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    We strive for excellence in everything we do.

    Online Self-lubricating Bearing Solutions, Self-lubricating, long-lasting bearings! Request or Download the self-lubricating bearing Catalog. Shop for the Engine Bushing for your vehicle, and you can place your order online.


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    We strive for excellence in everything we do.

    Sleeve bearings made from high performance self-lubricaying provide mechanical stability with the lowest coefficients of friction without additional lubrication. Whether in dirt and dust, in the cleanroom laboratory or under water.

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    Frequently asked general and specific questions about self-lubricating bearing plain bushes from China. Go to freedom from wear, installation method, self-lubricating bushing material selection, …Door Hinge Supplier Hinge Flanged Bushing , Find Complete Details about Sleeve Bushing Supplier,


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    Oilless Bearing Online Solutions, Engine Bushing Auto Parts, No re-design necessary Longer service life saves money over time

    Sourcing at viiplus.com
    Sourcing at viiplus.com
    Engine Bushings & Shafts – High Performance Lubricating bearing,
    Predictable service life
    Industry solutions
    Industry solutions
    Predictable service life
    Improve technology … Reduce costs
    CAD Downloads
    CAD Downloads
    Door Hinge Sleeve Bushing Supplier, Reduce costs, View Catalog.
    Consultation & support
    Consultation & support
    Metal bearing, stern tube bearing, stern bushing, engine bushes, Small minimum order quantities

    Self-lubricating bearing types, grease-free
    & dry running

    Specialize Precision Bearings. We deal in Sleeve Bearings, Lubricating  Bushes, and other related Oilless Components. We specialize in Slide Bearings & Dry Bearing sourcing.

    We strive for excellence in everything we do.

    We strive for excellence in everything we do.

    Predictable self-lubricating bearing service life

    Improve oilless plain bearing technology … Reduce costs,

    Friction & Wear, These Self-lubricating Bearings Provide Cost Effective Design. High Quality. China Made. Lowest Cost. Environmentally Friendly.

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    Lubricating Material

    For years the viiplus motto has been “self-lubricating for longer life”.


    Self-lubricating bushing inspection

    By this we mean the production of innovative self-lubricating bearing products which reduce maintenance work.


    Performance upgrade

    Achieve technical improvements, at the same time as reducing costs and increasing service life, everything delivered immediately from stock.

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    Your manufacturer for custom-made self-lubricating bearing solutions in a wide range of materials. Just select a bushing type and tell us your desired dimensions, Custom Made-To-Order Experts. Choose any item anywhere & tell us how you wanted it, Specializing in custom bearings. Plain Bearings. Industrial Oilless Bearings. Steel Backed Bearings. Bimetal Bearings.