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Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings Online ( Made in China) : Browse our metal-polymer, bronze bushings, plugged graphite bronze oilless bushes, metal and bimetal & plain bushes.

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Excellent price/performance ratio

Plain bearing material selector: Advise your application requirements to find the right self-lubricating bushing material! Sourcing on 


Ensure your self-lubricating bearings material lasts longer and performs better than metal components. The viiplus delivery service is quick & reliable with standard size plain bearings parts available from stock! Download our self-lubricating bearings catalogs or browse the bushing type image & pictures.Our uniquely designed self-lubricating bearings are comprised of: Base composite bearing 3 layers steel-backed bushing responsible for wear resistance, high loads, etc.

self lubricating bronze bushings

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Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, thin walled, bronze with solid lubricant


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Self-lubricating bearings for longer life Always tested. Always proven.

Cooperative research & development used for custom designs and special solutions

Guide bush, Bronze with solid lubricant: Standard parts for mould
The VIIPLUS making range standard bushing parts for mold making maintenance-free flanged bush, thin-walled, bronze with solid lubricant Highly wear- and dirt resistance, insertable at high temperature. Reinforcing stainless steel backed fibers bushings that make our plain bearings ideal for high forces & edge loads

  • Solid lubricants bronze bushing plugged graphite material
  • Bimetal Bearings-2 layers thin-walled bearings
  • Wrapped bronze bushing split type gap bushes
  • Other self-lubricating bearings design.

*Predictable plain bearing service life Always tested. Always proven. Always, Material: Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless lubricating


Make your space useful and different

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern interior designs all over the world.

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Always self-lubricating,  Always long-lasting: Oilless Guide Bushing & Bearing.

Find out all of the information about the oilless bushing product: guide bushing. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a self-lubricating bearings solutions!

  • Thrust washer, Bronze with solid lubricant
  • Flat guide bar, Bronze with solid lubricant
  • Sliding pad, small dimension, Bronze with solid lubricant
  • Guide bar with two sliding surfaces, Bronze with solid lubricant,
Top Quality

The promise of oilless bushings high quality, meet your requirement.

Oilless Material

Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless lubricating!

flange bushing

Advantages of oilless guide elements

  • Low-maintenance, with optimum conditions maintenance-free

  • Low friction

  • Damping properties in presence of vibration

  • Extremely wide temperature resistance – hot and cold

  • Reliable & safe oilless bushes supplier

  • Small minimum order quantity

  • Good emergency sliding properties

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“For many years earned a reputation for excellence in the selection of standard oilless bushing parts in the field of cutting, stamping tools and machine tools.

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self-lubricated bush

Self-lubricating Bearing for Longer Life

Cost-effective, Self-lubricating, and maintenance-free!

Tested & proven.

Check out where composite bushings have been used in real-world applications around the world from a wide range of industries, from combine harvesters to the Packaging machine, from Forklifts to Construction vehicles.

  • Cylindrical bushes

  • Flanged bushes

  • Thrust washers

  • Flanged washers

  • Sliding plates

Reliable & safe

Exporter and supplier bimetal bearings & metal bushing for all branches of industry
The promise of bimetal bearings quality

  • Steel Backed Bronze Bushing

  • Thin Wall Bearing Design

  • Split Type Buching

  • Customized Alloy Sliding Layer

  • Groove & Lubricating Holes Available

bimetal bushing

Applications: Industrial – Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials

Bronze sleeve bushings or bronze bearings are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings, which are softer and more easily deform. 

* Our range of wrapped bronze bearings manufactured from CuSn8 or CuSn6 rolled phosphor bronze alloy material is extremely versatile and well suited for a wide range of applications.

Save your purchasing oilless bushing budget for your project.


Always tested. Always proven. Global website


Oilless Bushes Supplier

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Oilless Bearing Technology, Tested & Proven.

We are producing these products out of oilless bearing or with our special bronze with solid lubrication variety of standard products

  • Sliding bearing, guide bushing, pillars, bushes, mounting flanges, Oilless guide elements (bushes, flat plate, thrust washer)
  • Guide bush with collar, Bronze with solid lubricant, NAAMS

* Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive oilless bushing industry in china.

sliding bearing bushing

Featured Self-lubricating Bronze Bushings

Self-lubricating bearings for industrial applications. Your global partner for sliding bearings technology. View bushing type: flange size, straight type, thrust washer, sliding plate. Buy Self-lubricating bearings bushing Online. Range Of Plain Bearings Products. Application: Automotive, Marine, Agricultural, Construction machinery.

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Immediately discover the best self-lubricating bearings for your application. Discovery of the plain bearing material parts and the price. You can request a free offer.

bronze cylindrical bushing low-maintenance
self-lubricating bushes plain sliding bearings

Excellent composite bushing price/performance ratio



Sliding Bearings are self-lubricating, maintenance-free, chemical resistant, universally applicable and reduce costs by up to 40 percent. 

Our main bushings and services are as follows:

  • 24/7 Technical support

  • High Tensile Brass Bushing

  • Aluminium Bronze Bearing

  • Tin Bronze Bushing

  • Plugged Graphite Bronze Bearings

  • Self-Lubricating Bearings

  • Metal-Polymer Bearings

  • Metal & Bimetal Bearings

  • Cylindrical Bushes, Flange Bushes,

  • Thrust Washer, Wear Plate

sleeve Bushings sliding bearings

Self-lubricating bearings experience & testing plain bearings guarantee the predictable service life

Our main oilless bushings & services are as follows:

VIIPLUS Offers a Growing Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing Products Designed To Improve The Reliability And Efficiency Of Industrial Equipment And Machinery. PTFE Bushes, POM Bushes, Bimetal Bearings, Wrapped Bronze Bushing, Solid Bronze Bearings &Plugged Graphite Bronze Parts Couplings Provide Customers a Variety Of Solutions That Keep Industry In Motion.

  • High Performance Bushings Bearings For Automotive
  • Self-Lubricating Bearings and Bushings For Agricultural Equipments
  • Automotive Bearings For Automotive Applications
  • For Construction And Off-Highway Equipments
  • Self-Lubricating Bearings Offer Low Friction And Corrosion Resistance Required By Fluid Power Applications
  • Plain Bearings And Bushings For Oil & Gas Industrial Applications
  • Self-Lubricating Bearings For Oil And Gas Extraction, Production, Processing Operations
  • Primary Metals & Energy
  • Maintenance-Free Plain Bearings For Iron Foundries, Steel Plants, Civil Engineering
  • Self-Lubricating Plain Bearings For Railway Application

Sliding Bronze Bearing

We offers an extensive range of sliding bearings to fulfill your needs!

sliding bearing bronze bushings
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Self-lubricated Materials

Strip , Sliding Bearings Plate, Sheet, Metal Bearing Material

steel backed bushings
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