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See how viiplus with our customers to help solve unique challenges with our outstanding bearings, bushings, self-lubrication bushing and services. Choosing VIIPLUS’s Bushing, find the solutions for complex challenges in a global environment. We are proud to partner with our customers to help solve unique challenges every day.

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Saved bearing bushing cost on bearing purchases, machine downtime and labor.

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VIIPLUS Self-lubricating bearing collaborate to reduce tilling machinery downtime and improve farm yields, bottling company, and other markets.

Replacement self-lubricating for major savings on grease costs! Metallic Bushings for Combine Harvester – viiplus.com

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Drives down maintenance costs with viiplus self-lubricating bearing bushing

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Self-lubricating bearings reduce failures

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Our engineers worked to update the self-lubricating bearing design to include a stronger metal self-lubricating bearing that would help better prevent fouling-related failures. By redesigning the self-lubricating material, a metal rolled self-lubricating bushing was developed to help eliminate fouling packs between the bearing, seat and spool, outperforming existing seal designs. By minimizing the pressure of the dirt pack on the seal, equipment can operate more efficiently and last longer.

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Engineers designed a custom wrapped bronze bearing

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Partnered with global manufacturer of tillage, seeding and planting implements to provide self-lubricating bearing components to extend the life of agricultural tillage equipment. Developing self-lubricating bushings for tillage equipment used in seedbed preparation, but in the black soil region of Russia, critical bearings vital to the operation of tillage equipment were wearing out halfway through the region’s farming season. In an analysis by the VIIPLUS engineering team, severe dirt ingress was found to be a common problem that affected bearing function and caused machine downtime.

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Oil-free bushing manufacturing

A steel manufacturer was experiencing frequent unscheduled downtime due to bearing failures. The steelmaker turned to viiplus to install a self-lubricating split oilless hanger bearing double flange bushing. the oilless bushing bearing reduced the steelmaker’s maintenance time by nearly 80 percent and resulted in total cost of ownership savings of more than tens of thousands of dollars. Oil-free bushing flange size, In addition to reducing maintenance time and simplifying bearing installation, worker safety was also improved.

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shaft bushing

Gearbox Bushing

Rolling mill doubles bushing product life with engineered solution for self-lubricating bearings, Steel mill turns to viiplus for major savings on grease costs!A steel rolling mill was experiencing gearbox problems and turned to VIIPLUS for help. The gearbox and coupling were frequently failing due to shock loads between the rolling mill and the work rolls. After analyzing the gearbox failure, VIIPLUS determined that the problem was an improper bearing arrangement on a specific shaft. VIIPLUS’ solution was a self-lubricating sleeve open bearing design around the gearbox. The solution resulted in cost savings by reducing downtime, simplifying installation and reducing spare parts inventory. The average time between failures doubled from one year to two years, and the company achieved a 335% total return on investment in two years.

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DP4 Plain Bearing Bushing Metal Composite Slide Layer
Beyond bearing bushing manufacturing

We manufacturer custom oil-free bushing tailored to your needs.

Reducing maintenance costs with viiplus self-lubricating bushings, custom bearing bushing manufacturing

VIIPLUS oilless bushes bearings reduce failure rates for a bottling company

A leading bottling company contacted viiplus because a bottling machine was experiencing frequent bearing failures. under high pressure washdown, the swivel ring bearings were corroding. These failures were causing unscheduled downtime, which was time-consuming and costly, and impacting plant productivity.

viiplus engineers designed a custom self-lubricating graphite bushing with solid bronze graphite bushing. this solution eliminated the harmful corrosion and allowed the bottling line to run smoothly. The custom self-lubricating plain bearing product improved uptime and reduced maintenance costs. By using the custom self-lubricating bushings, the bottling company saved approximately $80,000 per year and increased productivity.

Energy, Metal polymer bushing Solution to replace the bearings, bushing manufacturing

When a manufacturer of paper mill was having trouble with bearing bushing on a paper machine, it turned to viiplus. The bearings located in difficult positions on the machine didn’t provide the needed protection for the mill’s harsh, wet environment. viiplus recommended viiplus’s Metal polymer bushing Solution to replace the bearings and bushing experiencing repeated failures.

The Self-lubricating metal plain bushing solution was installed and the average mean time between failure went from 2 months to 10 months. Over last many years, the bearings and bushing continue to provide reliable operation. The mill has saved thousands on bearing purchases, machine downtime and labor.

Mining Bushing & Mineral Processing, Bushing Manufacturing

Mining Industry Bearings Bushing

Reducing Maintenance Costs by Replacing Self-Lubricating Bearings. Given the challenging market conditions in today’s coal industry, the pressure to improve margins is greater than ever. Coal miners reduce the cost of purchasing bearings

supplied wrapped bronze bushing sent directly to engineers, saving time and money. The bronze bearing has reduced expenses, improved asset utilization on draglines, shovels, haul trucks and plant machinery, and helped the mine avoid more than tens of thousands of dollars in parts and labor costs alone. Bushings suppliers, bushings manufacturers, Custom Size.

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The safety and reliability of all self-lubricating bearings components used in installations for carrying passengers are at the forefront during design and development. With viiplus we have selected a reliable and responsible supplier


Chris Johnson

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Custom Bushing Manufacturing, Our customers receive high quality, modern design, user-friendly solutions and optimum service, from initial idea until project completion and beyond.


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Operating interruptions due to machine downtime are devastating and lead to substantial follow-up costs. VIIPLUS plain bushing have stood the test of time very well, which means they only need to be replaced at scheduled service intervals, approximately every 1 to 2 years.

Joshua Clark


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We are developing our business, and other projects are underway with viiplus.com to enhance our bearing bushing products and find the good solutions for our customers.

Siobhan Adams


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With confidence in the application, we mainly anti-friction bushing, Self-lubricating bushing with a low coefficient of friction for smooth actuation.

Lisa Davis

Your engineering bushing partner from prototype to production.

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