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We deliver self-lubricating bearings globally!

Experience in over 10 years of successful projects on designing unique and self-lubricating bearings all over the world. Focused on offering fair and competitive prices, together with high-quality service and packaged with customer-oriented solutions; VIIPLUS understands that these qualities are exactly what any customer demands from a qualified supplier.

sleeve bushings sliding bearings


pom composite bushings bearinggraphite bushing
sleeve Bushings sliding bearings
Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions

The china supplier of Precision self-lubricating bearing designed completed reliably from manufacturing to finishing parts.

We stand behind the quality of our self-lubricating bearings bushings products. Multi-Layer, Double-Layer, Metallic Sliding Bearing Manufacturer Expert who constantly study the latest technology & materials and research & development of the new products

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The promise of bulk order self-lubricating bearings high quality, meet your requirement.

Self-lubricated Bearings

Focused on the design of metal, self-lubricating bearings, and specific sliding bearing products and components.

World of Sliding Bearings

Our materials at a glance. High quality – quick availability – Good sliding pricing – this is what customers demand from a qualified supplier. Benefit from our quality, service and expert oilless bearings knowledge for the success of your products!

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bushing strips

Specialist for custom made

parts and designs

self lubricating bearings strips

Counter material selection: Metallic bearings or multilayer bearings


We Offer A Wide Range Of Sizes And Bushing Materials In The Market. A professional manufacturer of plain bearings and wear plates, and has grown rapidly to a point where now all types of plain bearings can be supplied.

We Don’t Raise Rates, We Raise Expectations. Our Self-lubricating Bearing Bushing Prices Rates Haven’t Changed Since 2018 And With Promo Code SME save Enjoy An Additional 10%. VIIPLUS offers Self-lubricating Replacement Auto Parts, Engine Parts, and Auto Accessories at Wholesale Prices. At VIIPLUS our business is much more than simply providing products; we work with our customers to deliver Supply Chain solutions

Small Business Bearings Solutions & Services, Maintenance-free

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  • Woven PTFE fibers stainless steel bushings
  • Graphite bushings
  • POM (MoS2) bushings
  • PTFE bushings
  • Peek bushings
  • Bronze bushings
  • Composite bushings
  • Stainless Steel Bushings
  • Bimetal bushings Or just browse the product overview …

High temperature metal bearings are self – lubricating, forming a solid film of lubricant in relative motion and requiring no maintenance. In addition, they have high wear resistance, low friction performance, corrosion resistance environment, high precision and higher load capacity. This is a highly customizable solution that also provides mass production services.

dry bearing
  • maintenance-free slide bearings

Experience the difference. For wall thickness for different types of slide bearings. To achieve more compact designs, wall thickness could be reduced to certain extent.


Need a self-lubricating bearings?

Next level of logistic services

A full range of quality logistic services

Regardless of shape and material

Inspection & Accreditation

( Trusted self-lubricating parts supplier)

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Self – lubricating bushing bearing products, such as metal polymer, fabric bearings, solid polymer plain bearings and bushing & thrust plate, metal and bimetal bearings…Our portfolio provides better energy efficiency, reduced noise, reduced assembly & material costs, and greater performance and environmental benefits. Customers can count on our comprehensive support from design to delivery to benefit from some of the industry’s shortest lead times.

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Driving the future with tribological solutions

Driving the future with tribological solutions- regardless of shape & material

Metallic Bearings Worldwide Shipping

We operate in eight countries and on four continents, including China. If you need to purchase bearing products or want to seek friction-related solutions, VIIPLUS will be your best choice!

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High-Efficiency Bearing Solution, To Suit Your Specific Business Needs.

How to better understand customers? VIIPLUS has been working hard!

Committed to the hydraulic industry self-lubricating bearing bushing products technology innovation, to provide customers around the world with efficient, reliable hydraulic transmission and control solutions.

We have been providing high quality and reliable bearings for pneumatic, cylinder, casting, hydraulic and other applications.

Into the field of tribology: VIIPLUS is actively developing tribological solutions for automotive and other industries that allow us to offer a full range of solutions in any product shape and material, and we take this opportunity to let everyone know that VIIPLUS is now ready to meet the high-tech needs of our customers to improve their product performance.

  • Free CAD data

  • Material Test Report

  • Quick delivery

  • Worldwide Shipping

  • Self-lubricating Bearings Experience

  • Inspection & Accreditation

  • Modern Business Solutions

  • Quality Bushing & Bearings

  • Quality Logistic Services

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Wrapped composite sliding bearings.

Steel/acetal resin (POM Or PTFE), lubrication pockets, low-maintenance


Support material

  • Intermediate layer: Sliding layer
  • Steel copper plated / tinplated
  • Sintered bronze
  • Acetal resin / POM/PTFE
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Plain Bearing Life

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VIIPLUS solves the problem of bearing life for you How to extend


Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings Designing A Career In Engineering …

Plain Bushes design engineer at The VIIPLUS Company. Overseeing our Replacement self-lubricating bronze bearing parts repair service operations for your application.