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Self-lubricating Bearing, tin-plated steel/PTFE, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Maintenance-free


  • Support material:Steel tin-plated
  • Intermediate layer: Sintered bronze
  • Sliding layer: PTFE
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Packaging machinery, motors, turbines, pumps, forklifts etc.

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Wrapped composite sliding bearing is a maintenance-free material due to the PTFE sliding layer. Outstanding sliding and wear performance. High load capacity and very versatile bushing.

Self-lubricating bearing is maintenance-free with a PTFE sliding layer. It is not necessary to lubricate this material, but basically possible!*

Stronger. By Self-lubricating Plain Bearings Bushing Custom Size Design.
Prototype Services
Building components for your evaluation.

  • Maintenance-free (self-lubricating) – Self-lubricating PTFE layer bearing consisting of tin/or copper-coated steel bakced , a middle layer of sintered bronze and an inner layer, sliding surface, of PTFE..
  • Plain self-lubricating bearings – Always self-lubricating & Low coefficient of friction
  • Customized size bearings – We will manufacture the exact wrapped bronze bearing you need at a low cost.
  • Split type bushings – Long lifespan, Easy to install,
  • Simple design – Cost-effective, wrapped bushing with PTFE sliding surface.

Special manufacturing
Upon request, we can offer inch-sizes, special lengths, bearings acc. to drawing and various PTFE-layers for different areas of use as well as different backings in bronze or stainless steel etc.


Wrapped self-lubricating bearing size, tin-plated steel/PTFE, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Maintenance-free, self-lubricating PTFE bushing can be produced from an ID of 3mm all the way up to 400mm. Special self-lubricating plain bushes dimensions are available on request.

Item No.[mm]dDL
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0303 PTFE353
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0304 PTFE354
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0305 PTFE355
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0404 PTFE464
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0405 PTFE465
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0406 PTFE466
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0408 PTFE468
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0410 PTFE4610
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0504 PTFE574
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0505 PTFE575
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0506 PTFE576
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0508 PTFE578
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0510 PTFE5710
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0520 PTFE5720
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0604 PTFE684
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0605 PTFE685
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0606 PTFE686
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0608 PTFE688
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0610 PTFE6810
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0705 PTFE795
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0706 PTFE796
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0708 PTFE798
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0710 PTFE7910
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0712 PTFE7912
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0715 PTFE7915
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0805 PTFE8105
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0806 PTFE8106
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0808 PTFE8108
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0810 PTFE81010
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0812 PTFE81012
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0815 PTFE81015
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0820 PTFE81020
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0908 PTFE9118
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0909 PTFE9119
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 0910 PTFE91110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1005 PTFE10125
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1006 PTFE10126
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1008 PTFE10128
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1009 PTFE10129
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1010 PTFE101210
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1012 PTFE101212
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1015 PTFE101215
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1020 PTFE101220
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1108 PTFE11138
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1109 PTFE11139
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1110 PTFE111310
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1112 PTFE111312
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1206 PTFE12146
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1208 PTFE12148
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1210 PTFE121410
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1212 PTFE121412
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1214 PTFE121414
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1215 PTFE121415
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1216 PTFE121416
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1220 PTFE121420
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1225 PTFE121425
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1308 PTFE13158
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1309 PTFE13159
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1310 PTFE131510
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1312 PTFE131512
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1315 PTFE131515
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1320 PTFE131520
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1410 PTFE141610
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1412 PTFE141612
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1415 PTFE141615
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1416 PTFE141616
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1420 PTFE141620
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1422 PTFE141622
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1425 PTFE141625
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1505 PTFE15175
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1508 PTFE15178
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1510 PTFE151710
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1512 PTFE151712
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1515 PTFE151715
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1518 PTFE151718
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1520 PTFE151720
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1522 PTFE151722
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1525 PTFE151725
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1608 PTFE16188
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1610 PTFE161810
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1612 PTFE161812
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1615 PTFE161815
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1618 PTFE161818
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1620 PTFE161820
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1625 PTFE161825
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1708 PTFE17198
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1710 PTFE171910
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1712 PTFE171912
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1715 PTFE171915
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1718 PTFE171918
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1720 PTFE171920
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1725 PTFE171925
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1806 PTFE18206
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1808 PTFE18208
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1810 PTFE182010
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1812 PTFE182012
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1814 PTFE182014
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1815 PTFE182015
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1818 PTFE182018
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1820 PTFE182020
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1825 PTFE182025
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 1830 PTFE182030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2008 PTFE20238
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2010 PTFE202310
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2012 PTFE202312
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2015 PTFE202315
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2018 PTFE202318
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2020 PTFE202320
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2025 PTFE202325
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2030 PTFE202330
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2035 PTFE202335
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2040 PTFE202340
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2210 PTFE222510
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2212 PTFE222512
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2215 PTFE222515
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2220 PTFE222520
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2225 PTFE222525
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2230 PTFE222530
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2235 PTFE222535
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2238 PTFE222538
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2240 PTFE222540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2245 PTFE222545
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2250 PTFE222550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2410 PTFE242710
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2412 PTFE242712
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2415 PTFE242715
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2420 PTFE242720
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2425 PTFE242725
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2428 PTFE242728
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2430 PTFE242730
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2432 PTFE242732
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2435 PTFE242735
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2438 PTFE242738
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2440 PTFE242740
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2450 PTFE242750
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2510 PTFE252810
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2512 PTFE252812
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2515 PTFE252815
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2520 PTFE252820
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2525 PTFE252825
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2528 PTFE252828
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2530 PTFE252830
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2532 PTFE252832
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2535 PTFE252835
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2540 PTFE252840
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2550 PTFE252850
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2560 PTFE252860
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2610 PTFE263010
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2612 PTFE263012
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2615 PTFE263015
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2620 PTFE263020
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2625 PTFE263025
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2630 PTFE263030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2635 PTFE263035
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2640 PTFE263040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2650 PTFE263050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2810 PTFE283210
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2812 PTFE283212
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2815 PTFE283215
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2820 PTFE283220
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2825 PTFE283225
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2830 PTFE283230
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2832 PTFE283232
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2835 PTFE283235
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 2840 PTFE283240
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3008 PTFE30348
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3010 PTFE303410
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3012 PTFE303412
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3015 PTFE303415
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3020 PTFE303420
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3025 PTFE303425
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3028 PTFE303428
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3030 PTFE303430
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3032 PTFE303432
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3035 PTFE303435
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3038 PTFE303438
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3040 PTFE303440
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3045 PTFE303445
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3050 PTFE303450
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3210 PTFE323610
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3212 PTFE323612
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3215 PTFE323615
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3218 PTFE323618
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3220 PTFE323620
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3225 PTFE323625
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3230 PTFE323630
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3235 PTFE323635
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3240 PTFE323640
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3245 PTFE323645
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3250 PTFE323650
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3410 PTFE343810
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3412 PTFE343812
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3415 PTFE343815
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3420 PTFE343820
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3425 PTFE343825
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3430 PTFE343830
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3435 PTFE343835
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3440 PTFE343840
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3445 PTFE343845
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3510 PTFE353910
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3512 PTFE353912
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3513 PTFE353913
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3515 PTFE353915
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3520 PTFE353920
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3525 PTFE353925
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3530 PTFE353930
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3535 PTFE353935
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3540 PTFE353940
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3545 PTFE353945
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3550 PTFE353950
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3610 PTFE364010
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3612 PTFE364012
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3615 PTFE364015
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3620 PTFE364020
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3625 PTFE364025
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3630 PTFE364030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3635 PTFE364035
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3640 PTFE364040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3645 PTFE364045
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3650 PTFE364050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3812 PTFE384212
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3815 PTFE384215
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3820 PTFE384220
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3825 PTFE384225
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3830 PTFE384230
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3835 PTFE384235
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3840 PTFE384240
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3845 PTFE384245
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3850 PTFE384250
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3855 PTFE384255
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 3860 PTFE384260
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4010 PTFE404410
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4012 PTFE404412
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4015 PTFE404415
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4020 PTFE404420
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4025 PTFE404425
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4030 PTFE404430
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4035 PTFE404435
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4040 PTFE404440
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4045 PTFE404445
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4050 PTFE404450
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4055 PTFE404455
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4060 PTFE404460
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4212 PTFE424612
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4215 PTFE424615
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4220 PTFE424620
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4225 PTFE424625
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4230 PTFE424630
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4235 PTFE424635
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4240 PTFE424640
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4245 PTFE424645
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4250 PTFE424650
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4255 PTFE424655
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4260 PTFE424660
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4412 PTFE444812
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4415 PTFE444815
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4420 PTFE444820
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4425 PTFE444825
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4430 PTFE444830
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4435 PTFE444835
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4440 PTFE444840
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4445 PTFE444845
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4450 PTFE444850
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4455 PTFE444855
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4460 PTFE444860
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4518 PTFE455018
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4520 PTFE455020
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4525 PTFE455025
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4530 PTFE455030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4535 PTFE455035
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4540 PTFE455040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4545 PTFE455045
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4550 PTFE455050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4555 PTFE455055
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 4560 PTFE455060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5013 PTFE505513
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5015 PTFE505515
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5020 PTFE505520
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5025 PTFE505525
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5030 PTFE505530
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5035 PTFE505535
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5040 PTFE505540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5045 PTFE505545
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5050 PTFE505550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5055 PTFE505555
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5060 PTFE505560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5065 PTFE505565
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5070 PTFE505570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5515 PTFE556015
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5520 PTFE556020
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5525 PTFE556025
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5530 PTFE556030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5535 PTFE556035
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5540 PTFE556040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5545 PTFE556045
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5550 PTFE556050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5555 PTFE556055
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5560 PTFE556060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5565 PTFE556065
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 5570 PTFE556070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6015 PTFE606515
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6020 PTFE606520
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6025 PTFE606525
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6030 PTFE606530
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6035 PTFE606535
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6040 PTFE606540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6045 PTFE606545
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6050 PTFE606550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6055 PTFE606555
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6060 PTFE606560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6065 PTFE606565
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6070 PTFE606570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6075 PTFE606575
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6080 PTFE606580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6085 PTFE606585
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6090 PTFE606590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6515 PTFE657015
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6520 PTFE657020
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6530 PTFE657030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6540 PTFE657040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6550 PTFE657050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6560 PTFE657060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6570 PTFE657070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6580 PTFE657080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 6590 PTFE657090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7015 PTFE707515
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7020 PTFE707520
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7030 PTFE707530
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7035 PTFE707535
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7040 PTFE707540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7050 PTFE707550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7060 PTFE707560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7070 PTFE707570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7080 PTFE707580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7090 PTFE707590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7530 PTFE758030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7535 PTFE758035
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7540 PTFE758040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7550 PTFE758050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7560 PTFE758060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7570 PTFE758070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7580 PTFE758080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 7590 PTFE758090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8030 PTFE808530
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8040 PTFE808540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8050 PTFE808550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8060 PTFE808560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8070 PTFE808570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8080 PTFE808580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8090 PTFE808590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 80100 PTFE8085100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8530 PTFE859030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8540 PTFE859040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8550 PTFE859050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8560 PTFE859060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8570 PTFE859070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8580 PTFE859080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 8590 PTFE859090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 85100 PTFE8590100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9030 PTFE909530
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9040 PTFE909540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9050 PTFE909550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9060 PTFE909560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9070 PTFE909570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9080 PTFE909580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9090 PTFE909590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 90100 PTFE9095100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9530 PTFE9510030
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9535 PTFE9510035
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9540 PTFE9510040
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9550 PTFE9510050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9560 PTFE9510060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9570 PTFE9510070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9580 PTFE9510080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 9590 PTFE9510090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 95100 PTFE95100100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10030 PTFE10010530
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10040 PTFE10010540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10050 PTFE10010550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10060 PTFE10010560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10070 PTFE10010570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10080 PTFE10010580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10090 PTFE10010590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 100100 PTFE100105100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 100115 PTFE100105115
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10550 PTFE10511050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10560 PTFE10511060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10570 PTFE10511070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10580 PTFE10511080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10590 PTFE10511090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 10595 PTFE10511095
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 105100 PTFE105110100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 105115 PTFE105110115
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11050 PTFE11011550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11060 PTFE11011560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11070 PTFE11011570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11080 PTFE11011580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11090 PTFE11011590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11095 PTFE11011595
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 110100 PTFE110115100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 110115 PTFE110115115
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11550 PTFE11512050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11560 PTFE11512060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11570 PTFE11512070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11580 PTFE11512080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 11590 PTFE11512090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 115100 PTFE115120100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 115115 PTFE115120115
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 120120 PTFE12012550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12050 PTFE12012560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12060 PTFE12012570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12070 PTFE12012580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12080 PTFE12012590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12090 PTFE120125100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 120100 PTFE120125115
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 120115 PTFE120125120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12550 PTFE12513050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12560 PTFE12513060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12570 PTFE12513070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12580 PTFE12513080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 12590 PTFE12513090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 125100 PTFE125130100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 125120 PTFE125130115
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13050 PTFE13013550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13060 PTFE13013560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13070 PTFE13013570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13080 PTFE13013580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13090 PTFE13013590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 130100 PTFE130135100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 130120 PTFE130135120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13560 PTFE13514060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13570 PTFE13514070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13580 PTFE13514080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 13590 PTFE13514090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 135100 PTFE135140100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 135120 PTFE135140120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14060 PTFE14014560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14070 PTFE14014570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14080 PTFE14014580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14090 PTFE14014590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 140100 PTFE140145100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14560 PTFE14515060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14570 PTFE14515070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14580 PTFE14515080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 14590 PTFE14515090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 145100 PTFE145150100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 145120 PTFE145150120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15050 PTFE15015550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15060 PTFE15015560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15070 PTFE15015570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15080 PTFE15015580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15090 PTFE15015590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 150100 PTFE150155100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15550 PTFE15516050
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15560 PTFE15516060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15570 PTFE15516070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15580 PTFE15516080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 15590 PTFE15516090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 155100 PTFE155160100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16040 PTFE16016540
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16060 PTFE16016560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16070 PTFE16016570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16080 PTFE16016580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16090 PTFE16016590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 160100 PTFE160165100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 160110 PTFE160165110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 160120 PTFE160165120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 160130 PTFE160165130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 160140 PTFE160165140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 160150 PTFE160165150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16560 PTFE16517060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16570 PTFE16517070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16580 PTFE16517080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 16590 PTFE16517090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 165100 PTFE165170100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 165110 PTFE165170110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 165120 PTFE165170120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 165130 PTFE165170130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 165140 PTFE165170140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 165150 PTFE165170150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17060 PTFE17017560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17070 PTFE17017570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17080 PTFE17017580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17090 PTFE17017590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 170100 PTFE170175100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 170110 PTFE170175110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 170120 PTFE170175120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 170130 PTFE170175130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 170140 PTFE170175140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 170150 PTFE170175150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17560 PTFE17518060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17570 PTFE17518070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17580 PTFE17518080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 17590 PTFE17518090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 175100 PTFE175180100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 175110 PTFE175180110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 175120 PTFE175180120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 175130 PTFE175180130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 175140 PTFE175180140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 175150 PTFE175180150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18050 PTFE18018550
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18060 PTFE18018560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18070 PTFE18018570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18080 PTFE18018580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18090 PTFE18018590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 180100 PTFE180185100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 180110 PTFE180185110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 180120 PTFE180185120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 180130 PTFE180185130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 180140 PTFE180185140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 180150 PTFE180185150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18560 PTFE18519060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18570 PTFE18519070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18580 PTFE18519080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 18590 PTFE18519090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 185100 PTFE185190100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 185110 PTFE185190110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 185120 PTFE185190120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 185130 PTFE185190130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 185140 PTFE185190140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 185150 PTFE185190150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19060 PTFE19019560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19070 PTFE19019570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19080 PTFE19019580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19090 PTFE19019590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 190100 PTFE190195100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 190110 PTFE190195110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 190120 PTFE190195120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 190130 PTFE190195130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 190140 PTFE190195140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 190150 PTFE190195150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19560 PTFE19520060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19570 PTFE19520070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19580 PTFE19520080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 19590 PTFE19520090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 195100 PTFE195200100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 195110 PTFE195200110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 195120 PTFE195200120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 195130 PTFE195200130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 195140 PTFE195200140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 195150 PTFE195200150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20060 PTFE20020560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20070 PTFE20020570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20080 PTFE20020580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20090 PTFE20020590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 200100 PTFE200205100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 200110 PTFE200205110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 200120 PTFE200205120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 200130 PTFE200205130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 200140 PTFE200205140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 200150 PTFE200205150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20560 PTFE20521060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20570 PTFE20521070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20580 PTFE20521080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 20590 PTFE20521090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 205100 PTFE205210100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 205110 PTFE205210110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 205120 PTFE205210120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 205130 PTFE205210130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 205140 PTFE205210140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 205150 PTFE205210150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21060 PTFE21021560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21070 PTFE21021570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21080 PTFE21021580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21090 PTFE21021590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 210100 PTFE210215100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 210110 PTFE210215110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 210120 PTFE210215120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 210130 PTFE210215130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 210140 PTFE210215140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 210150 PTFE210215150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21560 PTFE21522060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21570 PTFE21522070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21580 PTFE21522080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 21590 PTFE21522090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 215100 PTFE215220100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 215110 PTFE215220110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 215120 PTFE215220120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 215130 PTFE215220130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 215140 PTFE215220140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 215150 PTFE215220150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22060 PTFE22022560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22070 PTFE22022570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22080 PTFE22022580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22090 PTFE22022590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 220100 PTFE220225100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 220110 PTFE220225110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 220120 PTFE220225120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 220130 PTFE220225130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 220140 PTFE220225140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 220150 PTFE220225150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22560 PTFE22523060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22570 PTFE22523070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22580 PTFE22523080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 22590 PTFE22523090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 225100 PTFE225230100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 225110 PTFE225230110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 225120 PTFE225230120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 225130 PTFE225230130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 225140 PTFE225230140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 225150 PTFE225230150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23060 PTFE23023560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23070 PTFE23023570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23080 PTFE23023580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23090 PTFE23023590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 230100 PTFE230235100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 230110 PTFE230235110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 230120 PTFE230235120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 230130 PTFE230235130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 230140 PTFE230235140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 230150 PTFE230235150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23560 PTFE23524060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23570 PTFE23524070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23580 PTFE23524080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 23590 PTFE23524090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 235100 PTFE235240100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 235110 PTFE235240110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 235120 PTFE235240120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 235130 PTFE235240130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 235140 PTFE235240140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 235150 PTFE235240150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24060 PTFE24024560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24070 PTFE24024570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24080 PTFE24024580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24090 PTFE24024590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 240100 PTFE240245100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 240110 PTFE240245110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 240120 PTFE240245120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 240130 PTFE240245130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 240140 PTFE240245140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 240150 PTFE240245150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24560 PTFE24525060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24570 PTFE24525070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24580 PTFE24525080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 24590 PTFE24525090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 245100 PTFE245250100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 245110 PTFE245250110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 245120 PTFE245250120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 245130 PTFE245250130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 245140 PTFE245250140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 245150 PTFE245250150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25060 PTFE25025560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25070 PTFE25025570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25080 PTFE25025580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25090 PTFE25025590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 250100 PTFE250255100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 250110 PTFE250255110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 250120 PTFE250255120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 250130 PTFE250255130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 250140 PTFE250255140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 250150 PTFE250255150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25560 PTFE25526060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25570 PTFE25526070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25580 PTFE25526080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 25590 PTFE25526090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 255100 PTFE255260100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 255110 PTFE255260110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 255120 PTFE255260120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 255130 PTFE255260130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 255140 PTFE255260140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 255150 PTFE255260150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26060 PTFE26026560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26070 PTFE26026570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26080 PTFE26026580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26090 PTFE26026590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 260100 PTFE260265100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 260110 PTFE260265110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 260120 PTFE260265120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 260130 PTFE260265130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 260140 PTFE260265140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 260150 PTFE260265150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26560 PTFE26527060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26570 PTFE26527070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26580 PTFE26527080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 26590 PTFE26527090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 265100 PTFE265270100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 265110 PTFE265270110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 265120 PTFE265270120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 265130 PTFE265270130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 265140 PTFE265270140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 265150 PTFE265270150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27060 PTFE27027560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27070 PTFE27027570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27080 PTFE27027580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27090 PTFE27027590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 270100 PTFE270275100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 270110 PTFE270275110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 270120 PTFE270275120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 270130 PTFE270275130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 270140 PTFE270275140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 270150 PTFE270275150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27560 PTFE27528060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27570 PTFE27528070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27580 PTFE27528080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 27590 PTFE27528090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 275100 PTFE275280100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 275110 PTFE275280110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 275120 PTFE275280120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 275130 PTFE275280130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 275140 PTFE275280140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 275150 PTFE275280150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28060 PTFE28028560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28070 PTFE28028570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28080 PTFE28028580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28090 PTFE28028590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 280100 PTFE280285100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 280110 PTFE280285110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 280120 PTFE280285120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 280130 PTFE280285130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 280140 PTFE280285140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 280150 PTFE280285150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28560 PTFE28529060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28570 PTFE28529070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28580 PTFE28529080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 28590 PTFE28529090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 285100 PTFE285290100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 285110 PTFE285290110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 285120 PTFE285290120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 285130 PTFE285290130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 285140 PTFE285290140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 285150 PTFE285290150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29060 PTFE29029560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29070 PTFE29029570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29080 PTFE29029580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29090 PTFE29029590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 290100 PTFE290295100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 290110 PTFE290295110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 290120 PTFE290295120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 290130 PTFE290295130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 290140 PTFE290295140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 290150 PTFE290295150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29560 PTFE29530060
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29570 PTFE29530070
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29580 PTFE29530080
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 29590 PTFE29530090
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 295100 PTFE295300100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 295110 PTFE295300110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 295120 PTFE295300120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 295130 PTFE295300130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 295140 PTFE295300140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 295150 PTFE295300150
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 30060 PTFE30030560
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 30070 PTFE30030570
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 30080 PTFE30030580
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 30090 PTFE30030590
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 300100 PTFE300305100
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 300110 PTFE300305110
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 300120 PTFE300305120
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 300130 PTFE300305130
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 300140 PTFE300305140
Self-lubricating Bearing-Plain Bushes 300150 PTFE300305150

Special self-lubricating bearing dimensions are available on request


  •  It is a maintenance-free material due to the PTFE sliding layer. Outstanding sliding and wear performance. High load capacity and very versatile bushing.


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