exist! by switching to self-lubricating bearings made from metallic highly-engineered metal. Cost-Effective Thrust Bearing Alternatives, Bronze Thrust Bearing, Thrust Washers, Slide Plate—Making it Easy! Reduce Costs of Injection-Molded Parts reducing the costs of injection molding parts for your application, and three ways that could help. Self-Lubricating Wear Sliding Plates provide a long-lasting wear surface for molds requiring slides, cams or flat surfaces where frictional wear is a factor. Using self-lubricating slide plate and mold components has significant benefits, but only if the molder truly understands what these components are!