Multi-layer composite bearings are available in various combinations of sliding surface. These are available both as maintenance-free and requiring lubrication.

Self Lubricating Bushing – split seam, steel backed bushing, “Journal Bearing”, Standard Series

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Self Lubricating Bushing PTFE multi-layer bearings & Flange Bushings with back metals- All industrial manufacturers – VIIPLUS.COM

Flange Composite Bushing

Specify Part No. by required I.D. and thickness.

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Split Bushing Type

Multi-layer Bearings

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Normal Plain Bearings

PTFE multi-layer bearings with back metals

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Made of triple-layer POM composite material

POM multi-layer bearings with back metals

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Metric Flanged Bushings

Oil Free Bushing – Multi Layer, Straight

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Metric Flanged Bushings

Cylindrical wrapped bushing

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  • No requirement of a lubricating system,
  • lubrication holes, or oil grooves
  • Remarkable cost reduction by cost and labor associated with
  • lubrication, machining and assembly.

Oil Free Bushing – Multi Layer, Straight

Metal/polymer composite plain bearings, maintenance-free

  • Bushes
  • Flanged bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Strips
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Steel-backed PTFEBasic Information

TypeStraightBushing MaterialSteel-backed PTFEMaximum Allowable PV Value Range(N/mm2•m/s)2.1~5.0
Maximum Allowable PV Value(N/mm2•m/s)3.6Maximum Allowable Surface Pressure P(N/mm2)49Maximum Allowable Velocity V(m/s)0.65
Housing I.D. Fitting ToleranceH7Lubrication ConditionUnlubricatedEnvironmentStandard / In Oil

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This product is environmentally friendly Lead-free bearing. This compound bearing, a “perfect oil-less bearing” that does not require any lubricant at all uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin, has excellent low friction characteristics, and also optimizes metal properties such as strength and dimensional stability.

Use multi-layer bearings Under These Conditions.

Multi-layer Bushing Bearings That Meet Advanced Bearing Needs Oiles bearings demonstrate superior effects when used in areas that require long-term maintenance-free use or are subject to deterioration or exhaustion of lubricating oil and severe environments where normal plain bearings may seize earlier. Oiles bearings contribute to improvements, including downsizing and improvements in the performance of devices, service life prolongation, labor savings, energy savings, and pollution protection. In addition, bearings contribute to the saving of resources and offer a solution to ecological problems, since they use less oil and do not require recovery and disposal of oil.

Self Lubricating Bushing-Volume Discount

Reduction of running costs Reduces lubricating oil consumption and equipment maintenance costs and enables a remarkable reduction in operating costs. Maintenance-free Significantly reduces costs for lubrication and maintenance of lubricating system and eliminates problems caused by improper lubrication. Reduction of design time No need for lubrication simple designs and structures and remarkably reduces costs and time. With superior durability, Oilless bushing bearings improve machine performance and prolong service life. Lubricating oil recycling and environmental protection Reduces expenses and labor needed to recycle oil and protects the environment against contamination from oil.

Oilless bearings routinely outperform normal plain

bearing products in demanding applications when the correct product is selected and integrated properly in the application.


Oilless bushing bearings are plain bearings capable of
reducing, and in most cases, eliminating the need for periodic lubrication.

Self-lubricated Bearing Straight


Metallic [Sintered Steel Backed Bushing] Cold Rolled Steel

Metal/Polymer Composite Plain Bearings

Maintenance-free, Low-maintenance. Special designs, special materials


Standard multilayer bushingCustom-made product


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