How does the sliding bearing move when it is working?

Sliding bearing applications are generally under low-speed and heavy-duty conditions, or operating parts where maintenance and lubrication are difficult. Commonly used sliding bearing materials include bearing alloys (also called Babbitt alloys or white alloys), wear-resistant cast iron, copper-based and aluminum-based alloys, powder metallurgy materials, plastics, rubber, hardwood and carbon-graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene (special Flon, PTFE), modified polyoxymethylene (POM), etc.

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What is sliding bearing?

What are the materials of sliding bearings?

Classification of sliding bearings

Sliding friction occurs when the sliding bearing is working; the large rolling friction of the sliding bearing is mainly determined by the manufacturing accuracy; and the friction of the sliding bearing mainly depends on the material of the sliding surface of the bearing. Sliding bearings generally have a self-lubricating function on the working surface; sliding bearings are divided into non-metallic sliding bearings and metal sliding bearings according to their materials.

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Sliding bearing A bearing that works under sliding friction.

The sliding bearing works smoothly, reliably and without noise. Under the lubrication condition of the liquid self-lubricating bearing body, the sliding surface is separated by the lubricating oil without direct contact, and friction loss and surface wear can be greatly reduced. The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity. But the starting frictional resistance is relatively large. The part of the shaft supported by the bearing is called the journal, and the parts matching the journal are called the bearing bush. In order to improve the friction properties of the bearing pad surface, the anti-friction material layer cast on the inner surface is called the bearing liner. The materials of bearing bushes and bearing linings are collectively referred to as sliding bearing materials. Sliding bearing applications are generally under high speed and light load conditions.

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