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Sleeve bearings made from high performance self-lubricating material provide mechanical stability with the lowest coefficients of friction without additional lubrication.

Sleeve bushing – maintenance-free, made of metallic self-lubricating, Need sleeve bushes? We got you covered! Browse our selection and find the perfect match for your machinery.

VIUPLUS is a Chinese exporter of high performance sleeve bushing bearing solutions specifically designed to meet and exceed the individual needs of our customers. Through the VIIPLUS online website souring network, we offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of self-lubricating and pre-lubricated plain sleeve bushing bearings for numerous applications in a variety of industries. Materials Used in Sleeve Bushings. Sleeve bushings can be made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Bronze: Bronze sleeve bushings are the most common type and are known for their high load-carrying capacity and resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Steel: Steel sleeve bushings are known for their high strength and durability but are more prone to corrosion than bronze bushings.
  • Brass: Brass sleeve bushings are a cheaper alternative to bronze bushings and are suitable for low-load applications.
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Understanding Bushing Sleeves: What They Are and How They Work

We have plain bushes & slide bearings options available to meet your unique needs. When selecting your bushes type, consideration needs to be given to;

  • Dimensional constraints
  • Size or Drawings
  • Lubrication requirements
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Metallic sleeve bearings from viiplus. Selection according to shaft diameter, bearing width or outer diameter.

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Maintenance-free, Plain Bearings –, How Do Bushing Sleeves Work?

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Bushing sleeves work by providing a smooth, low-friction surface between two moving parts. When two metal surfaces come into contact with each other, they can create a significant amount of friction, which can cause wear and damage over time. By inserting a bushing sleeve between these surfaces, the amount of friction is greatly reduced, which helps to protect the parts and extend their lifespan. In addition to reducing friction, bushing sleeves can also help to absorb shock and vibration, which can further protect the parts from damage. Searching the sleeve bushing for your businesses on Google Search. Plain Bearings Made From Self-Lubricating Metallic – Only pay for good price, Get started. Contact us to get a free quota by dry bearing specialist. Grow your business with, Browse our Range of Sleeve Bearings Materials! With our huge range of sleeve bearing type, we’re bound to have the solution you need. Highest Quality Sleeve Bushing Guaranteed – Types of Bushings Direct from China manufacturers. Plain Sleeve Bushing finished machined bushes.

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Why Are Bushing Sleeves Important? Bushing sleeves play a critical role in many types of machinery and equipment. Without them, moving parts would be much more likely to wear down and fail over time, leading to costly repairs and downtime. By using bushing sleeves, equipment manufacturers can help to ensure that their products are reliable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. This can be especially important in industries like manufacturing, where equipment downtime can have a significant impact on productivity and profitability.

Standard & Made-To-Order Bronze Bushings And Related Sleeve Bearing Products. Cast Bronze. PTFE Bearings. Types: Metal Bushing, Dry Bearings, Cast Bronze Bearings. Buy Wholesale Sleeve Bearings at the Best Prices! Flange Sleeve Bushings – Bronze Bushings / Bearings. Sleeve Bearings – Steel, Brass, Bronze Dry Slide Bushing. Innovation And Customer Support! Get the best sleeve bushes for your needs! Our expert team is ready to help you find the right solution.

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Amet ligula ornare et varius mattis.

Designed to be self-lubricating, Oilless Slide Bearing,wear-resistant, and maintenance-free, buy dry sleeve bushing & plain bearings directly from China today!

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The Comprehensive Guide to Sleeve Bushings: Types, Applications, and Benefits

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Sleeve bushings, also known as plain bearings or journal bearings, are essential components in various industrial applications. These versatile elements reduce friction between moving parts, enhance efficiency, and prolong the lifespan of the equipment. This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of sleeve bushings, focusing on their types, applications, and the benefits they offer. We will also optimize the content for the keyword “sleeve bushing.”

  1. Types of Sleeve Bushings

There are several types of sleeve bushings available, each designed to cater to specific applications and load requirements:

a. Solid Sleeve Bushings: These are the most common type of sleeve bushing, made from a single piece of material. They offer excellent wear resistance and are suitable for applications with moderate loads and speeds.

b. Split or Multi-Piece Sleeve Bushings: These bushings consist of two or more segments that can be easily assembled and disassembled. They are ideal for applications where the shaft cannot be removed or when the maintenance needs to be performed on-site.

c. Flanged Sleeve Bushings: These bushings feature a flange on one end, providing additional support and stability to the shaft. They are suitable for applications where axial loads are present, such as in linear motion systems.

d. Sintered Sleeve Bushings: Made from powdered metal, these bushings are formed through a sintering process that fuses the particles together under heat and pressure. They offer excellent wear resistance and self-lubricating properties, making them ideal for high-speed applications or in environments with limited lubrication.

Applications of Sleeve Bushings

self-lubricating bearings bronze sleeve bushing

Sleeve bushings are used across various industries and applications, including:

a. Automotive: Sleeve bushings can be found in suspension systems, transmission components, steering systems, and engine components, ensuring smooth operation and reducing wear and tear.

b. Manufacturing: In machinery and equipment such as conveyor systems, sleeve bushings provide support and reduce friction between moving parts.

c. Aerospace: Sleeve bushings are crucial for aircraft components, including landing gear systems, control surfaces, and engine assemblies.

d. Marine: In shipbuilding, sleeve bushings are used in propeller shafts and rudder assemblies to minimize friction and maintain optimal performance.

e. Energy: In wind turbines, sleeve bushings play a vital role in the smooth operation of the rotor and gearbox.

Benefits of Sleeve Bushings

self-lubricating bearings bronze sleeve bushing

Sleeve bushings offer several advantages, making them indispensable in various applications:

a. Reduced Friction: By minimizing the contact between moving parts, sleeve bushings lower friction and, consequently, heat generation. This results in improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

b. Extended Lifespan: Sleeve bushings protect the surfaces of the components they support, reducing wear and tear and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

c. Low Maintenance: Many sleeve bushings are self-lubricating or require minimal lubrication, reducing maintenance needs and overall costs.

d. Versatility: With a wide range of materials, sizes, and designs, sleeve bushings can be customized to suit specific applications and environmental conditions.

Expert for plain sleeve bearings, High-performance sleeve bushing

A bushing sleeve, also known as a bush or a plain bearing, is a cylindrical component that is used to provide support and reduce friction between two moving parts. Bushing sleeves are typically made of metal or polymer materials, and are often used in machinery and equipment that involves rotating or sliding parts.

Bushing sleeves are designed to be self-lubricating, which means they can operate without the need for additional lubricants like oil or grease. This makes them a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for many applications. Sleeve bearings can operate dry or with external lubrication. lubrication free with anti-friction and wear-resistant properties. Performance and Reliability. 

If you’ve ever worked with machinery or mechanical equipment, you may have come across the term “bushing sleeve.” Bushing sleeves are an important component of many types of machinery, providing support and protection to moving parts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what bushing sleeves are, how they work, and why they’re important.

A vast inventory of sleeves and bushings gives customers a direct delivery service. Fast direct delivery service of quality sleeve-bearing products. Order Online. Search Sleeve Bushing Catalog. View Sleeve Bushing Type. Industries: Oil & Gas, Marine/Defense. 

If you’ve ever worked with machinery or mechanical equipment, you may have come across the term “bushing sleeve.” Bushing sleeves are an important component of many types of machinery, providing support and protection to moving parts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what bushing sleeves are, how they work, and why they’re important.

A vast inventory of sleeves and bushings gives customers a direct delivery service. Fast direct delivery service of quality sleeve-bearing products. Order Online. Search Sleeve Bushing Catalog. View Sleeve Bushing Type. Industries: Oil & Gas, Marine/Defense. 

Sleeve Bushings and Washer Thrust

Sleeve bushing and washer thrust refer to mechanical components used in various machines and applications. A sleeve bushing is a cylindrical lining used to reduce friction and wear between two parts that move relative to each other. It is typically made of materials such as bronze, steel, or plastic.

A washer thrust, on the other hand, is a flat disc-shaped component that is used to distribute the load of a fastener, such as a bolt or screw, over a larger surface area. It helps to prevent the fastener from sinking into the material being fastened, and can also help to reduce friction and wear.

In some applications, a sleeve bushing may be used in conjunction with a washer thrust to provide additional support and reduce friction between moving parts. For example, a sleeve bushing may be used to guide a rotating shaft, while a washer thrust is used to distribute the load of a fastener that secures the bushing in place.

Overall, both sleeve bushings and washer thrusts are important components in many mechanical systems and are used to improve performance, reduce wear, and increase the lifespan of machinery.

Cusom Bushing and Washer Application

Custom size sleeve bushings and washer thrusts can be a valuable solution for pumps in various applications. These components can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a pump, which can help to improve performance, reduce wear, and increase the lifespan of the pump.

When selecting custom size sleeve bushings and washer thrusts for a pump, it is important to consider factors such as the type of pump, the operating conditions, and the materials used. By taking these factors into account, manufacturers can ensure that the components are designed to meet the specific requirements of the pump and to provide optimal performance.

Custom size sleeve bushings and washer thrusts can also be manufactured in different materials, such as bronze, steel, or plastic, depending on the requirements of the pump. This allows for greater flexibility and versatility in design, and enables manufacturers to offer a wider range of options to customers.

Custom size sleeve bushings and washer thrusts can provide a tailored solution for pumps in various applications. By working with a reputable manufacturer to design and produce these components, pump operators can improve performance, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of their equipment.

The development of a new prototype axial pump bushing is a promising step in the improvement of mechanical systems. This new prototype could potentially offer better performance and longer lifespan compared to existing axial pump bushings.

Furthermore, the commercialization of different kinds of bushings, cylindrical sleeves, and washer thrusts is a crucial aspect of the mechanical industry. This enables the availability of various components for different types of machines and applications.

By offering a range of high-quality bushings, cylindrical sleeves, and washer thrusts, manufacturers can cater to a wider range of customers with varying needs. This can help to increase customer satisfaction and drive growth in the mechanical industry.

The development of new prototypes and the commercialization of various mechanical components is a vital aspect of the industry. It helps to improve performance, reduce wear and tear, and extend the lifespan of machinery.

We Are Your Professional Sleeve Bush Supplier: Offering a Wide Range of Materials

When it comes to finding reliable and high-quality sleeve bushings for various applications, it is crucial to partner with a professional supplier capable of meeting your unique needs. We take pride in being that professional sleeve bush supplier, offering a wide range of bushing materials tailored to various industries and applications. In this article, we will discuss our commitment to excellence and the diverse range of sleeve bush materials we provide to our customers.

Our Commitment to Excellence

As a professional sleeve bush supplier, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality products and services to our customers. This commitment to excellence includes:

  1. Expertise: Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of sleeve bushings, allowing us to provide informed recommendations and support for your specific requirements.

  2. Quality Assurance: We adhere to strict quality control processes, ensuring that our sleeve bushings meet or exceed industry standards and deliver exceptional performance in various applications.

  3. Customer Service: We prioritize customer satisfaction, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and providing tailored solutions that suit their unique requirements.

Wide Range of Sleeve Bush Materials

We offer an extensive selection of sleeve bush materials, catering to diverse applications and industries. Some of the most popular materials we provide include:

  1. Bi-Metal Bushings: Bimetal bushings are known for their low friction, excellent conformability, and good load-carrying capacity, making them suitable for engines, turbines, and heavy machinery.

  2. Bronze Bushings: Bronze bushings are a popular choice due to their high strength, excellent wear resistance, and good corrosion resistance. They are suitable for applications with heavy loads, high speeds, and harsh operating environments.

  3. Plastic Bushings: Plastic bushings, made from materials such as nylon, PTFE, or UHMW, offer low friction, good wear resistance, and excellent chemical resistance. These bushings are lightweight and ideal for applications where metal bushings may suffer from corrosion or other forms of degradation.

  4. Aluminum-Tin Bushings: Aluminum-tin (AlSn) bushings provide high load-carrying capacity, good fatigue resistance, and lighter weight compared to traditional materials. They are commonly used in automotive and aerospace applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity.

  5. Composite Bushings: Composite bushings combine two or more materials, offering unique properties tailored to specific applications. These bushings may include a combination of metals, plastics, or other materials, providing an optimal balance of strength, wear resistance, and other essential characteristics.

As your professional sleeve bush supplier, we are committed to providing a wide range of sleeve bush materials to meet your specific needs. Our expertise, quality assurance, and exceptional customer service ensure that you receive the best possible solutions for your applications. Whether you require Bimetal bushings for heavy machinery or lightweight plastic bushings for corrosion-sensitive environments, we have the right material to suit your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your sleeve bushing needs and let us help you find the perfect solution for your application.

Bushing Selection

Sleeve Bearings, Self-lubricating Bushing’

  • Custom Plain Bearing Service, Different Types Of Bushing, Buy Sleeve Bearings – In Bronze and More

  • Bushing sleeves are an important component of many types of machinery and equipment, providing support, protection, and low-friction operation. By understanding how bushing sleeves work and why they’re important, you can make better-informed decisions when it comes to selecting and maintaining equipment.

    Whether you’re a machinery operator, equipment manufacturer, or simply someone who is interested in mechanical engineering, understanding the role of bushing sleeves is an important part of your knowledge base. So the next time you come across a bushing sleeve, you’ll know exactly what it is and why it matters.

  • Bushing – Plain Bearings, Sleeve Bearings – Industrial Supply, Search Bronze for Plain Sleeve. Metal backing, with a sintered porous bronze layer that is then impregnated with PTFE. Performance upgrade

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Plain Bearings and Sleeve Bearings
  • Bimetallic bearing

    Bimetallic bearing, Bi-metal Self-lubricating Bearing Material

    CuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3

  • Hydraulic Self-lubricating Bearing

    Hydraulic Self-lubricating Bearing, Metal-Polymer Bronze Backed PTFE Plain Bearing. Need Assistance? Call Or Email Us Engineering Support Available. Metal-Polymer Composite Material Bronze Back + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Fillers

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    Flange Graphite Bushing

    Flange Graphite Bushings and Bearings, Get High-Quality Components. Get Fast Shipping & Better Pricing. Online Parts Configurator.

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self-lubricating Composite Bushing Increased Performance And Uptime

Longer Bearing Life, Lower Operating Costs. We Produce Bushing Sleeves - Best Value In Performance. Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings · ‎Cast Bronze Bushing · ‎Request Information View Our Sleeve Bushing Catalog. Get Our Online Sleeve Bearing Catalog & Find Information On Sizes, Prices & Availability! Reliable Service with Highest Quality Industry Standards. Buy Wholesale Sleeve Bearing at the China Prices! Exclusive Supplier. Flexible Shipping Options

Specialized machining Self-lubricating Sleeve Bushing

It involves machining complex self-lubricating composite bearings bushing parts from your drawings in different materials (steel backed, bronze backed bushing…) Elevate your machinery with top-of-the-line sleeve bushes! Browse our extensive catalog and find the perfect fit.

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We manufacturing sleeve bushing tailored to your needs.

Types of Sleeve Bushings

There are several types of sleeve bushings available in the market, including:

i. Plain Sleeve Bushings

Plain sleeve bushings are the simplest type of bushings, with a cylindrical bore that is either flanged or unflanged.

ii. Flanged Sleeve Bushings

Flanged sleeve bushings have a flange at one end that provides axial support and prevents the bushing from moving in one direction.

iii. Self-Lubricating Sleeve Bushings

Self-lubricating sleeve bushings are designed to operate without additional lubrication. They are made of materials such as graphite or bronze, which have self-lubricating properties.

Plain Bearing Technology, Performance Bearing Sleeves Manufacturers & Suppliers In China.

As one of the china supplier and manufacturers of bronze oilless bearings, sliding bearings technology components & self-lubricating bearings, we can be found on almost every continent – with production facilities, sales offices, and technology centers –because our customers appreciate short decision-making channels, prompt deliveries, and local service. A complete portfolio of grinding, cutting, blending, finishing and polishing solutions for a wide array of markets and applications. Strives to Offer Cost-saving, Stable Performance Slide Bearings & Bushings. Contact Us. Experienced Manufacturer. Stable Sleeve Bushing Supplier. Certified Exporter. Sent Us Your RFQs Today.

Manufacturing Process of Sleeve Bushings

The manufacturing process of sleeve bushings typically involves the following steps:

Cutting the metal sleeve to the required length

Boring a hole through the center of the sleeve to create the ID

Turning the OD of the sleeve to the required diameter

Flanging the end of the sleeve (if required)

Heat treating the bushing to improve its strength and durability

Self-Lubricating Effect for Sleeve Bushing, What is a Sleeve Bushing Bearing?

We offer the full range, of inch & metric sleeve bushing. Manufactures bushings used in die sets, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and heavy equipment of all types. Common names for bushings include solid, sleeve, journal, and plain bearings. Sleeve bearings consist of metal, graphite, or lubricated sleeves that reduce vibrations and noise by absorbing friction between two moving … Self Lubricating Composite Bearing Bushing Sleeve Steel Bearings Various Sizes. Two common designs of sleeve bushing s are flanged and cylindrical bushes. Flanged sleeve bearings consist of a protruding flange at one end of the sleeve that provides a plain bearing surface for an axial load, while a cylindrical bush has straight od and id and is flush inside the housing.

Sleeve Bushing Industry, Metal-polymer composite plain bushes enable economical solutions in many industrial & automotive applications.

Complete OEM Sleeve Bushing Manufacturing: They are particularly effective with oscillating movements and achieve a rating life several times higher than that of bearings with conventional materials. Sleeve bearings are the most common type of plain bearing and are suitable for use in a range of applications. Bushings have been used in real-world applications in many different industries. Graphite and steel-backed bushings and bearings are ideal for high temperature & submerged applications, come in standard and custom-designed …

Applications of Sleeve Bushings: Sleeve bushings are used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Automotive engines and transmissions
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Aerospace and defense systems
  • Robotics
  • Medical equipment


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Maintenance-free Self-lubricating Bushing Bearings. Online- shop with large selection of sleeve bushing materials & dimensions. Discover the sleeve plain bearing product range of Contact the manufacturer directly. Metric Sleeve Bushing. A maintenance free, dry running bearing with high wear resistance. Experience the power of our expertly crafted sleeve bushes! Upgrade your machinery today for top performance.

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A sleeve bushing is a type of plain bearing that consists of a cylindrical metal sleeve with an inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD). It is typically made of bronze, steel, or a combination of both and can be either flanged or unflanged.

Sliding material and bushing type selection guides. Plain and sleeve bearings use sliding motion instead of rolling elements to carry heavy loads. Plain bearing bushings, which resemble a simple metal sleeve. Sleeve bearings made from high-performance metal provide mechanical stability with the lowest coefficients of friction without additional lubrication. That meets the most stringent quality and sleeve bushing requirements matched with high performance and flexibility. Plain & Sleeve Bearings – High-Quality Solutions.

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To arrange for an obligation-free quote, please use the form on this page or call us on the number provided! Bushing sleeves are a critical component of many types of machinery. Learn more about what they are, how they work, and why they’re important in this comprehensive guide.

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Sleeve Bushing Made From Oilless, Maintenance-free plain bearings

viiplus sleeve bushing bearing technology provides products for the automotive industry, pump and compressor manufacturers, off-highway equipment, recreational products, renewable energy installations, primary metal production and general industrial applications. We carry a wide range of plain sleeve bushing bearing materials, configurations and sizes, including cylindrical and flanged bushings, thrust washers, flat plates and parts manufactured to customer specifications. We also offer an excellent selection of high precision alloy bushing blocks and specialized sleeve bushingbearing housings and assemblies.

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Supplier of precision sleeve bushing components. We manufacture sleeve bushing components for complex tooling and special machines.

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We have standard sleeve bushing parts in metric or imperial sizes, as well as the ability to manufacture custom sleeve bushing parts, and we can generally accommodate any special size or configuration our customers may have.

Plain Bearings – Sleeve Bushing

Choose from our selection of graphite embedded sleeve bearings, dry-running sleeve bearings, sleeve bushings, and more. In stock and ready to ship.

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