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Self lubricating plain bearings for extra heavy loads.


  • Self-lubricating and consists of a strong glass fiber fabric and a special PTFE-layer, woven together by a unique bushing.
Need a Special glass fiber fabric Bushing ?

Cras ultricies ligula sed magna dictum.


Self lubricating plain fabric bushing bearings for extra heavy loads. Applications exposed to wear & tear through heavy grinding movements under high pressure. Heavy load applications under intermittent operations…

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Also available is Stainless self-lubricating plain bearings.

Stainless steel (anti-corrosive)

Lubrication Bushing
Glass fiber fabric is self-lubricating and can “run dry”. 

Stainless steel and the self-lubricating slide layer consists of a special fabric woven fabric ptfe material similar to the PTFE but for extra heavy loads & anti-corrosive bushing.


  • Maintenance-free (self-lubricating) – Self-lubricating PTFE layer bearing consisting of tin/or copper-coated steel bakced , a middle layer of sintered bronze and an inner layer, sliding surface, of PTFE..
  • Plain self-lubricating bearings – Always self-lubricating & Low coefficient of friction
  • Customized size bearings – We will manufacture the exact wrapped bronze bearing you need at a low cost.
  • Split type bushings – Long lifespan, Easy to install,
  • Simple design – Cost-effective, wrapped bushing with PTFE sliding surface.

Special manufacturing
Upon request, we can offer inch-sizes, special lengths, fabric bushing bearings acc. to drawing and various PTFE-layers for different areas of use as well as different backings in bronze or stainless steel etc


Special manufacturing stainless steel backed bushing are available on request

Dry sliding bearing with a PTFE sliding layer.

It is a maintenance-free material due to the PTFE sliding layer. Outstanding sliding and wear performance. High load capacity and very versatile bushing.


Shapes & forms


  • Plain cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washers, sliding plates


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