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Self-lubricating bearing bushing for mining and bulk handling technology –

We offer wrapped bronze bushing components for bulk handling which make that possible and are characterized by their robustness and long service life. The metals and mining sector is the industry dedicated to the location and extraction of metal and mineral reserves around the world. Global reserves of metals and minerals are mined for profit and then used in jewelry-making, industrial applications, and investments.


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Always self-lubricating & grease-free

Bronze plain bearing

  • Copper-based rolling bearing flange

  • We have a wide range of bronze, bi-metal, sintered copper and self-lubricating bearings that are ideal for onshore and underwater industrial applications.

  • Our solid copper bearings can be used for maintenance free, moderate speed and low load operation. Our solid bronze and bimetal bearings are designed for lubricated situations

flange bronze bushing

Cost-effective, Slide bearing technology

Flange bronze bearing


  • Bearing material made of solid bronze strip with oil reservoir
  • Good abrasion resistance for harsh conditions
  • Excellent performance under high negative and low speed conditions

Industrial application

Mechanical loading and unloading and lifting equipment, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic equipment, medical equipment, textile machinery. agricultural equipment, etc.

Bronze strip with perforation for lubricated applications

Bronze Bearings made of CuSn8 with Grease Reservoirs

Wrapped bronze plain bearing (CuSn8 material)
With lubricant depots
Manufactured according to DIN 1494 / ISO 3547
maintenance-free / low-maintenance

  • Flange Bronze Bushing, Dimensional Stability

  • Wrapped Bronze Bushing, Quality/Reliability

  • Flange wrapped bronze type made to order: flange bushes in standard dimensions, split type.

  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • Wrapped bronze flanged bushing requiring low-maintenance series

 Wrapped Bronze Bearing

  • CuSn8P0.3 Or CuSn6.5P0.1

Wrapped Bronze Bearing

The product is based on a specially formulated high-density copper alloy with diamond-shaped or spherical oil holes rolled on the surface. It has high density, good bearing pressure, and good wear resistance. The products are suitable for lifting machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, etc.


Bronze bearing material is bronze matrix, uniform and orderly processing of the filling hole by rolling a thin wall bearing, oil or grease in the assembly, and then configure the seal and use. The bearing has the advantage of large oil deposit, easy installation, design, small size, and can replace copper set can greatly reduce costs. The product has been used in conveyors, elevators, Roll field machine, leveling machine, etc. load, low-speed applications.

PerformanceRelated data
Thermal Conductivity58W/m .k
Compressive strength470/mm2
Linear expansion coefficient18.5×10-6/k
Material nameCuSn8P0.3

Copper-based rolling bearing flange, flange bronze bushing size

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Available forms

Straight bushing, flange bushings, washer.

bushing catalog

Reduce costs with oilless bearing bushing. Roller bronze bearing is made of high-density copper alloy with special formula.and its surface is rolled with rhombic oil hole. It has the advantages of high density, large bearing capacity, good wear resistance and long service life, so as to replace the traditional casting copper sleeve, reduce the mechanical volume and production cost. Roller bronze bushing has been widely used in lifting machinery, construction machinery, chassis of automobile and tractor, machine tool industry and mining machinery. It can also be made into bearing bush, flanging sleeve, thrust washer and plate. Maintenance fees are caused annually by excessive friction and wear due to inadequate lubrication.

Whether grease or oil is used, a good quality lubricant will reduce friction and wear by separating a bronze bushing from its shaft.

Advantages of flange bronze bushings include:

  • insensitive to contaminated environments
  • resistant to shock loads and vibrations at slow speeds
  • good resistance to corrosive environments

Oilless bearings are an alternative for lubricated plain bushings bearings.

By avoiding lubrication, oilless bushing technology attains superior service life: for high temp at continuous exposure, from cleanrooms to extreme dirt exposure, from vacuum to extreme humidity.

Applications include:

  • agriculture machinery
  • hoisting equipment
  • construction machinery
  • forestry machinery
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